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My Dangerous Pleasure – Dramatic Reading

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Listen to actors Kate McDermott and Derek Knabenbauer read a scene from My Dangerous Pleasure:

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Cover Reveal!

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

With apologies to everyone at FB who I realize will now see this THREE times because I am so hopeless at facebook…

Here’s the new cover for My Dangerous Pleasure, Book 4 of the My Immortals series. Rights have been reverted and now there is one more book in the series I can release world wide. The print version is in progress and will probably be on sale in a week or so. I anticipate some issues with getting the traditionally published files taken down. I’ve already started that process with preemptive requests for take downs and sending along my reversion.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to release this book everywhere. Despite the fact that my publisher bought World Rights, none of the digital books were released outside Canada and the U.S., and even the paper copies were scarce, I understand.

Here’s the new cover copy:

Paisley Nichols is drawn into a dark world of demons, witches, and mages after a magical attack leaves her near death. The man who’s been stalking her is a mage with a tenuous hold on sanity. Iskander, her smoking hot landlord, is the demon who saved her life. As she copes with her new abilities and the threat she represents to magic-using humans, she can’t help but see Iskander with new eyes. He’s sexy, uninhibited, and sinfully handsome, but there’s also an undeniable emotional connection between them. First he’s in her arms, then her bed, and, before long, her heart.

Keep the human woman alive. Those are Iskander’s orders after the attack on his tenant leaves her with abilities that can save his kind from unimaginable suffering. When it comes to human women, Paisley is his physical ideal, and he’s all about finding out how far she’d like to go, no strings attached and all boundaries ignored. Except she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a partner, in bed and out. Now he has two jobs: keep her alive and convince her she’s the only woman for him.

My Dangerous Pleasure is Book 4 in the My Immortals Series, set in a world where demons are real and the people who use magic to protect innocent humans aren’t always in the right.

And here is the cover:

Cover of My Dangerous Pleasure

New Cover of My Dangerous Pleasure


Book Giveaway – My Dangerous Pleasure

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

All the books are spoken for! Next stop: my local mailing shop where they will do the work for me.

As of 9:21 AM Pacific Mar-24-2013 there are:


copies left.

In honor of the upcoming release of My Darkest Passion,View Post

I have



paper copies of My Dangerous Pleasure to give away. (Book 4 in the series.)


What are you waiting for?

Who can have a copy? Anyone who either doesn’t have a paper copy already or who’s willing to give the book(s) to someone(s) they think will enjoy it. So, if you have friends you think would like the book, awesome! If you want to give them away to strangers, that’s awesome, too.

The rules are below.

Cover of My Dangerous Pleasure

The Book.

TEMPT THE DARKNESS Strong-willed and independent, Paisley Nichols is used to taking care of herself. But when an insane mage begins tracking her every move and threatening her at every turn, she has no choice but to put her life in the hands of a demon.

RISK THE PASSION Burned by betrayal, demon assassin Iskander won’t get too close to anyone. He spends his days serving his warlord and his nights indulging in carnal pleasures . . . and that’s exactly how he likes it. But when a mage wages a wrenching psychic assault on his beautiful tenant Paisley, Iskander must defend her. Under his protection, she will be drawn irresistibly into his life and learn about her own mysterious powers. And not a moment too soon. The mage haunting her isn’t acting alone-and he won’t rest until he destroys both Paisley and Iskander.

How to Get Your Books

1. You must be 18 to get a book, so asking for a copy is your assurance to me that you are 18.

2. Email me with your full name and mailing address. (carolyn AT carolynjewel DOT com or through the contact form on my website) and tell me how many books you’d like, up to, say, 7. As a side note, you’d be surprised how many people forget to include their mailing address, or only include part of it, or neglect to tell me their full name.

3. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. This is not a contest. No one wins. If I still have books when you contact me, you’ll get books. When I’m out of copies, the giveaway is over.

4. International is OK.


My Dangerous Pleasure – Two Lovely Reviews!

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

From Fresh Fiction: A Cunningly Crafted Urban Fantasy Series With Plenty of Plot Twists

I enjoyed Jewel’s ability to create complex and unusual characters. Even the bad guy has a few redeeming qualities, and you are never quite sure even those who fight on the ‘positive’ side are purely good. MY DANGEROUS PLEASURE is Book Four in Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortals series and a solid continuation from the previous entries. Further developments in plot lines started in earlier books reward faithful readers without confusing the issue for first timers. The plot in book four is cleverly constructed, with a surprise ending. The romance that forms between Iskander and Paisley is handled well, with the intense love scenes not rushed but in perfect pace with the rest of the book.

