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Checking In – Lord Ruin Sequel

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

I’m checking in from deep in the writing cave. I’m working on The Next Historical, which is, at long last, the first of the Lord Ruin sequels. It’s Lucy and Thrale’s story. My target date for having an MS ready to send to Beta readers and my editor is October. Deadlines push me, and things are going about as well as writing ever goes.

I don’t know that I ever mentioned that I have decided to call the series The Sinclair Sisters series. I’m closing in on some title ideas as I write, which means, actually, that the story is coming together.

For those of you new to me, my historical romance, Lord Ruin, which had a limited life in print, has been enduringly popular among readers. I’d always wanted to write about all the Sinclair sisters, but for a number of reasons, legal and professional, this was not possible until my rights to the book reverted to me. And now I’m doing that.

I am so grateful to all the readers who’ve emailed me over the years about this book and the sequels. Each of those emails has been a
reminder that it’s readers who matter and that publishers are often wrong about what books to get into the hands of readers.

Chances are high that I’ll be mostly absent on most of the social media places. Because I’m writing. About Lucy and Thrale.

Back to it.