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Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Apropos of nothing, here’s a list of some songs I listen to over and over while I write:

Duet: Rachel Yamagata from Elephants
This Love is Over: Ray LaMontagne from God Willing & The Creek Don’t Rise
Twenty Years: Augustana from Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt
You’re Beautiful: James Blunt from Back to Bedlam
Decoration Day: John Lee Hooker from The Best of John Lee Hooker 1965-1974
Remember When: Alan Jackson from Greatest Hits Vol 2
First Day of My Life: Bright Eyes, from I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Never Easy: Kurt Nilsen, from Espen Lind’s album Hallelujah – Live
The River: Kurt Nilsen, from Espen Lind’s album Hallelujah – Live

At the moment, Kurt Nilsen’s Never Easy is my favorite of these by a mile. I love this man’s voice. I prefer this version rather than the one on his own album.

Do you have any favorite emotional songs? Share in the comments.

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Ahem. Madam Muse? Move over please.Thanks.

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Liz Maverick has a cool post over on Magical Musings. I was laughing pretty hard while I was reading but at the end, waddya know, the message was darn uplifting. Easy things you can do to get yourself in front of the keyboard. Check it out.

So, here’s the muses:

  • Calliope: Chief of the muses and muse of epic poetry
  • Euterpe: lyric song
  • Clio: history
  • Erato: erotic poetry
  • Melpomene: tragedy
  • Polyhymnia: sacred song
  • Terpsichore: dance
  • Thalia: comedy and bucolic poetry
  • Urania: astronomy

The question for me is, which one is the Muse of Romance writers? Calliope, Erato, Melpomene or Thalia?

Gee, no wonder it feels so crowded around here, what with the dog and the cats wanting lap space and all the muses fighting over who gets to inspire me.

Anyway, like Liz (if she’s not telling a big fat whopper) I, too, have a voice to frighten people witless which kind of put a crimp in my plan to become a lounge singer. But that doesn’t stop me from singing along to my favorite writing songs. Yay. Apparently, Liz’s is Vanilla Ice (maniacal laughter from Carolyn). Currently, I’ve been singing along to most of the songs on Alan Jackson’s Like Red On a Rose. What’s your sing-along-music?