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I’m relaxing as hard as I can!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

So, yeah, Sinful is done and all turned in. I should be relaxing. Only it’s only a few days until Christmas and on account of the Dec-15 deadline, I’d done 0 shopping. And my mother’s birthday is Dec-15. Sigh.

But then I had to pull together stuff for a mini-book trailer for Scandal and send out the few ARCs that I got. I have one left besides the now ratty copy I read to make sure there weren’t any major goof ups. My agent told a story about a client who looked at her ARC (or maybe it was her author’s copies) and discovered it was the unedited, unproofed version. omg. Scandal seems to have come out very well. So, that’s good.

Anyway,on Monday before I went to get my facial and massage (Oh, 2.5 hours of bliss!) I went shopping to for my Mom, my best friend in Denver and this guy whose name I drew in ZeFrank’s Duckie gift thing. If you aren’t familiar with ZeFrank, get over to his site and get familiar. Watch episodes of The Show and you will be in love, too. Promise.

The Marshmallow Shooter Decision

Anyway, I also chatted with another store owner about his lack of Marshmallow Shooters. He didn’t order them this year. But he did recommend that the pump action model is the one to get. I thought Amazon would be the less expensive place to get them, but it wasn’t, not by a long shot. I ended up back at Hammacher-Schlemmer where the pump action model was $20+ cheaper. I got two, because what fun is one marshmallow shooter? My son’s other gifts color-coded, tagged and ranked out of the H-S catalog: spring loaded shoes, lighter than air slippers (or something), the above mentioned shooters and a blanket warmer thing he’s not getting because … read on:

He has requested a snuggli from my sister ($19.95 two for one plus a free booklite!! Order now, Operators standing by!!!) If you watch TV, you’ve seen the ad, I’m sure. Hilarious hints have been dropped. Apparently, the Snuggli has now replaced his request for a giant cheese wheel.

The Tao of The Gift Exchange

My next dilemma is a new family tradition which, I admit I started 2 years ago because it’s fun. I’m sure it’s familiar to you: Everyone buys a gift the price of which is not to exceed some very modest amount. Then we all get together, pile up the gifts and take turns picking. Each gift can be stolen a max of 2 times after that, the person who has it gets to keep it. If the gift you elected to open is stolen, you can steal another gift or open a new one. Etc. For us, participants range in age from 6 to 81. The kids have proven themselves ruthless and eclectic about what they steal.

The trick with this is that you have to buy a gift people will want to steal. Too silly, and no one wants it. That’s no fun. Too specific, and only a few people will want it. Because of our age range, alcohol and racy things are out.

It’s a responsibility I take very seriously. I bought some pirate playing cards that come with a free! pirate doubloon, but I’m thinking that may not be quite right. I think I’m going to head for the bookstore and look for something there. Just in case. My local independent has a lot of gadget type stuff.

Then there’s other stuff

Plus, I have proposals outstanding. I was supposed to send off some brief paranormal proposals to my agent, but frankly, it’s too hard to write brief, and I just didn’t have the time while I was working on Sinful. So now I’m working on that while helping my son study for his French exam. Soccer, and dinner and also my son has mostly grown out of his pants. Rats! Also, I just remembered I told my folks I’d shop for their gift exchange things for them. Good thing I remembered!

The Future?

Depends on the proposals I have to finish. Fortunately, no chapters at this point. I imagine I’ll have to pull together a new historical proposal, too. I have only the very vaguest ideas right now. But I hope to write The Dark Elf Project next. Starting in January. Which may or may not be an issue, depending on if anyone ever wants to publish me again.

Off to relax. Right after I fold the laundry.


New Year’s Grump

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Yeah, it’s 2008. And I’m grumpy. Shouldn’t be. But I am. Why? Tomorrow I have to get my car looked at. That’s one reason. I may have to drive it 50 miles away if the issue is serious, since it’s under warranty. Only the only dealer is 50 miles away in the commute direction in what I believe is, in fact, the official worst commute in the entire United States of America. Sigh.

Also I didn’t write a word today. I worked more on uploading the new website, which was more work than I expected and then I overlooked a typo and had to re-upload a bunch of files. There’s more clean up to do. Rats.

Then I watched 4 episodes of Buffy with my son.

Now it’s late.

But, it’s still a spanking new year and I haven’t broken any of my resolutions yet. This is good. Plus, unless Scandal gets pushed to 2009, I should have two books out this year which is a good thing.

So, yeah. Happy New Year everyone!

Please think good thoughts about my car. That could help avoid a big bill just when my son is getting braces…