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Progress Report – Not Proper Enough and More

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I have the edits for Not Proper Enough so I have my head down working on them. They’re actually very light, but this is my best chance to make sure I said what I meant and to make sure there’s emotional punch. This means I’m behind on Dauntless, my story for the Midnight Scandals anthology, but I’m sort of OK with that because I’d reached what I believe is critical mass with that story in that all the elements were gelling and I can now dig in and do yeoman’s work on story.

I also discovered that I have the UK rights to Not Wicked Enough and Not Proper Enough and that means I am currently commissioning new covers for both those books so I can release them in the UK. Not Wicked Enough will be out as soon as I’m ready. Not Proper Enough will, of course, will be a later release.

I’m getting antsy about starting Harsh Marit’s story for the next My Immortals book.

Back to work!