Diana Troldahl Fresh Fiction

Nightowl Reviews – Top Pick 4.75 Stars

This is the fourth installment in Ms. Jewel’s My Immortal series. This is a story about two people who have been hurt by love before. Ms. Jewel brings these amazing characters to life. She is able to blend the two different worlds together with ease. There is enough action and romance to balance the story out. The characters are interesting, even the villains. Ms. Jewel’s My Immortal series should be on everyone’s reading list. She is an auto buy for me.

Robin, Nightowl Reviews


Visit me?

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Over on Grand Central Forever’s Facebook Page there’s a discussion about My Dangerous Pleasure. Head on over if you can and comment and post questions. I’ll do my best to reply even though the live discussion has concluded.



Heroes and Heartbreakers Reviews My Dangerous Pleasure

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

What stands out most after reading My Dangerous Pleasure, fourth in Carolyn Jewel’s Immortal series, is this: The hero, while totally the alpha male you’d expect a demon to be, is also incredibly sweet to the heroine, a human with latent magic being threatened by a mage.

The typical urban fantasy/urban fantasy romance hero is usually pretty slutty, with a bad-ass attitude to match. He’s generally pulled into helping/saving/working with the heroine, often begrudgingly, and…yada, yada, you know the drill. Iskander, Jewel’s hero, fulfills the slutty part of the equation, but even though he never planned any sort of involvement with Paisley Nichols, he brings no pissed off, sullen, or I’m-the-boss-of-you attitude into their relationship.

His behavior is adorably, utterly, cluelessly male …

Laurie Gold, Heroes and Heartbreakers


My Dangerous Pleasure – New Recipe AND a Contest

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

The Contest is officially Over

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I LOVED reading your cooking stories. They were just wonderful. Thank you for sharing those stories. I’m off to pick the winner.


I’ve made this post sticky for the duration of the contest. There’s a new recipe (this time, chocolate mousse) and a link to Chapter 3 of My Dangerous Pleasure. Also, since I was late getting out my newsletter, I’ve extended my contest deadline to Midnight Pacific June 4th in order to give them time to enter.

The Contest Info

As some of you may know, the heroine of My Dangerous Pleasure, Paisley Nichols, owns a bakery. In honor of that and in shameless promotion of the book (it’s out May 31, have you bought your copy yet?) I’m going to be giving away a slew of cooking supplies to one lucky winner. The supplies will include, among other things:

  • Baker’s Sugar
  • Cake Flour
  • Chocolate (assortment)
  • Dutch Process cocoa
  • Vanilla
  • Parchment paper
  • Flour
  • A cookbook or two

If the winner is in the US I will also arrange to ship some awesome butter to the winner. If I find out that butter can be shipped internationally, I will so do, but I cannot guarantee that will be possible. I will also include some other baking-related surprises.

But Wait! There’s More!

Over the next three weeks my publisher will be making chapters 1-3 of My Dangerous Pleasure available for you to read:

  1. Chapter 1 (pdf).
  2. Chapter 2 (pdf).
  3. Chapter 3 (pdf).

What Would I Do With All That Baking Stuff?

Well, you could make some awesome desserts . . .

The week before last, I posted a recipe for Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies. download a pdf of the Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Recipe. Last week’s recipe was for download a pdf of the Butter Cookies recipe

This week? Chocolate Mousse. download a pdf of the Chocolate Mousse recipe

Notes on the Mousse

The higher quality the chocolate, the less tolerant this is to inattention, over-beating, cheating and timing. I recommend making this once with cheap chocolate, as it is less prone to seizing and will still taste really good. (but not to-die-for good) that way you’ll understand the steps involved and will not be as tense when you’re using the good chocolate.

Also, despite the cautions, this doesn’t take all that long to make. You can do it!

Notes on Ingredients

Heavy Whipping Cream: Get the highest fat content you can find. Not the cheapo grocery brand unless you happen to know it’s high quality.

The Chocolate

You have to look really, really hard to find chocolate without soy lethicin in it. Sadly several formerly high quality chocolates have started adding soy lethicin. If you find chocolate without it, almost by definition, you’ve found a high quality chocolate.

You should be able to pronounce all the ingredients in your chocolate: cocoa, cocoa butter and not much else. Look to the Belgian or Swiss chocolates.

