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Historical Romance Sale: Three Books, One Low Price!

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Historical Romance Sale!

I put together a boxed set of three of my historical romances, and right now for a limited time, the boxed set is on sale for $0.99. That’s three full-length historical romances for one low price! Because you guys are my favorites. The price is good pretty much everywhere. Go forth and read historical romance.

3D cover of Historical Jewels because everyone knows digital books have a shape.

A Great Deal!


The novels included are: The Spare, Scandal, and Indiscreet. That’s 300,000 words (roughly) of historical romance. Indiscreet won a Bookseller’s Best award. Scandal was a RITA Finalist. Links below! Sale lasts through August 28, 2016.

Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Google Play | Kobo | All Romance



She’s missing a day from her life. He thinks she may have killed his brother.

A delightful battle-of-wills romance, tinged with suspense. (Kathe Robin, Romantic Times)

The Spare is a Regency romance murder mystery. If you like well-plotted tales, engaging passion, and a touch of gothic, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s steamy and mysterious novel.


A proper young widow. A reformed rake. Let the game of love begin.

WOW. Simply, wow. That is the only word I can use to describe this masterpiece. (Romance Novel TV)

Scandal is a Regency romance novel featuring a complex and dysfunctional pair. If you like intense passion, deep emotions, and unpredictable plots, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s pulse-pounding and wonderfully-written tale of love.


A woman disgraced by a lie. A beast of a man with a cold heart. Their love will transcend continents.

Indiscreet moves from Regency England to the exotic locales of Turkey and Syria in the midst of the Napoleonic wars. The winner of the 2010 Bookseller’s Best Award for Best Short Historical Fiction, it features fast pacing, simmering chemistry, meticulous research, and strong central characters.





The News Post of New Stuff you Didn’t Know Probably

Monday, September 1st, 2014

All righty.

Things I have been doing:

1. Uploaded A Notorious Ruin for pre-orders at Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo. The publication date is September 23, 2014. I’ll post the pre-order links as they come live.

The files are final enough that I would not be totally horrified if they delivered now. They’re missing a couple graphical elements that would spiffy up the file, that’s pretty much it.

Side note: Aside from other proofeading, I ran A Notorious Ruin through an on-line grammar checker that highlighted some typos and points that needed clarification, and the WordPerfect grammar checker that highlighted OTHER typos and points that needed clarification.

Side Side note: Grammar checkers are pretty much useless for actually checking grammar. But they are very good at finding typos or other slips.

Side Side Side note: Next, I will do a visual proof on the iPad (see below) AND have it read back to me.

2. I have started uploading the new covers for Scandal and Indiscreet. That goes along with some updated links and formatting (always tweaking!) They’re live most places, actually.

3. I approved the new cover for Stolen Love and have the final files.

4. Took a look at the new cover for The Spare and asked for a slight tweak.

5. Went back and forth on the main images to use for Passion’s Song and Moonlight. Found a couple more to consider.

6. Contacted my go-to guy for typopgraphy and logos etc about doing some work on a logo and graphical elements to use inside books. Yes, that latter one would be easy. If you aren’t me. But I am me. So.

7. Loaded the proof iBooks file for A Notorious Ruin to the iPad. I find this a very very useful proofreading tool. I’ll also find any formatting glitches, of course.

So, been busy. How about you?


Scandal and Indiscreet

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

I’ve been uploading files the past couple of days. Here’s the list so far, there’s a link if it’s live.


Yet to upload
Google Play
A few others


Yet to upload
Google Play
A few others


The Cone of Silence Is Lifted

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Today, I received my reversion of rights for my historicals Scandal and Indiscreet. I haven’t been able to talk about the situation with these books for over a year. I could only apologize to everyone who couldn’t get the books. And now I can tell you what happened and why I had to wait until today to talk about it.

I signed a two book contract with Berkley in 2007. Scandal and Indiscreet were published in 2009. Berkley only had North American rights to those books. From 2007 to about 2011, that didn’t really matter. There wasn’t anything I could do about that.

Then indie/self-publishing came along and it did matter. In 2012, I finally realized (doh!!) that I could publish all four of my Berkley Historicals wherever I had rights — everywhere except the US and Canada. I also realized, after I’d put out my versions, that Berkley had Scandal and Indiscreet on sale where they did not have rights.

And so my agent and I asked Berkley to stop selling the books where they did not have rights. And Berkley eventually complied.

By taking their books off sale EVERYWHERE at EVERY VENDOR. Including the US and Canada.

Soon after, a disappointed reader alerted me that there was no Kindle version on Amazon. So yeah. Between then and February 2013, my agent sent three different written requests to Berkley alerting them to their mistake and asking them to put the books back on sale. That’s in addition to phone calls.

