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News About My Wicked Enemy

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

At long, long last, the rights to My Wicked Enemy, the first book in the My Immortals series, have reverted to me. The second book in the series (My Forbidden Desire) should revert n December. There seems to be little point in publishing my preferred version of My Wicked Enemy until I also have Book 2 back, but I am now finishing up the re-edit of the book with the intention of smoothing out the story problems created by a very, very difficult and emotionally destructive (for me) editorial relationship. She was not the right editor for me or the series I was writing. She did not like me or my books, that was quite plain. I did learn that including chapters or passages I knew she’d hate distracted her from the chapters I wanted to make sure stayed in. In the main, she didn’t story edit, she just reacted to her dislike of my writing. I asked my agent several times to try to get me moved to a different editor, but, alas, this never happened.

I don’t typically rewrite a reverted book, but I was so deeply unhappy with what happened to My Wicked Enemy that I am making an exception. I will get new covers for the first two books in the series and get the two books out shortly after book 2 reverts. Then, FINALLY!!! I will be able to properly market the series.



Update on My Immortals Series

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

For years I have been trying to get reversions for the first two books in the My Immortals series (My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire) but have had no luck. My publisher has refused to entertain any buy-back offers even though the books make them no money. They have earned my undying resentment for refusing to revert the rights to me. The hang up is that the reversion clause says the books don’t revert until the licenses for foreign rights expire.

The existing license for My Wicked Enemy ends June 18, 2022. The one for My Forbidden Desire expires December 17, 2022. The books should revert to me on those dates.

It’s always been my intention to return My Wicked Enemy to something more like what I originally wrote.I expect I’ll release both books in December, but by then, at long, long, last, I will be able to properly market and manage this series. Expect to see proposed covers soon, and come December, what I’m calling the Author’s Cut of the books.


Monster Mailing!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Today, I bought mailers and took all the books that needed to be mailed to the mail store:

100 copies of My Wicked Enemy
10 copies of Not Proper Enough
10 copies (total) of Not Proper Enough and Not Wicked Enough for the RITAs
A miscellaneous other number of books that are embarrassingly late getting mailed.

My local mailing store is awesome because if I didn’t get the right number or kind of shipping materials, they will supply them. They will take care of everything. All I had to do was drop off the books and supplies.


If I owe you a book, it will be on its way soon!


Carolyn Goes International

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
The UK Kindle edition of Not Wicked enough is available on Amazon UK. If you are in the UK, Australia or New Zealand you can buy the Kindle version here and for less than the paper version!

It turns out I also have the UK/AUS/NZ rights to Scandal and Indiscreet. There are a few other countries where I have the rights so I’ll be adding those to the territories as well.

I need to get new covers made for Scandal and Indiscreet, so I imagine it will be a month or so before those are ready to put on sale. I believe I have final-copy digital files. Something to look forward to, eh?

Also, If you read German, the German edition of My Wicked Enemy is available for pre-order via here. I think the German title is In the Arms of Demons but I don’t know.

The guy looks like the model in the photo I used for A Darker Crimson.


My Wicked Enemy Is a $1.99 eBook for February!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

My Wicked Enemy Cover

$1.99 as an eBook - February 2011 only!

US Only?

I did some checking in the Canadian stores and didn’t see the title offered as an eBook at all. I will ask my editor about that since at the least it’s supposed to be available as an eBook in Canada. I didn’t see it listed at Borders, the Kobo bookstore or Fictionwise, but hopefully that will change.

eBook Stores

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble – Nook

Diesel eBook Store

Sony Reader

Google eBook Store


Foreign Relations

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Today I found out that My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire sold to Germany. Yay! I’ve been kind of moping (in my secret heart) that I’ve never, to my knowledge, sold German translation rights. Germany is a huge Romance market so I’m thrilled.


It’s interesting to me that the money, which made my eyes open when I saw the figure, is paid out between 2011 and 2014. Yes, the amount is more than I’ve gotten for foreign rights to date, but with the payout so long, it’s less than it seems, since inflation will decrease the present-day value of the advance.