A note on separating the eggs

There CANNOT be EVEN A DROP of egg yolk in the egg whites. This means you need three bowls. One for successful egg whites with no yolk, one for the egg yolks and one to use when you’re separating an egg. That way if the egg is old and the yolk is runny or what have you, you only need to discard one egg and won’t contaminate the successes.

Seized Chocolate

Seized chocolate gets instantly grainy and lumpish. You can try stirring your way out of it, but you’re likely to get mousse with an unappealing texture. This actually happened to a friend of mine. It was sad, and she cried.


16 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped or as chips.

2 cups cold heavy whipping cream

6 large eggs, separated


1. Whip the cream to soft peaks, put aside in a new bowl and refrigerate

2. Melt the chocolate.

You can do this in a double-boiler (over-but-not-in hot but not simmering water). Stirring often. With this method you will almost certainly end up having to wait for the chocolate to cool down to warm.

It’s far easier to do this in the microwave:

Put your chocolate in a bowl, and NEVER nuke for LONGER THAN 30 seconds.

Stir. Nuke again for 30 seconds.

Stir and nuke, stir and nuke etc until the chocolate still has a few lumps.

Now, you just stir continuously until the rest of the chocolate melts. It doesn’t take long and the chocolate will not be all that hot. Dab some chocolate on your lower lip. It should feel warm but not hot. If it’s too cool, the chocolate will seize. Same if it’s too hot.

3. Whip the egg whites in a very clean bowl until they are foamy and beginning to hold a shape. Beat until soft peaks form. Soft peaks should fold over and not be rigid.

4. When the chocolate is at the proper temperature, add about 1/4th or less of the whipped cream.

Add the egg yolks. If you don’t add the whipped cream first, the chocolate will seize when you add the yolks. (It will also seize if the chocolate is too hot.)

Fold by hand until mixed. Do this fairly quickly because you don’t want the chocolate to seize. (Fast, but not too fast!) Too slow and the chocolate will seize.

Gently fold in the rest of the whipped cream. You need the fluffiness, so be gentle.

5. Fold in half the egg whites until just incorporated using a whisk, then fold in the remaining whites, switching to a spatula. Be gentle. There should be no chunks or bits of white, but you need this fluffy so don’t over-work.

6. Spoon the mousse into a serving bowl or individual dishes and refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

How to Enter the Contest

Leave a comment on this post in which you mention your fondest, funniest, saddest or most embarrassing cooking memory. Feel free to make one up. If you have one involving Elves, demons, fiends or other supernatural creatures, that would be pretty darn funny.

Leave a comment by midnight Pacific June 4, 2011.

Contest void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. People related to me can’t win. Sorry.

Winner will be chosen at random on or shortly after June 5.



An Advance Reader Review Of My Dangerous Pleasure

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

From one of my ARC Readers:

I have wanted Iskander’s story since I first met him and really enjoyed the way you have developed his character prior to this story and how that has been extended here. There were quite a few surprises in Iskander’s character that I really enjoyed – his chivalry towards Paisley, for example, especially in contrast to many other males in the story. I found Paisley interesting and credible, with a real normal life that gradually morphs into one that has space for the likes of fiends and mages. I liked the connection that was built between the main and secondary characters and am waiting eagerly for the next installment to see how the world changes again!

I am also really enjoying watching the development of other secondary characters but especially Kynan & Rasmus in the backgrounds of all these books and wondering what sort of redemption or damnation you have planned for them.


Review of My Dangerous Pleasure

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Jeanna, the winner of one of the ARCs of My Dangerous Pleasure, has written this review, as I said I would do for anyone who didn’t have an official place to post.

What an unbelievably excellent book!! Carolyn Jewel has outdone herself once again with her newest book “My Dangerous Pleasure”. The fourth installment in this series has an incredible mix of magic, sensuality and the power to suck you right into their world. I love ‘watching’ the almost Too Hot To Handle, fiends, witches and mages come alive through her imagination!
In the fight of good vs evil, this time around she manages to twine together a story of two souls who really connect with each other on a level that most people never reach and it let’s them pull together and kick some ass to save the ones they thought lost to their kind forever. It’s a thoroughly slow and enjoyable ride…. with a whole lot of lust, action and passion thrown together that should make it #1 on your list of what to read next. 🙂


ARC Winners

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Through the magic of here are the 4 winners of the ARCs for My Dangerous Pleasure:

Kate N

I’ve sent you an email! But, as you might imagine, I need your mailing addresses.