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Monday. I TELL ya.

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Even though it’s Monday and I’m in a grumbly mood, I have good news to post. I’ll make it quick because I have to leave in a bit to take the progenic unit to a meeting.

Romance Book Scene has an interview with yours truly with a contest to win a free book. Check it out! You have until June 14 to answer the question and be entered in their contest.

Go win a book and say Carolyn sent you!

More good news is that tomorrow is not only NOT Monday but also the official release day for My Forbidden Desire.

Now I’m off. Have a great evening and a fun Tuesday!


Monday – Blech.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

There. I said it.

Yes, I dislike Mondays. They’re so far away from Fridays and even farther away from Saturday mornings when I can be sleeping when it’s not pitch dark. And they’re too close to the memory of sleeping in on Sunday and then doing whatever I feel like, including staying in bed with the covers over my head pretending it’s still dark out.

Sometimes Monday is a payday, which makes for a better than usual Monday, but that was not today’s Monday. Nor is that next Monday. In fact, the next Monday-Payday isn’t until June 15th.

From time to time, Mondays are a holiday and then I am in charity with the day and I can say, Tuesday — Blech. (as a stand in for Monday. I think we’re all well aware that such a Tuesday is really Monday in disguise. A meta-Monday, if you will.) But a holiday Monday doesn’t come around all that often. The next one’s not until the end of May. Sigh.

Carolyn’s Ode to Mondays – In Free Verse Just for Joyce Kilmer and the New York Times Review of Books*

Mondays — Blech
As a General Rule,
I dislike you Monday
You have goopy eyes
And bitter breath
Your hair is a tangle
And the pillow left
A crease down the right
Side of your face
Your nose is crooked
You stole 15 of my
Twenty winks.
I want them back.
But not at lunch or
In the Boring MONDAY
Meeting when people
Will notice I’m

My nose hits the table.


I’m awake now.

You are NOT my friend.

1. The poet Joyce Kilmer was an editor of New York Times Book Review (or maybe it was that whole Sunday supplement) anyway, he HATED prose poetry. People like Ezra Pound and H.D. and others got him all in a twist and he managed to fill pages will all sorts of invective against Free Verse. Not that I don’t kind of admire him and mourn his death in WWI. What a waste that was. I think we would have seen some really astounding things from him had he lived.

P.S. I am not procrastinating.


DeFacto Monday

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I know it’s Tuesday but it’s really Monday in disguise. I had a 4 day weekend that wasn’t long enough. I guess they never are. But still. The weekends fly by and the weekdays crawl. Sigh. I mailed off the page proofs for My Wicked Enemy today. I also mailed my taxes to my CPA. That’s two big things crossed off the To-Do list. The next one is to finish Xia. Ha. Ha. Ha. I crack myself up. Really. The Fudgester, aka, Speed Brick, aka my dog Fudge is trying to get my attention. So I’m off to cook dinner and throw the stuffed toy for the doggie. Oh, and this morning at the gym (I made it! Yay!!) I was notebooking and not getting anywhere near the issue I wanted to have resolved for tonight… How does Xia get kidnapped without being de-alphabetized? and I was beginning to think I’d have to have some kind of writerly hissy fit with myself. In the last 15 minutes I started discussing that with myself and came up with a couple of ideas. After dinner, we’ll see what I write. Something completely different no doubt.