What I’m finding with foreign rights, though, now that I’m actually selling them (either through my agent or my publisher, depending on the contract terms) is that these rights end up making me more money — over the long term, than the initial sale. Not all at once, but, as I’ve heard other authors say, in dribs and drabs. Huh. This is all very new to me, as to my knowledge my first two books were never translated and for the others that were, I was, alas, never paid for those translated editions.

Another Interesting Thing

According to the contract terms I saw, Book 2, My Forbidden Desire, will be translated and published first, then My Wicked Enemy. Not that it matters. I just thought that was interesting.

So hey!


Back from ComicCon

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

So, how was ComiCon, you ask? If humanly possible, I’m going back next year for the whole thing and I’m bringing my son and nephew and one or both of my bothers.

My wonderful publisher, Hachette Book Group (Grand Central Publishing) came up with a badge for me so I could attend Friday and sign the copies of My Forbidden Desire they were giving away. I flew down and back on Friday, which is doable because it’s only an hour flight from here.

Huge thank you to Nick Small of Hachette who came out to give me my badge, escort me to the booth and help get me set up and ready to sign. I’m also glad that was at 9:00 am before the con was officially open, because after that — madhouse.

The signing was FUN and my gosh the books were just gone as fast as I could sign them. Everyone was so nice and friendly. It didn’t hurt that a Twilight give away was about to start, too. Hachette Books, in case you didn’t know, also publishes Stephanie Meyer.

Now, who doesn’t love free books, right? But good golly, there were a lot of people who were excited to meet me (yes, me!) because they had read my books and loved them or who had orders from others to get my book. There were a number of people who read the back of the book and were pretty excited about reading it. PLUS! I remembered to bring bookmarks for My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire so everyone got bookmarks, too. The extras were gone pretty quickly, too. So, authors, if you sign at ComiCon, bring LOTS of bookmarks. If I’d brought a thousand of each, I think they would have disappeared. Frankly, I think if I’d brought thousands of each they’d have been picked up.

I love talking about books and Hachette had some of my favs out there, including Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper which I think is just a really excellent book so I couldn’t help pimping that a bit.

After the signing, I took a bit to breathe and then I wandered around the exhibit hall, which let me let you is a lot of walking. There’s a great mix of commercial/corporate stuff — glitz! Glamor! Big displays!! and small presses, artists, comics… just really astounding. I wish I knew more about the comics biz because there were artists there drawing stuff and selling their artwork and I’m a doofus over artwork.

Then I decided to attend a few panels only I didn’t have a schedule thingee and I’m ashamed to confess that I also didn’t know who anyone who anyone was, so I just picked a few. I hit paydirt on my first one. Artist David Yardin gave a great talk on creating a comic book cover. Here’s his portfolio

What I loved about his talk, aside from the gorgeous artwork, was his story about how he got into the business. It’s instructive to writers, too. He’s from Australia, which doesn’t have the professional Comics industry the US does but he knew his work was pretty close to professional level. He was getting great feedback but he knew he needed to get himself to the next level. What he did was search out advice and (hugely paraphrasing here, and making observations David did not) since professionals get excited about talented people and want to help them, David did find just such a professional. He worked on his craft with this man (whose name I know I should have recognized but didn’t, sorry). He studied hard. Really, really hard. And he internalized what he was being taught and applied that to his work. He said he spent hours and hours just drawing arms, for example.

What was clear is that David wasn’t just passionate. He wanted to learn. Or more appropriately, even though he knew he was good, he knew he needed to be even better. And he made it happen. That’s a lesson for writers too. Don’t just complain about how hard it is to get published. Study your craft intensely and always be working to get better.

After that session I got in this astoundingly long line for someone named R. Rodriguez who I figured must be a big deal on account of the long line. (Ducking!!) Yeah. Director Robert Rodriguez who started out with his hit El Mariachi which he made for $8,000 in two weeks because he had to give the camera back in two weeks. Then he went on to make movies you might have heard of, like Spy Kids and Grindhouse and lots of others. He was really funny and told a lot of amusing stories.

