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Lovely Review of Indiscreet

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Some books, some blessed books, grab you with the first page, with language so lyrical and hooked you’re excited to keep reading even before you’re entirely sure what you’re reading, with settings so vivid and intricately described, yet never so vivid and intricately described as the characters.

Indiscreet is one of them. It has the plot of an Italian opera, the theme of a fairy tale, and a writing style as rich, textured and gorgeous as only romances can be.

At Gossamer Obsessions

Cover of Indiscreet

It’s a really lovely review. She gave it an A+ If you haven’t read Indiscreet, maybe you should, eh?


RWA Thursday/Friday

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Yesterday, I attended the workshop with Lee Child and Suzanne Brockmann. I was giddy just being in the same room with Lee Child. It was a great workshop.

I had lunch with my Grand Central Editor, Michele Bidelspach and then I went in search of donuts for the donut party my roomie and I were threw Thursday night. The hotel concierge only knew of a Krispy Kreme rather far away so instead I downloaded the Dunkin Donuts app on my iPhone, got in a cab and told the driver to take me to the Dunkin Donuts the app informed me was nearest to the hotel.

Donuts in the cab

At the donut shop, there were two young ladies who asked me if I worked for Avon — we were having a moment of confusion because I was thinking Avon Romance, the publisher, and they were thinking Avon the cosmetics, because I still had on my conference badge, which I later found out, had the words Avon on it. So I just said, no, I’m a writer. And they look at each other and ask me what kind of books I write. When I said romance, they both jumped up and down and squealed. I paid for my donuts, and took them back to the cab where I had left my bigger bag, which happened to contain several copies of Indiscreet. I went back and gave them each a copy and signed them for the young women. They were very excited. When I told the cab driver why I went back inside, he told me his daughter loved romance, so I signed another for his daughter. Back at the hotel he said if we ran out of donuts, he’d go get more for us. So all in all, a very fun outing!

When I got back to the room with the donuts, I discovered that GCP had sent me flowers.

RITA good luck flowers from Grand Central Publishing

Then we had very good sushi for dinner with a bunch of folks. The donut party was a great success. Someone came with a small suitcase that turned out to contain a blender, tequila and margarita mix. OMG! We jabbered away about all kinds of stuff and things finally wound down about 2:30 AM and my roomie and I went to bed.

Number of energy bars consumed: 1 on account of other people paying for my meals.

Friday So far

We got up at 7:00 am and went down to meet with the Risky Regency ladies, then I was off to breakfast with my agent (very nice) and then a meeting with my Grand Central editor (productive). Then back upstairs to write for an hour, then downstairs for keynote luncheon and now back here.

Later today, the Berkley Books signing, the RITA reception (overlapping, will be late to the reception), the Berkley cocktail party, then the Grand Central Author dinner. After that I’m totally free. Heh.


Oh. A Review of Indiscreet

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Just wanted to share this:

Ms. Jewel has written a wonderfully emotional story. The characters are interesting and engaging. Their pasts have formed them as they are in this book. The story is packed with adventure and danger. Over every other emotion, the reader will experience the depth of the love between Edward and Sabine. This is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I would highly recommend it to others.
Leanne Davis — Fresh Fiction

Read the full review Leave a comment, too. If you feel like it.

I try to bask in the good reviews because, well, it feels good and it makes up for the small number of copies out there for people to buy. If you haven’t bought Indiscreet yet, hey, can you resist now?



Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Cover of Indiscreet by yours truly, Carolyn Jewel Today, you can buy my historical Indiscreet. Please do. I would be so happy if you did. My publisher would be really happy if you did.

You can Read about and order Indiscreet at my website.

Not sure? you can Read Chapters 1 and 2

Buying my book means there’s a better chance that you will be able to buy other books by me in future. Not only do you get to Help An Author Out, you get a really great story that will entertain you as many times as you care to read it.

Indiscreet has love and adventure and a pasha; there’s intrigue and cross-dressing, too. I mention Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia. All in the same book. I don’t think you can afford to pass this one up.

OK, so that’s my pitch to you. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it!


Review of Indiscreet

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

The attraction and tension between Foye and Sabine is palpable as the story advances, and Carolyn Jewel does a remarkable job at keeping their attraction and sexual tension building throughout the story. Both Foye and Sabine are in denial of their feelings, and both have emotional obstacles to surpass before they are free to love each other. [ …]

Indiscreet has the perfect balance of intrigue, action, romance and desire to keep the reader hooked from page one to conclusion. Readers will find themselves rooting for Foye and Sabine and hopeful that they can overcome the odds to find the true love they each so deserve. Indiscreet is deliciously sensual and suspenseful in turn, a perfect formula for a wonderful romance novel.
By: Joyce Greenfield

Read the full review: Reader to Reader


Things to check out!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I was over at The Risky Regencies today blogging about Advice and Exploding pencils check it out if you get a chance.

Over at Michelle Buonfiglio’s Barnes & Noble blog she says some nice things about Indiscreet. Apparently, BN does not want me to register so I can leave a nice comment, so if you can, please do!

