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The Fritter Queen

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Shards of Crimson is available for purchase. If you like to read, support 4 authors at once by buying the book. All the stories are terrific. You can purchase it at your local bookstore or via Amazon or B&N.

I managed to fritter away my entire day. I read Darkly Devoted Dexter this morning. Then a friend came over and we drank tea and chatted for quite a while. Then I had to update my website and send out the Release Announcement for Shards, which I should have done a few days ago, and then start work on the February book signing announcement, and then make dinner and then watch Mission Impossible with my son.

Oh, my gosh. What a horrible, horrible movie. Beyond bad. How is it that I recall this movie got decent reviews? That just can’t be right. If I hate a movie WHILE I’m watching it, it has to be bad, because, normally, I love every movie I see. It’s not until the next day that I realize a movie was only mediocre. MI isn’t even that. My son hated it too. At one point, he said, "Why are we watching this?" It’s stupid and idiotic and confusing beyond words. If I’d known this movie would be agonizing, I would have spent the time writing, because at least then I wouldn’t hate myself afterward.

I’ve started in on my Golden Heart entries. Ahem. OK. I’m having flashbacks to last semester, only without the snotty comments. I think there needs to be a hotline for the punctuation impaired. Commas are not fairy dust, to be sprinkled liberally and randomly througout one’s writing in order to bring good luck. Such an approach only causes mayhem.

I have a huge TBR pile and I feel like I have nothing to read. Everything I pick up starts out stupid. Except the Dexter book from this morning. I’m in a funk. Whatever. I blame it on Mission Impossible.

Tomorrow I have to make up for today’s frittering.