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Visit me?

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Over on Grand Central Forever’s Facebook Page there’s a discussion about My Dangerous Pleasure. Head on over if you can and comment and post questions. I’ll do my best to reply even though the live discussion has concluded.



Why I hate Facebook

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Quite some time ago, I joined Facebook because writers need to have a Facebook presence. Honestly, the Facebook interface is not particularly friendly or pretty and it’s designed to make you accidentally expose information you don’t want exposed to the world. When I joined, there was no such thing as a Fan page. By the time there was such a thing as as Fan page, I had hundreds of facebook friends. And, when I tried to make a fan page, the whole process simply failed. It’s quite possible the failure was related to my sucky internet, but really, it doesn’t matter.

About 3-4 months ago, after, suspiciously, Facebook made several changes in the whole Fan page functionality, I was able to make a Fan page.

Facebook’s solution for people who had regular pages who actually needed to have Fan pages was to have this totally spammy email that was supposed to encourage people to go like your Fan page. This email is NOT customizable. Anyone on Facebook has at some time or another gotten one of those emails “Fred likes Fred’s Fan Page and thinks you might too…” This email is roundly ignored and despised by the recipients. I know this because 1) I ignore and despise them myself and 2) I hear everywhere — twitter, facebook, blogs etc. that users HATE those spammy emails and they HATE the people who send them.

For Pete’s sake! I have/had nearly 800 friends. But I duly sent one of those spammy emails and got … maybe 3 likes on my Fan page. One tweet on one day on Twitter bumped me up to about 50.

Meanwhile, my nieces and nephew are friends on my facebook page and they are young young young. A lot of my family and some people from work are also facebook “friends.” This severely limits the things I feel I can say on facebook.

So I started emailing people individually, telling them I was moving my facebook presence to an Author Page and providing a link to the page. This customized and personal email got close to a 100 percent response rate. I would send the email, and unfriend the person from my regular facebook Page and my LIKES on my Fan Page pretty much equaled the emails I sent. I’m just under 700 friends now.

But now facebook thinks I’m spamming people. Supposing I can still send any emails at all, it’s going to take me over a year to contact everyone.

I can’t email my friend lists (I have Family, Authors, Writing, etc) because you can only email 20 people at once — that is, if your friend list is more than 20 people, you can’t email that list.

There’s no way to convert a regular Facebook page to a Fan page.

The email Facebook allows users to send regarding Fan Pages is despised and ignored.

If you were unlucky enough to join Facebook before they had Fan pages and unlucky enough to collect a lot of friends, you’re hosed.

I think the only thing I can try is to create a “Move this” list, add twenty people at a time, send my email, and then unfriend them from my regular page. Then move another 20 people onto the list. Rinse and repeat.

There is no way to contact facebook. They’ve removed the contact email form. Amazon has AMAZING customer support and they’re orders of magnitude less evil than facebook about their privacy practices.

That’s why I hate facebook.

Here’s a link to my facebook Fan page. I would be really grateful if you wanted to go like me there and remove yourself from my other facebook page.