At Dear Author, Berkley/Jove is highlighting upcoming releases, including Indiscreet but also many many other really fantastic books! You could win some! Check it out.



Thursday, August 27th, 2009

From RT Book Reviews

RT Rating: 4 Stars
Setting: 1811 Turkey
Published: October 2009
Type: Historical
Two British subjects meet while traveling in Turkey — an intelligent but naive spinster trying to outrun rumors of a scandal and a nobleman who not only recognizes her, but is partially responsible for the scandal. Jewel places strong, likable characters in a part of the world where they’re challenged at every turn. After a slow start, the pace picks up, leaving the reader breathless by the end.

Summary: Miss Sabine Godard is traveling in the Far East with her elderly uncle, who is writing a book about the area. When she meets the Marquis of Foye at a local assembly, she recognizes him as the friend of the man who ruined her reputation.

Against all odds, Sabine and Foye become friends. Both have vowed never to marry, but their attraction becomes heated. When a political leader invites Sabine and her uncle to his palace, Foye realizes that the pasha’s intentions are to add Sabine to his harem or sell her as a white slave. Can he rescue her before the pasha carries out his evil plans?

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Oct., 293 pp., $7.99) HOT
Linda Roberts


Reporting In

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

First, thank you to everyone who commented on my post about Pantsers, by the way. It’s nice to know there are many others out there. Solidarity! And there was that fascinating hint of others who share my love for office supplies. That’s my biggest regret about not being more of a plotter type, because plotters seem to use a lot of neato supplies for which, mostly, I have no use.

In other news, I am, of course, working on The Next Paranormal which is going pretty well, all things considered. I’m above 30K words and there are interesting developments. Not as fast as I’d like, but consistent progress also gets things done. I’m looking forward to having enough written that I can really tear in to the story. First draft writing is hard work.

All my ARCs of Indiscreet, my October historical from Berkley have been mailed out as have the prizes for my newsletter subscriber contest. I do indeed hold subscriber only contests, so if you like my books and want to know about when the next one is out by all means subscribe.

Last night I went to see Harry Potter. Golly, those movies are well done. But all the movie trailers were terrible. There wasn’t one single movie previewed that seemed even remotely interesting. What’s up with that?

I am giving some thought to the best way to put fangs on my beautiful MacBook Pro. I’ll have to go stroll around an art supply store looking for appropriate materials. I want to put them on the forward edge, where you’d reach to open the laptop. Anybody have any ideas on that one? Too bad HBO doesn’t sell an Eric Northman laptop skin, because I’d be all over that.

Since I’m on the subject, I LOVE Fang. (That’s the MBP) It’s smaller and lighter than my old Dell and on the 4+ hour flight from DC to SFO, I used hardly half the battery, and I had it on pretty much the whole time. It’s small enough to easily sit on the airplane seat tray without bumping the neighbors or anything. It’s great in the back of the car, too and no problem in waiting rooms either. (Son has had orthodontist, ortho xray and dentist appts — all routine, no worries!)

I’m delaying any action on the possibility of adopting a Greyhound. We have two gates that need fixing first. One of them is a simple fix. The other is a bit more complicated, but I’m also not clear on why it’s an issue. The objection was, in essence, What if someone leaves the gate open? Certainly a good question, but how is that any different than the possibility that someone in a house facing a street would leave the front door open? In our case, if that were to happen and the dog was also outside unattended, it would still have to choose that direction to run — which is not line of sight from anywhere near the house. Homes with gates across the driveway are the exception not the rule, yet Greyhounds get adopted into homes where an accidentally open door puts them directly onto a street. What we have is not one but two barriers to road access and that is actually safer.

At the moment, I don’t have the energy to call and argue the fallacy with the guy. And I’ve always been one to resent and deliberately fail sekret tests and trick questions because they piss me off and I more than halfway think that’s what’s going on here.

I need to think about it more.

Anyway, that’s the weekend report. Any fang art suggestions are welcome


ARC Contest over There!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

The fabulous Ann Aguirre is giving away an ARC of my October historical, Indiscreet. Read How to Win an ARC of Indiscreet.

Also, it’s true Ann was on my bed. And that I have been on hers. We also ate doughnuts together.


Head Down for a Few days

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Just a quick note to say I’m working on the page proofs for Indiscreet so I have my head down getting through those. Plus too much day job stuff bleeding into my real life and eating up my evenings. Sigh so I am behind in everything now and getting paid less for more work. Should Not Compute. But it does, sadly.

Am also woefully unprepared for RWA in July. However, good news is that I’ll be at the Literacy signing July 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm so if you’re in the DC area, come by!

On July 24 I’ll be at the Hachette booth at Comic Con San Diego signing 200 free copies of My Forbidden Desire so if you’re there, drop by. When not signing I will be looking for Alexander Skarsgard and all things True Blood related. I’m only there for the day. I’ll post better time info when I have it.