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Humbled by Extraordinary People

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Yesterday, I gave a talk about writing Romance to the Berkeley Kiwanis Club. I never met so many nice people in my life. And you know what? I knew, but did not really know, what an amazing group the Kiwanis are. They give their time and money to wonderful projects. There was a gentleman who played the violin (and it was obvious that he was not just good, but very very good) to the singing of God Bless America, and Happy Birthday. It was so fun!!

I brought books to give away, but they all wanted to pay, and I told them fine, make a donation to your club or one of your club’s projects, and you can have a book. And they overpaid by lots.

I also met Ed Levitch. He is a thoroughly delightful, charming man. Here is a picture of us after the meeting. He’s just as nice as he looks. As you can see, I dressed down for the meeting in order to wear an on-point shirt.

Edward J. Levitch with Carolyn Jewel.

Edward J. Levitch and Yours Truly

Ed is a Holocaust survivor. And he has written a memoir about his experience. He was amazed and then delighted when I whipped out the iPad and bought his book and had it on my Kindle in 30 seconds.

Here’s a small bit from the back blurb, written by author Fran Rowe:

Edward Joseph Levitch conducts us through a life of beginning again, again and again, which few of us could survive, but a life which is at the absolute heart of the 20th century.

Prof. Vasa D. Mihailovich translated his poetry.

Cover of Edward Levitch's From Beginning to Beginning

From Beginning to Beginning, by Edward J. Levitch

You should buy his book. It’s $2.99. I did not find it at Kobo or Google Play.

B & N

Never forget.