After the third notification with no response, I told my agent that we should stop trying to get Berkley to sell the books again. The next royalty statement would show 0 books sold, and we could request reversions.

And so…there began a rather tense time. I was losing money while the books were not on sale in North America. But indeed, the next royalty statement showed 0 eBook sales for those titles, and with print sales being more or less dismal, we requested reversions. And we waited some more…. I was worried that when they saw the royalty statement with 0 sales, someone might think that was odd and take a look.

But, as it turns out, no worries! No one looked because today, the reversion letter arrived. More than a year from the time the books were mistakenly taken off sale.

Now they are mine, and I can get them on sale EVERYWHERE!!!

To all the people who have been asking me, this is what happened and why, and I’m sorry you could not buy the books, but SOON you can.

Files are actually already populating out, but it will take a bit before I have links to give you all. I don’t even have to do DMCA take downs, because there are no files to take down. That’s pretty convenient!

It’s a shame that no one at Berkley followed up on their mistake. It doesn’t say much about their internal organization and any checks and balances. If it’s just the case that no one cared because my sales were never good enough to make them care, then it’s a bigger shame that I had to wait more than a year to get my rights back. Nobody was making any money on those books during that year and a few months.


Turkish Edition of Indiscreet

Friday, January 10th, 2014

The cover is very pretty:

Turkish Indiscreet

Cover of the Turkish Edition of Indiscreet

If you read Turkish, you can get it here. I’m pretty sure it’s on sale.

You know, I really really like this cover. It’s perfect for the book.


Scandal and Indiscreet in North America

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

To anyone who has tried to buy the Kindle eBook of Scandal or Indiscreet in North America, yes, those books should be available but no, at the moment they are not. For some reason, Amazon is showing that the books are not available for Kindle, even though Berkley has the rights, and even thought they USED to be available.

I’ve contacted my agent and she in turn has contacted Berkley so I’m hopeful this will be resolved quickly. In the meantime, all I can say is I’m really sorry.

Speculations about Why

I actually think this is mostly Amazon’s fault. Berkley, the publisher of my last four historicals, only acquired North American rights. This means Berkley can only sell those books in the US and Canada and I can sell the books everywhere else. Which I am doing.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Amazon asking me to prove I had the right to sell Scandal, Indiscreet, and Not Wicked Enough since they could see the exact same content being sold by another vendor (Berkley). This is a good thing as there have been cases of nefarious persons stealing an author’s content and selling the entire eBook via Kindle with sometimes only a few changes, or even none. That’s not piracy, that’s theft. I provided Amazon with scans of my contracts showing the rights acquired by Berkley and what rights were mine. Amazon replied promptly with OK! Awesome!

So, now Scandal and Indiscreet for Kindle are showing as not available to US customers… Kind of suspicious, eh? It’s possible the problem is something else, but for now, that’s my theory. Amazon has made a mistake.

I emailed Amazon setting out what had happened and my theory about why, and they promptly responded with, “Berkley needs to contact us.” Which makes sense even though, come on, this is surely Amazon’s fault. So I then emailed the whole thread to my agent and now we just have to wait for Berkley to address this with Amazon.

Anyway, I expect the books to be back on sale for Kindle shortly.

My apologies to everyone who tried to buy the books and could not, and my sincere thanks to everyone who emailed me about the problems with availability.


Contracts and Rights in More Than 140 Characters

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

While I was busy at work and then grocery shopping a discussion arose regarding my historical romances and what’s being published where.

Basically, the more than 140 character version is that my publisher only bought North American rights to my historicals. My agent tried to get them to go for World rights but they weren’t interested. I knew I had the foreign rights. In fact, there was a nice handful of foreign sales by my agent

It was only after I wondered out loud to my agent why Not Wicked Enough was on sale at only in paper and not in digital that I learned that Berkley had North American rights only: essentially, the US and Canada.  That book should not have been on sale in the UK at all. And, as it turns out when it occurred to me that I ought to check, the same was true for Scandal and Indiscreet.

So, hoo-yah! Kind of late. I self-published Scandal, Indiscreet and Not Wicked Enough in all the territories where I have rights, including the UK. I will do the same for Not Proper Enough when it releases this September.

I’m still waiting for an accounting of what I am owed for books sold in countries where my publisher did not have rights.

The odd thing is that originally, it was very disappointing that we were unable to get my publisher to buy World Rights. They just weren’t interested. Things are changing fast in the publishing business. Speaking only for myself, I’m glad to have those other rights. And, in fact, I was quite disappointed when my publisher agreed to reprint Indiscreet rather than revert the rights to me. Scandal was/is still in print.


