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Carolyn’s Big Lunch. And Stuff.

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Ahem. I’ve been getting a few things off my shiny New Year Plate so I can put some bigger things on it. A short story is ready to head out the door. A draft proposal off to my agent.

Now, I need to get my head down and finish revisions for My Beloved Assassin

What about the big lunch, you ask? Let me tell you!

Some of you may know that last year I won lunch with Barry Eisler through Brenda Novak’s Diabetes auction. Various things prevented an immediate luncheon, but this weekend we hooked up and I ordered the biggest lunch possible. (Not really.)

He signed some of his books for me (squeeee!!!!) and gave me the ARC of Inside Out. We had a lovely lunch. He’s a really nice guy. You can bet your bippy I’ll be trolling the auction lists against this year for more wonderful things to bid on.

Yesterday, an embarrassingly short time after I got home from lunch, I started reading Inside Out and just kept turning pages. I finished at 1:45 this morning.

Inside Out is the book that follows last year’s Fault Line which I loved when I read it. This one features Ben Traven as the hero and well, I’ll do a full review when I have a bit more time, but I loved this book. It’s on a par with Lee Child. Ben is now in Carolyn’s Hero Hall of Fame too. If you like action books then when it comes out in June this year, get your hands on it.

I’m now getting myself to bed early as I did not exactly get enough sleep today and don’t wish to be wreck tomorrow.

I hope everyone’s inaugural week of 2010 has been lovely!


The new year is still shiny!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Today I got my hair beautified. I’m looking pretty spiffy! Then I walked up the street to one of my fav stores in town and they were having a 30% off sale. I did not leave empty handed. Then I came home and got some writing done.

Am up to chapter 3 three on revisions for My Beloved Assassin. It’s going well.

Tomorrow is mailing day for several December Extravaganza prizes. Two packages are heading off to Africa. My thanks to everyone who dropped by to answer my silly questions!

I read a bunch of books during my break.

  • Covet by JR Ward — still thinking about what I think
  • A vampire book with a heroine I adored, but the rest — meh. And the ending. WTF?
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips No One’s Baby But Mine I enjoyed this book, but I have an issue with a woman tricking a man into impregnating her without his knowledge. That’s just too wrong for me to believe in such a heroine.
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips Glitter Baby Also enjoyed this one. But it’s dated. This must have been one one the last generational Romances written. I kind of miss them.

Did anyone else read Covet? What did you think?


Reporting In Between Contests

Monday, December 14th, 2009

This is finals week at my son’s school, and I find I am riding herd on his studying, in between trying to write and doing absolutely no holiday shopping whatsoever. He thought his book report was due Wednesday but, it turns out, it’s not. It’s due tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m finishing up this side project that came up, after which I will have two weeks (hopefully) to do what will probably be a massive rewrite of My Beloved Assassin because, um, I want to be prepared when I get the editorial letter.

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday so there will be a party. I’m making garlic bread. So that’s what’s up with me. I rarely think about holiday shopping until after her birthday and that’s why I’m never, ever prepared.

How’s about you guys?

Off to post the next contest! Check it out.