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An Experimental Offer

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

So, I have this idea.

My Experimental Offer To You

1. I wrote this really short (2000 words) but pretty erotic historical story. It’s so short I feel bad about charging $0.99 for it and haven’t put it up anywhere for people to read except this one Erotica blog where I was invited to write something, well, erotic and did.

2. I have this other somewhat longer but possibly filthy paranormal story.

3. Both of these stories technically involve demons.

4. The second story is massively open-ended and one of these days I will write what I think is a pretty filthy conclusion so it’s tied up all neat and sexy.

5. I have a very pretty cover for the first story.

6. If you are 18 or older, and if you post a review for one or more of my ebooks (Lord Ruin, The Spare, Future Tense) at Amazon and/or B&N, I will send you the eBook file for those two stories with the pretty cover. Just write your review (your HONEST opinion, please) and send me a link when it posts along with your email so I can send you the file. I can pull off the major formats without too much headache I think.

What do you think?