Indiscreet outside North America

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Indiscreet at What, you thought I meant something else? SOMEBODY has a dirty mind. Besides me. Anyway, it turns out that Berkley only has North American rights to Indiscreet, a 2010 Bookseller’s Best Award winner for Best Short Historical, by the way.

If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, India, South Africa and select other countries, you can buy the eBook of Indiscreet from or from IF you’re from one of the territories where I have rights. I’ve uploaded to Apple as well, but I don’t have a link yet, though if you prefer iBooks, then do look for the book there as well. I’m limited in where I can upload since B&N does not yet sell eBooks outside the US and, to my knowledge, none of the other vendors can accommodate geo-restrictions.

Some reasons to Buy Indiscreet

Some books, some blessed books, grab you with the first page, with language so lyrical and hooked you’re excited to keep reading even before you’re entirely sure what you’re reading, with settings so vivid and intricately described, yet never so vivid and intricately described as the characters.

Indiscreet is one of them. It has the plot of an Italian opera, the theme of a fairy tale, and a writing style as rich, textured and gorgeous as only romances can be.
Gossamer Obsessions

Indiscreet has the perfect balance of intrigue, action, romance and desire to keep the reader hooked from page one to conclusion. Readers will find themselves rooting for Foye and Sabine and hopeful that they can overcome the odds to find the true love they each so deserve. Indiscreet is deliciously sensual and suspenseful in turn, a perfect formula for a wonderful romance novel.
By: Joyce Greenfield,

Indiscreet is a beautifully written, almost epic type romance. The exotic setting adds to the luscious story between these two stoic and breathtaking characters. Edward, at first, comes across as cold and a bit egotistical. Sabine is shown as a woman who seems so lost because of a false indiscretion that has almost ruined her life. When these two enter each other’s world, they are changed forever.
. . .
Carolyn Jewel is one author of the historical romance genre that you can always count on to deliver a book with an amazing story and a romance that will blow you away. Indiscreet is such a book.
Babbling About Books

Ms. Jewel has written a wonderfully emotional story. The characters are interesting and engaging. Their pasts have formed them as they are in this book. The story is packed with adventure and danger. Over every other emotion, the reader will experience the depth of the love between Edward and Sabine. This is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I would highly recommend it to others.
Leanne Davis – Fresh Fiction

There is just so much to admire about Indiscreet, from the restrained but lyrical prose to the depth of the protagonists’ characterizations, to the lovely surprises placed throughout the novel that challenged and shifted my expectations subtly but effectively.
For the reader who wants fresh settings, for the reader who likes traditional Regencies, for the reader who likes character-driven stories, and for the reader who likes adventure and a larger scope in Romance, Indiscreet is a wonderfully satisfying read.
Dear Author

I think that’s just marvelous writing, the kind that makes me want to savor every word. There is such a smoothness to the language here and yet it doesn’t call attention to itself because it directs all of our attention to the characters and what they are feeling. The result is some powerful emotion in the reader.
Also at Dear Author

Jewel places strong, likable characters in a part of the world where they’re challenged at every turn. –Linda Roberts – Romantic Times

But Wait, there’s MORE!

Sadly, the eBook from Berkley has severe formatting issues and is unreadable on many devices. I’ve so far not had any luck getting Berkley to upload a corrected file.

People outside the US are, therefore, in luck. My file should be readable, and if you find it’s not, drop me a line and I’ll get it fixed!

I’ll be working on a POD version and hope to have that available where I have rights as well.


Carolyn Goes International

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
The UK Kindle edition of Not Wicked enough is available on Amazon UK. If you are in the UK, Australia or New Zealand you can buy the Kindle version here and for less than the paper version!

It turns out I also have the UK/AUS/NZ rights to Scandal and Indiscreet. There are a few other countries where I have the rights so I’ll be adding those to the territories as well.

I need to get new covers made for Scandal and Indiscreet, so I imagine it will be a month or so before those are ready to put on sale. I believe I have final-copy digital files. Something to look forward to, eh?

Also, If you read German, the German edition of My Wicked Enemy is available for pre-order via here. I think the German title is In the Arms of Demons but I don’t know.

The guy looks like the model in the photo I used for A Darker Crimson.


Other Writing News

Sunday, January 8th, 2012


I just sent out a newsletter with all the news that I kept saving up because I would soon have MORE news. If you want to be on my newsletter list, sign up! It’s super fun and I only send one out when I have news (I had a lot) or when I have a release (there’s one coming up in February). If you want the most recent newsletter, with all its newsy-news, let me know and I’ll send it to you. If you do, I will not sign you up for future newsletters. For that, you’ll have to go through the sign-up process.

Foreign Sales

Scandal and Indiscreet have sold to France, so if you read French you’re in luck.

Scandal has sold into Germany so German readers are in luck.