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Remains of the Year

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Somehow it got to be the very last day of 2008. And here I am, still ticking. A good thing, indeed. And all you get in this post is the remains of my thoughts.

Writing in 2008

All the hard writing work of 2007-2008 will be showing up in 2009. I’ll have 3 books out. Three!

February: Scandal
June: My Forbidden Desire
October: Indiscreet

That’s going to cost me a fortune in promotion and RITA entry fees. Yeah, I often wonder if I can afford to write novels. Apparently I am a writing fool since I will, whatever happens, keep writing.

Technology in 2008

Twitter-like birdTwitter gets my vote for the application that actually added value to my life. More than mySpace, more than Facebook, probably even more than email. I’ll have a separate post on my website about twitter in the new year.

iPhoneThe iPhone gets my vote for the gadget that blew me away. I heart my iPhone. It’s worth every dang penny it costs. I can check and reply to my email! I can twitter! I don’t need an eBook reader or an iPod (or mp3 player). A free book I downloaded (about how to read tea leaves) sparked a major plot thread in my October historical Indiscreet

I made the move from PC to Mac when I got an iMac. Technically that happened in late 2007, but the primary usage has been in 2008. I am now saving to replace my PC laptop which is old and getting clunky. I’ll get a Mac laptop.

Thoughts about 2009

  • I will be writing proposals. ::shudder::
  • I hope to write my Dark Elf book which is the book proposal my agent loved (before she was my agent)
  • February will see the release of Scandal which is the historical proposal that my agent (before she was my agent) said would have been an automatic rejection for her. This is the same book she read (after she was my agent and I rewrote it) and called a tour de force. Seriously.
  • A year of uncertainty and hope. That’s my take on 2009.

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!