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Poll: Because, that’s Why.

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

You walk into your kitchen one day and it is sparkling clean. This means:

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New Contest with a Chocolate Prize!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I’m interviewed over at SOSAloha and there’s a discussion about chocolate going on. In a comment I said I’d have a contest on my blog where the prize is a 2 lb box of Leonidas chocolates – your choice, I’ll have it shipped to you or do a gift certificate. If you’re in Europe, we’ll work something out. It seems silly to ship Belgian chocolates back to Europe. Which is a way of saying, enter wherever you are. We’ll work it out.

Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. International is fine. Contest closes midnight Pacific, Friday February 4th. If you don’t leave an email address when you comment, then you need to make sure you provide one in your comment or commit to check the blog after the contest closes to see if you won.

To enter, answer the following questions:

1: What is your favorite color and WHY?

2. Diamonds, emeralds or rubies. WHY?

3. A hot elf wants to give you a gift of 1 and 2 combined. What is it?