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More Bouchercon Updates

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Need I say more? Squeee!!!! Yes, that is used bookstore employee and aspiring writer Jillian Zumsteg! I know! The guy in the middle is someone you may have heard of maybe. Mr. Lee Child. I am grateful I didn’t make an utter fool of myself.

Yours Truly, Lee Child, Jillian Zumsteg

Here are a couple of other pictures:

Red Jack is an Oakland CA Homicide cop. Blue Jack is a SFPD Lieutenant. I am just . . . short. Though I do think my hair is pretty spiffy.

Male Pulchritude


Checking in From San Francisco

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I am at Bouchercon but am spending most of my time in my hotel room revising. The big news is that I have attended my first Creature Party for Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Wowza. Apparently about a month ago, publicists call the Oakland and San Francisco police departments looking for any men 6’3 or taller and 240 and muscular and told them to come on over . . . There were three such gentlemen at this event, one of whom was an Oakland Homicide cop and another who was a Lieutenant for the SF PD. I didn’t get to talk to the 3rd so can’t say. Anyway, we were to vote for the most Reacher like gentleman and I voted for “Red Reacher” (his shirt said “where’s Jack” in red) because, well, he looked like Ranger. I told him I’d voted for him for this reason and several of us had a lovely discussion with these two Jacks about the merits of Reacher vs. Ranger and we concluded that actually it would be not bad at all to be Ranger. He was quite pleased and said he would find a couple of the Stephanie Plum books and check out the fuss. Heh.

Today I attended the interview with Lee Child and then got the two Reacher books I brought with me signed by him for my father. Squeeeeee!!!! I managed, somehow, to remain almost dignified. But now I’m back in my room revising.

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