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The Gym Elf!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Things are crazy right now. I’m working on revisions to Magellan’s Witch while trying not to get too behind on Scandal. Yikes! Crazy. I’m going to have to skip my RWA chapter meeting this Saturday. Rats. Too late to get my money back. But I need those Saturday hours for writing.

Today, I went to the gym after work, with my binder of Scandal (How many people do you know who have a binder full of Scandal? I’d like to know!) and as I was pedaling away, even though I should have been doing resistance work, who did I see but the Gym Elf. Sigh. The Gym Elf, in case you don’t know, is a gentleman of pulchritudinous attributes. Not sure if you can say that about a guy, but I just did so I guess you can. I used to see him all the time when I was working on the Dark Elf story, and he was my inspiration for the hero. Which is why I took to calling him the Gym Elf. Any way, it was nice to have a sighting.

OK, off to bed.


Collision Course

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

So, the darling child did not properly plan completing his homework and some projects that were due. The result is that over the last two days, chaos has reigned in the Jewel household. Mostly he’s been good about not wasting time with hysterics about the unfairness of his teachers and how his poor planning is not his fault. Mostly because I looked him in the eye and warned him, in a very stern voice, that he didn’t have that kind of time to waste and I didn’t have the patience to listen to it. Tomorrow should be the last day of panicked work for him.

In the meantime, I managed, just barely, to keep my minimum words per day on Scandal, only today, my revisions came for Magellan’s Witch. The changes center around two basic elements and I’m about 1/8th of the way through, I think. So, I think I’m going to print out Scandal so I can work on that during the odd downtimes and then work on MW at night. Arghh! Only tomorrow is Chocolate Mousse night after soccer practice…

Oh, also, I have to write a book review, I’ll explain how that came about later, and also read a book for a blurb. Someone actually wants me to do that. Weird. I almost asked my agent if there was some mistake. But apparently not.


The weekend…. Not a moment too soon

Friday, September 14th, 2007

First off, my sister’s dog has been found. Someone called her this morning and stayed with him to make sure he didn’t run off again. Meanwhile, one of my brothers who lives nearby went to get him. So her dog is home safe. Thank goodness. And thanks to the woman who found him, called and stayed with him. He’s skinnier and dehydrated and a bit wigged out by his experience, but he’s OK.

I gave blood today and when I went for my lunchtime walk I was feeling very, very tired. But Fridays are Taco Fridays! There’s the best taco place just about ever very close to where I work. Every Friday I get two soft tacos, one chicken, one whole beans and cheese. A very good choice, as the only extra on them is salsa. The cheese is a splurge but they don’t use much, it’s mostly beans and salsa. Excellente! So, I got a big dose of protein for lunch and felt much better. I went to the gym while the Darling Child was at soccer practice and did resistance work. I figured it wasn’t really the weight lifting the nice blood lady warned me against. Low key enough. Cardio today would have done me in I think.

While I waited for practice to end, I notebooked some on Scandal. I need to rework last night’s chapter.

In other news, my Grand Central Publishing Editor, Melanie Murray, has been put in charge of the entire Forever line, and so won’t be doing much editing, which is why Magellan’s Witch has been unreviewed for 6 weeks. A great promotion for her. Every writer hears terrible stories about editors acquiring a project then departing for whatever reason, leaving the author with an editor who dislikes her work. So, as you can imagine, while I was pleased for Melanie Murray, I wasn’t sure what to think for myself. But the editor who’ll be taking on MW seems really nice, and she read the proposal way back and really liked it, so I can say that my style works for my new editor. I should be hearing something in 2-3 weeks.

I was in meetings when my agent called to give me the head’s up and make sure I didn’t think she wanted to give me bad news, which, I tell you, for the seconds between her saying (in her message) that she was conferencing in Melanie and then saying "It’s nothing bad!" all I could think was on my god, she hated MW so much she needs my agent just to stay calm about it. But that wasn’t it. (Yet.)

