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A Happy Monday!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Today is a Monday and I am not at work. Nope. And I slept in. Bliss! I am futzing around before I do the final errands necessary before I leave for the Park and Fly hotel tonight. It’s fun. No writing, because then I’d have to back up to Fang again (just testing out a potential nickname for the MacBook Pro.) and Fang is currently in the laptop bag.

I got up a bit early (but nowhere near the usual 4:15 am) to finish making coffee cake. Twitter user @RedRobinReader sent me the recipe. You make the (yeast) dough the night before, then make coffee cake rings with it the next day. I had my doubts since I needed to add A LOT of extra flour when I was making the dough yesterday. And then this morning I had a total failure on the merinque and had to start over on that. But my goodness, this coffee cake is heavenly! I can’t eat anything else the rest of the day now.

The Next Paranormal is going pretty well. I’m over 26,000 words and had to do my first re-org to get things in a sensible order. For once, the theme has revealed itself to me very early on. I am quite happy with that. I think it’s because of the new laptop. Apple is some pretty awesome technology, peeps. So far so good!

I handed over the old laptop to my son after making a new login for him on it. By the time I get back from DC, I should know if I need to pull off anything else. Then I can do a total remove of my files. In the meantime, I have deskspace! Oh my gosh. Do you know now long it’s been since I’ve seen that corner of my desk? It’s kind of scary, actually.

If you’re going to be at RWA, please come by the Literacy Signing and say hello! It’s Wednesday, July 15 from 5:30-7:30. All proceeds go to charity, and there will be some great authors there.

Friday July 17 from 3:00 to 4:30 Berkley and Grand Central have their author signings, so stop by there too! I’ll be splitting my time between them. Bummer that they’re at the same time…

If you’re at RWA and you want to meet up, AND you’re on Twitter, the absolute easiest thing to do is dm me via Twitter. Or just tweet me. @cjewel

The conference hash tag is #RWA09 I’ll be on twitter and blogging when I can.


I’m on a list!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy January 1, 2009 folks!

It’s been a lazy day of doing not so much actually. The highlight pretty much has to be the hot chocolate I had, which I made with extra chocolate stuff so it was especially yummy. I did a lot of tweaking and revising then went out and took some pictures. Made my son dinner, and yeah. That’s about it.Inside a pink bell shaped flower taken with my spiffy new macro lens

Then I discovered that My Wicked Enemy made The SciFi Guy’s list of Favorite Urban Fastasy/paranormal Debuts which is pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I have to go to work. Sigh.

Now I’m going to get to the end of this one particular chapter and then watch some Shakespeare Retold. Much Ado About Nothing and if I’m feeling frisky and it’s not too late, MacBeth.


Catching up

Friday, August 17th, 2007

I have the day off, sort of. My son had his Jr. High orientation this morning and after that mom-related business we had to go get tickets for the school bus (no longer free as it was when I was a kid) and then find the driveway where he’s supposed to catch the bus. He’s got soccer practice later today. I’m hoping to get in a couple of hours of writing work right now.

In the meantime, I’ve continued reading. I just finished Suzanne Brockmann’s Force of Nature which, naturally, I enjoyed. She’s a wonderful writer. Then I started this odd little book called Blackburn by Bradley Denton and I’m reserving judgment. Beautifully written, but the content is quite disturbing. I’ll report on that when I’m done with it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about writing, mostly because I’m working on Scandal which at this point is a lot of first draft writing, the books I’ve been reading to which I’ve reacted in a sort of meh way and those to which I have not reacted that way. For example, I really really enjoyed Lone Survivor even though I vehemently disagree with his take on the evil Liberals and/or Liberal Media. Would I have liked it better if he’d toned that down? Maybe. But he didn’t need to. The story is fantastic with or without that, and at least he was honest (wrongheaded, but honest!). Then there were other stories that felt to me like they ought to have been more exciting. Lots of stuff was going on. The stakes were high for the characters but gosh I was just not taken away as I should have been. Perhaps, I’ve been thinking lately, because they didn’t face any moral difficulties. They faced outside evil but were never morally threatened by it. There was no chance of the characters making the wrong decision.

And, I am now compelled to add this thought. Lately, I’ve read some books by big authors that are not as well-written as they should be. I read them and felt the author was rushed or careless or that she/he needed another month or two of work. Deadlines help get the work done, but they can also keep a book journeyman good instead of awesome. This problem probably also has something to do with most writers having to have a day job to pay the bills. Sigh.

I like my literary landscape fraught with moral ambiguity. Write me a story where I’m reading something that ought to be evil but I’m cheering for it anyway. Someone do something reprehensible and yet have that be fascinating. Anyway, I was just thinking about that. Kind of half-baked. And thinking about baking, Scandal awaits.


The 800 Club

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

This is my 800th post. I haven’t been as prolific a blogger as some considering I started this in 2001, but gosh! It’s fun.

This is a post worth reading: Elmore Leonard’s blog. I wish he posted more about himself, but this is quite poignant. Sounds like his sister was a major influence in his life, and it sounds like he was a lucky man, too.

I’ve solved the bookmark request entry. Indeed, I showed up on some freebie websites, two of which are in Italy. That explains all the requests from Italy.

In other news, I fixed my form mail problem. Hopefully the spam doesn’t start up again. I shouldn’t have left it broken for so long. I still have a headache, darn it, so I caught up on my favorite blogs, fixed my webmail form, and checkout out my site statistics. Sharply up, as I figured would be the case since I have a release. And, it means that the rash of newsletter sign ups are not so coincidental to the bookmark thing, which is nice to know.