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Contest, Food and some other stuff

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Elizabeth Hoyt is having a contest. You could win three of my books. (Indiscreet, Scandal and My Forbidden Desire) Enter here.

In other news, I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and have since been baking lots of pumpkin stuff because I bought a big pumpkin and had LOTS of pumpkin left over. The pumpkin muffins have been consumed. Yummy. I made pumpkin soup last night that was amazing. That disappeared before it had time to cool. Today I made a pumpkin bread with cranberries and boy, it’s really, really good. I’ll probably make 1-2 more pumpkin-y things.

I’ve now been twice to see the movie The Blind Side. What a great movie! Go see it.

I’m in the middle of reading Diana Holquist’s Hungry For More. It’s really cute and I’m in awe of how accurate the chef details seem to be. From what I’ve read (I went on a Ruth Reichel binge a while back plus read a long New Yorker article about chefs) she seems to have nailed the details. And even if she didn’t, she’s making me believe she did.

This afternoon, I met some friends and had European Sipping Chocolate and talked about books. What a lovely day.

Currently, I am in denial about Monday and how much I’ve eaten. Please support me in this effort.

Thank you.


Some post title here

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Yikes. Didn’t get much done today, word-wise. Soccer in the morning in a city about 45 minutes away, then back to town where I did the grocery shopping before heading home. Kidlet not happy about that, but pretty much, tough tootles for him. No way was I going to go back into town to shop later. Too much stuff is out or picked over. I gave him $5.00 and send him over to the yogurt place to wait for me while I shopped.

Came home from shopping and fell exhausted into bed and slept hard again. When I woke up, I fuzted around and thought about Scandal but didn’t actually do anything about it. Then I took the DC to the movies. We saw The Brave One which was better than I expected. I like moral ambiguity and that was present for sure. And, I’m embarrassed to admit that I totally missed a subtle yet key point of a pivotal scene that my son totally picked up on. He liked the movie, which I actually didn’t expect. I thought it might be too cerebral for his tastes, but no.

Came home, took down the garbage and recycling and I swear by the time I walked back up the hill, I was ready to fall down in a heap. I’m exhausted now, and this, obviously by now, isn’t normal. I wasn’t anemic when I gave blood, so that’s not the problem. So, we’ll see how things are tomorrow. I must be getting something. I did work on Scandal though, and ended up rearranging the chapters. But I need an unexhausted brain to think about where things are going.

To bed for me.


Larry the Pharmacist non-human

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Today I worked on the two chapters of Magellan’s Witch that I labored over yesterday. It was not as painful today, thank goodness. I cleaned them up even more and, joy of joys, when I came to a part yesterday which I knew no longer worked where it was (but decided to leave for the moment since I was tired and it was late) I knew where it belonged. And so it did. Sooner in the chapter and replacing a sort of lame-o bit that was much shorter and much less effective.

Then I went to see Zodiac. Well, odd, you know. It was a good movie for sure, but the Zodiac Killer was operating right in my backyard. Seriously. Petaluma is 45 miles north of San Francisco. I work in Sonoma, have driven many times through Vallejo and have been to Napa lots of times. And, when the killings were taking place, my school had us practice ducking on the bus. The primary suspect moved to Santa Rosa, back then 20 minutes north on the freeway (nowadays an hour or more). I used to live in San Francisco. And they seem to have shot at least parts of the movie on location. I certainly recognized many of the shots in San Francisco, as well as some of the more rural areas. So, I kept being bounced out of the movie as I said to myself, hey! that’s the Transbay Terminal! Or what have you. Something that wasn’t in the movie is that after the primary suspect moved to Santa Rosa, several young women attending the local junior college were murdered. Unsolved to this day. Creepy. Really creepy.

In happier news, I am still reading Philip Pullman’s series to my son. We’re on number 3, The Amber Spyglass and I continue to be awed. Wow. In tonight’s reading a particular thing happened and my son and I both went "What!!??!!" and he said, "But now how is Will going to help Lord Asriel?" And you know, I have no idea. Things seem pretty hopeless right now.

As a writer, all I can do is say, man, oh man. That’s what it’s about.

In other news, my agent has not told me I need to further revise the synopsis for Scandal, so I think that, indeed, it goes out to editors tomorrow. All I can say is that my chapters rock since I took a scalpel to the parts everyone in my Fiction Writing seminar really liked. Kind of interesting, no? I remember sitting there listening to the input on the chapters I submitted to the class and feeling more and more anxious as people agreed this section of chapter 2 was their favorite. I was anxious because I secretly felt myself that it was the most problematic, the least focused and the most off point. And when Sandy Schwab read the chapters and said things didn’t get really interesting until chapter three, I knew I had some serious work yet to do. I rewrote Chapter 1 to give it the intensity of chapter 3 and deleted the entire scene my Grad School class liked best. And that fixed everything.

I guess now I have to explain my post title. Which is that in Magellan’s Witch, the chapter I was working on was the previously blogged about Pharmacy scene. I ended up naming my non-human Pharmacist Larry (of course that’s not his real name!) and whenever I read that today (which was several times) I smirked because it’s just so ridiculous. Larry the Pharmacist non-human soon to be stud. And then when he is a stud, well, geez. Larry? So I guess I’ll have to change that, but right now it’s amusing me and that counts for something as we head into Monday.


Do this! read that! See here!

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

In no particular order (that’s irony I think. Obviously my non-quantum mechanical world ethos requires that these appear in a particular order in order to communicate with you-all.) Whatever. I have a headache.

1. Check out this great post by Tess Gerritson. I spent most of last semester in a classroom of students with this attitude. [snotty comment omitted]

2. The new James Bond movie, Casino Royale totally rocks. Go to this movie while it’s still in the theater. I saw pics of Daniel Craig and thought, meh He’s okay but– Well, I stand corrected. The man is one hell of an actor and long before the end of the movie (like within the first 2 minutes: the word "Considerably" won my heart lust and soul) I was more than willing to bear his children. Oh, the joy of a James Bond movie that isn’t insulting to women. Thank you writers. Thank you director. And thank you for all those work outs, Daniel Craig.

3. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and safe traveling.

4. Then there’s this post from Marjorie M. Liu about a subject of my frequent obsession.