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Review of Whispers from Fresh Fiction

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

WHISPERS COLLECTION NO 1: EROTIC SHORT STORIES is a collection of five short stories, all by the same author. They are all erotic fantasies but take place in different time periods, and I feel like they each strike different tones and showcase the versatility of Carolyn Jewel. The female main characters in each story are all very different types of women. Demon Lover & My Goblin Boyfriend were my favorite and I would have loved it if they would have been turned into full length stories. The two are very different but I enjoyed them both very much.

Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction

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Here’s a few more words from the review:

Inigo The Magician: this story illustrates how this author can put an interesting and very different spin on submission and domination

Demon Lover: a deliciously gothic feel

My Goblin Boyfriend: there is a wonderful dark paranormal sexiness

Constance: it has a very serious tone to it.

The Wild: has a very hard edge to it, almost what I’d describe as a feeling of sexual menace

Well. I told you these stories were strong. Hell yes, sexual menace. Gothic. And more! It’s a lovely review that captures a lot of what I was going for.

Note: I intend to continue the story that starts in Inigo The Magician, and I definitely want to write more in the world of My Goblin Boyfriend, and hope to have some of both for Whispers, Collection No. 2.

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