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Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not because of the candy, which I shamelessly steal from my son, but because the kids have such a blast dressing up! Since we don’t get any trick or treaters where we live, we go to my brother’s where I adore adore adore!! giving out candy to the tykes.

My son and I finalized his ghost costume tonight. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow. And the pumpkins were carved and arranged in the vignette you see below.

Blogger is smooshing the original some so all I can say is the original is clearer that this. But at least you can see the handiwork of my son — It was his idea to add the little dead pumpkin in the bowl. He and I agreed the big one looked nauseous and so needed the barf.

Have a safe and happy halloween!

P.S. The Next Historical is being knifed and shredded and the various bits reassembled, rejiggered and re-engineered to make a creature that is new and awesome to behold. I hope to soon be shouting to the belfry "it’s alive!!" But right now, not so much. Right now, it’s Frankenbook, frightening those who dare to look and sending the good Dr. Carolyn von FrankenNeuroticWriter into fits of chocolate overindulgence.


Boo! Goaaaan Creaakkkk Eeek! mwahahaha

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Well, I took my son over to my brother’s house — where we live, we have exactly 3 neighbors…. There’s no Trick or Treating here. So off we went. I admired a few costumes (they were cute and/or scary) said Hi to friends and family and then I took the laptop into the living room and started working on Scandal. I had to fix my outline so that it’s useful as I try to find the right home for everything. When I’d finally done that, I wrote a new chapter and it came out pretty good, I think.

Then home, at which point my son complained about having any portion of his 5.6 pounds of candy confiscated. I was going to put in picture, but it’s taking too long and I have to get up early.

So, anyone who thinks they can’t find time to write, hey, if you’re rude and anti-social of course you can. And let me add that I did this work while a truly wretched series of remakes of halloween songs was looping on the sound system. I plugged in Aretha and managed to mostly drown it out while ignoring the kids and various trick or treaters. You take your time where you can.