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Thank Goodness no Author would Do THIS!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I’m posting this over here since my dyslexia and the captcha over at this post utterly defeated my attempts to comment there.

Go take a look at the comments to this post about tentacle romance over at Heroes and Heartbreakers

Here is the comment I would have posted if I could have:

All I can say is thank goodness authors aren’t the sort to comment on a blog post to flog their own product and then log on several more times pretending to be readers who loved that book. Because that would be a transparently idiotic thing to do. I mean, I’ve heard of that happening– was it at Amazon? I can’t remember, it was some place that sells books, anyway. But that’s all ancient history and authors know by now that almost no one is fooled by that kind of thing because, in this really shocking turn of events, readers are not stupid.

I know! Who knew?

Anyway, good thing no one here did that. Though, I suppose if someone did, we would all know not to buy anything by an author who thinks so little of her audience.