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Gadget Girl Makes An Observation

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

No, I’m not procrastinating, why? I don’t know why you’d even say that.


I am addicted to have the following apps on these devices:

  • Kindle App – all devices
  • HootSuite (Twitter app) on iPad3
  • Seismic (twitter app on iMac)
  • Twitter (on iPhone 4)

Here’s what’s started happening:

Me at my desktop working hard and taking DESERVED breaks for twitter: Someone has obviously said something funny, but seismic SUCKS at showing the conversation history. I grab the iPad and open up HootSuite, find the tweet and click “show conversation.” Ah, now I can tract back and find out who said the funny thing and decide if I want to pretend I was in on the funny thing all along.

Me on my iPad: I take a break from playing Quordy to see what’s happening on twitter. Oh, hey! There’s someone I want to follow and/or add to a list. I put down the iPad and go to seismic on the iMac because seismic makes it EASY to follow someone and add them to a list. Hootsuite not as much.

I’m on the MacBookPro and someone tweets about a great book. Woot! I pick up the iPad and use the Kindle store app to buy the book…

I’m somewhere away from the iMac and MacBook and don’t have the iPad with me (OMFG!) I pick up reading my book on the Kindle App.

Seriously. I have gadgets within reach with apps galore, and I switch between devices, sometimes without leaving my chair, ONLY because I want to do something that some other App does better on a different device.


1. Why can’t someone make a Twitter app that melds all the things people actually do so it’s all in just a click or swipe?

2. Did anyone foresee Apple being this evil? I didn’t. But now I’m an Apple gadget girl and it feels so good.

Uh Oh. A Rant

I also have a Kindle Fire. In my Kindle account, here’s my devices:

  1. Kindle for iPad1
  2. Kindle for iPad3
  3. Kindle for iPhone
  4. Kindle for Kindle Fire
  5. Kindle for Mac (iMac)
  6. Kindle for Mac 2 (MacBookPro)
  7. Kindle Cloud Reader

Every single one is legally purchased. My son is currently using the original iPad. I read across devices.

Someone explain to me why publishers should limit the number of devices that a book can be read on.