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Reading Reading Reading!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Yes, I have been reading. Some of the books are for RWA’s RITA award and I am honor bound to say nothing about that reading other than, you know, I love reading RITA books. I have so many books going it’s hardly funny.

Kresley Cole’s Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge was a good read. Really enjoyed it.

If you happen to write [genre omitted for reasons of secrecy], why on earth would you give a character in your book the same rather unusual last name as certain characters in a New York Times bestselling series in the same genre? It’s enough to make you think the author has never read the genre because, trust me on this one, anybody even a little familiar with the genre will have heard of this name.

I came into possession of a $200 gift card so last Sunday I made my son pry himself off the couch and go into town with me to spend it on stuff we didn’t need. We discussed what to do and, well, OK. I’ll tell you:

We went to our local independent bookstore and spent $98.15 on books. He got another edition of a Peanuts book he’s been collecting and I got Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Patricia Brigg’s Cry Wolf. Josh Bazell’s Beat The Reaper and Stan Nicholls Orcs. This last book as a cover that is this shy of being the awesomest book cover ever. I’m dying to read A Mercy but I think I’m going to start on Orcs first.

Tomorrow I have Jury Duty, so I’ll take that book and maybe another plus, naturally, my iPhone on which I have yet more books to read.

After the book extravaganza we went to our local Chocolate Bar, Viva Cocolat and Soccer Boy spent $75 on chocolate (truffles and some desserts) and I rounded out the purchase with a couple more things. Fun was had. A lot of fun. The last of the chocolate disappeared today.

But here’s what I hate: my son is now 5’6 and weighs 113 lbs. He can eat $75 worth of chocolate and still need more calories. Between Dec 7 and January 17 he grew two inches. And he’s not stopping the growing thing.

Anyway, I get to sleep in an hour later because of jury duty and with any luck get to sit around and read all day. I have served on a jury before and I cannot recommend the experience enough, but I think if I get voir dired I’ll be dismissed on account of my two lawsuits (Hepting vs. AT&T and Jewel vs. NSA). But maybe not. Maybe I’ll get put on a jury. You never know.

Off to read!


Sunday Regrets

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Weekends just never last long enough. Sigh.

After a lot of procrastinating, I sat down and started work on Scandal. It went like this: Read chapters 1-3- feel reasonably happy. Look at chapter 4 – realize it’s boring and delete it. Look at chapter 5 — realize it’s boring, too, and delete it. Start a new chapter 4 and then a new chapter 5. And in between all this, make cookies, go grocery shopping, take pictures, remind son he’s supposed to clean the bathrooms, check email, MySpace, stare out the window, do laundry…

I’ve already exceeded my minimum for Scandal, but right now I’m struggling with a transition. Probably it’s a mistake to try one at all, but I have to have one in this case. I’m keeping it as short as possible, but that makes for exposition and that’s dull. At any rate, if I end up deleting it, it’ll be short.

So, as mentioned above, my son cleaned one of the bathroom showers. He did a pretty OK job, but I had to clean up after him. According to him, he had no idea cleaning a shower would involve water. Things went downhill from there. But as mentioned, the shower looks clean. Possibly not well-rinsed. He really wants a new game for his DS Lite, and around here there’s only one way for him to make money. . .

Then I look at him in his pretty-darn-new size 14 slims and realize they are too short and tight in the crotch. Spent $125.00 buying him 16 slims. He has one pair of 16 slims, which I bought not that long ago and which were far too long. He had them on as we were taking down the garbage and the recycling, and I could see they are now the perfect length. Before, he would have been stepping on them. They were my insurance pants for him. That pair of pants will have to do for him until the new ones come.

We’re babysitting my brother’s dog, Boo, a big golden lab with a tail that can wreak havoc. He’s the world’s happiest dog and he can’t figure out why the little dogs don’t want to play with him. He’s stolen ALL the dog toys, as he cannot be five minutes without something in his mouth. He’s a menace, but so darn happy no one holds it against him.

Back to work on Scandal, then off to bed.