Tomorrow the DC has an early soccer game so I’m going to bed very soon.

I’m going to try to get some work done on Scandal before I fall into bed.


I have returned — Reading List

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

I got something icky and came home from work Wednesday and pretty much slept the rest of the day. I pried myself out of bed to take the son to soccer practice then got us home and went back to sleep. Slept most of Thursday, too. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was reading. This morning, I went back to work and even made it to the gym. Just 45 min of cycling, nothing hard. I have my make-up rowing class tomorrow so I’m going to bed in just a bit.

Recent Reads

  • MaryJanice Davidson, Sleeping with the Fishes, Half-mermaid, half-human heroine. Very funny.
  • Cait London, On the Edge, an empath coming into her powers. Billed as Romantic Suspense. Liked it.
  • Liz Maverick, Wired, This gets a big WOW. Really interesting, absorbing.
  • Janet Evanovitch, Metro Girl, Very funny. I laughed a lot.
  • Angela Knight, Master of Dragons, Liked it. Kept me up too late
  • Mary Balogh, Simply Love, What can I say? I love Balogh, and I loved this book.

What else? I tried to write some on Scandal but I couldn’t get Nikodemus, the hero of Magellan’s Witch, out of my head. But now it’s been a few days and I’ve read a lot, so I think I can start fresh this weekend. I have two scenes mapped out and I’ve started thinking about how my heroine is going to move through this story.

About Magellan’s Witch: I don’t think I’ve actually ever mentioned what the book is about. There’s a witch. And a mage named Magellan. And there’s fiends who have been known to destroy the lives of humans they possess. And Magellan’s witch needs to figure who the good guys are.

Those of you who know me, take a guess, is the hero a mage or a fiend?


Cue the Triumphant Music!

Monday, July 30th, 2007


Photo by
Amodiovalerio Verde

I sent Magellan’s Witch off to Grand Central (Warner).

Up next: Scandal


Is it possible??

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

that Magellan’s Witch is done?

Today, I did a read through on the computer and did not make a single major change and very few moderate ones. I did change the POV of one chapter, which I will take a look at tomorrow, but honestly, I’m at the point now where I’m likely to make things worse instead of better.

I think.

That’s what it seems like now.

But all my trouble spots of late, that pesky chapter 10, the vexing chapter 17, both I just read right through with bated breath…

Is it time for the fork? I’m going to sleep on it. We’ll see.


Working away

Friday, July 27th, 2007

The good news is I can email Magellan’s Witch to my editor. The bad news is it has to be in Word format. arghh!! Word is just so awful. I’m going to spend July 31 trying to get the darn thing to work. Stuff that is an absolute breeze in Word Perfect is a nightmare in Word. Oh well. I think it’s coming along. I got through this last round of edits without ripping anything to shreds. I have my list of Action Items to go through now. These are issues, details and plot points that feel like they’re dangling unresolved or unaddressed. I got through two of those tonight and have 3-4 more to deal with tomorrow. I’m not going to row tomorrow, I’ll do the make up class on August 4 instead. I’m hoping to push through an entire read through tomorrow. But only if I get to bed pretty soon.

In other news, um, is there any?


I’m a Sculptor (Pronounced Artiste)

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

So, last night as I was reading chapters 16-18 I was bored. Yuck. So I cut a bunch of stuff and had a sort of a glimmer of an idea but wasn’t sure what to do about it. Today I cut even more. A sea of red ink, I tell you. Took the Darling Child to soccer practice and since they had a scrimmage tacked on, I had extra time at the OTHER Starbucks, although just to be safe I ordered hot mint tea. While there, I cut all but 3 pages of chapter 18. Fortunately, Chp 17 was kind of long so I did my find a good chapter ending trick and stuck the rest of chapter 18 onto it, then around page 7 started looking for a place that had high tension. Found it on page 8. All the rest went into a new and improved Chapter 18. Then I re-read what I had starting from chapter 16 and it was good. Darn good.

Yes, today I was a sculptor in that I carved away all the hooptedoodle and left only the good parts and then brought other parts into better relief, with a sort of chiaroscuro effect. Only on paper. The 3D shadows and art part happens in your head.

Now I’m home, I have a dirty rotten headache, but the DC has been fed, the laundry is started and I’ve printed out the new chapters 16-18 and can only pray they hold up they way they did when I was reading them on the laptop. I used to get all depressed about cutting crap, but today, not at all. The crap needs to go, and fast. So it was really easy and painless to do.


On the bright side

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

My changes from yesterday seem to be pretty awesome. After two days of writing and rewriting chapter 10, I made it to chapter 11 and couldn’t stop. I had to read chapter 12. Thank goodness. Hopefully nothing else major. That would be nice.


The Final Stretch Plus The Worst Starbuck’s Experience Ever

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Over the weekend, I totally ran into a problem that resulted in me making some changes to chapter 9 and significant changes to that pesky chapter 10. Today I got some good feedback that resulted in me re-doing chapter 3 from my hero’s Point of View (POV) which I did after MORE significant changes to chapter 10 while I was waiting for the darling child’s soccer practice to be over (and hey, see below about the Worst Starbuck’s Experience Ever!) I got home from the WSEE, transferred my changes to chapter 10 to the computer, though I ended up dropping a big chunk of the changes, but I knew that about 20 minutes after I wrote them (long hand – I was in the car at the soccer field on account of the WSEE.) Right. So blah blah. Then I rewrote chapter 3 and reprinted the 1st 100 pages since I already transferred my weekend changes to the computer. Now it’s 10:41 and I’m going to try to read some.

So, my Worst Starbuck’s Experience Ever: After I dropped off the DC at soccer practice I drove back to the new Starbucks that used to be my favorite local coffee shop (sniff). So, I’m willing to admit that I was saddened by the demise of the old place and struck by the irony of a Starbucks opening in the exact location, since Starbucks is part of why the old place went under. My son could walk from practice to the Starbucks though. Very close. I asked for a Mint Iced Tea. Please say this to yourself, perhaps out loud, Mint Iced Tea Mint Iced Tea Mint Iced Tea and then imagine that you are an earnest young Barista who is perhaps deaf or partially deaf and also distracted by something going on behind her involving someone rushing out from the back with a large pair of rubber handled pliers. And imagine that I repeat this several times. My Mint Iced Tea cost me $2.50 and I think to myself that if they’re charging that much just for the ice I’m never getting an iced tea from them again.

Behind the counter, everyone’s bending around the guy with the pliers including all the people who should be making a Mint Iced Tea. But as I’m looking around for a place to sit with me and my big green binder containing Magellan’s Witch, I see 1) everyone huddling around another barista and looking at me, waiting for my Mint Iced Tea. They go back to watching the guy with the pliers. 2) I also see there are 6 small tables each with two chairs with people in them. And one empty table with no chairs. Plus 4 ugly chairs that look like torture devices in the sun. Two of which are occupied. And over in the corner are these scary looking high chair things with poles in front of them. The poles have a metal surface about the size of a cup of coffee and no bigger. There’s no way my big green binder is going to fit on the poles. So, there is an empty table, but no chairs because obviously they didn’t buy enough chairs for the number of tables in the store.

There is no sign of my Mint Iced Tea. I go back and ask if they can make it to go, since they have no place for me to sit and work (and buy food or more tea later either.) Only they start trying to hand me this tall cup of iced black gunk and I look at it and say, "That’s a Mint Iced Tea?" And the earnest barista says, "No, that’s an Iced Venti." Right. She totally missed a syllable. Several times. So they make me my Mint Iced Tea only it’s hot, the boiling water having melted all the ice. I pointed out I’d been overcharged for my hot Mint Iced Tea. They gave me a card for a free beverage, not so useful for me, instead of my money back. I tossed my NOT Mint Iced Tea on the way out and returned to the practice field and worked in the car.

Some days it’s hard to be a writer.