I popped in on a couple more sessions and wandered around a lot. I tried to find Marjorie M. Liu’s signing but my lack of a program guide and my general inability to tell right from left meant I wandered around aimlessly and with my luck probably passed her twice without seeing her.

There are lots of ComiCon attendees who dress up. I saw lots of Klingons, several Wonder Women, Spiderman, Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers and lots of others as well as costumes I was unable to identify. Some of the costumes, male and female, were uhm, ill advised, in my opinion but ultimately, it’s all about having fun and everyone was having fun.


Digging Holes and Other News

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I guest blogged at Magical Musings. My post is Can Writing Be Taught And Why I Think That’s the Wrong Question Check it out of articles about writing interest you.

The blog Nobody Asked Me had very nice things to say about My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire. Scroll down in her list of May Reading to find me. Among others things she opined:

My Forbidden Desire: It’s edgy, irreverent and has ambiguous characters as the H/H. Can’t wait for the next installment. My Grade = B+

MY WICKED ENEMY I’m looking for every Carolyn Jewel book I can find now. My Grade = B+

In other news, I’m working on The Next Paranormal and finishing the synopsis for what I hope will be The Next Historical

My son and a friend are out in the field digging holes. Very deep holes. Intense holes. They are working hard and don’t know it. Too bad we don’t actually need holes dug. The Border Collie is in heaven. She loves to dig holes, too. I believe they are sharing tips and advice.

I should be working. Will go do that now.


Wanna A Free Book? Ever been puzzled by Werewolves?

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Check out my blog post at Fresh Fiction where I’m talking werewolf reproduction. Leave a comment there, make me look super popular, and have a chance to win a copy of My Wicked Enemy so you’ll have a complete set after you rush out to get your copy of My Forbidden Desire.

This post is a kind of a companion post to Vampire Reproduction

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Weekend Report

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Normally I would complain about a rainy weekend, but with water rationing being mentioned in the papers so often, I’m not complaining. In fact, I say, bring it on! More rain, weather gods. More rain. So, uh, yeah. It’s been raining a lot.

I’ve been working on proposal chapters for books to follow My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire. It’s hard work, but my agent and I have agreed that I am simply not a synopsis writer. I still have to do a really short one, but here’s pretty much what happens to me when I try to write a synopsis for a book I haven’t written:

I am totally at sea, with no idea whatever what’s going to happen. I don’t know what’s going to happen because I don’t know the characters because I haven’t written them yet. I make up some total BS that lacks any real conflict and is just lame. Plus out of order. As I explained to my agent, it’s like asking me to draw a picture of someone I’ve never seen. Result: total suckage.

I can write a synopsis for a book I’ve written. It’s no fun, but I can do it.

So, here’s what happened when I started writing proposal chapters:

My heroine turned out to be something completely different from what I had imagined. Her situation wasn’t at all what I thought. I guess I need to be specific. In the synopsis, she is a graphic artist who is completely human. Her only magic is latent. My vague idea was that through her interaction with the hero, her magic would become patent. The hero was going to meet her through some witch friends of hers but he wouldn’t like her because he’s a classical music kind of guy and she’s alternative rock. But something would happen to make his magic set off hers, and stuff would start to happen.

In the first paragraph of my chapter, she’s sitting at her kitchen table convinced she’s going insane. me: really? That’s very interesting. I wonder why? She’s having hallucinations. Me: Oh. What kind? Hallucinations about turning into some kind of creature. Me: Yeah, and she could be also have some of the mental powers that demons have.

In the second paragraph, this gets fleshed out and then guess what! She’s worried about how her parents will be affected when the SFPD calls to tell her that their daughter has died. Because, it turns out, she has three siblings who died at the age of 25. Me: Really? That’s very interesting, too. Obviously, she thinks she’s going to die just like they did..

In chapter 2, my hero is hanging around outside because me: Why? Because he’s an assassin and he’s supposed to kill the demon (that would be my heroine, though he doesn’t know it yet) he’s tracked to this apartment building. Me: Ok, what else? The mage Christophe shows up. Me: ohmygod, there’s the conflict for the whole dang book! Christophe has a deal with Nikodemus — I’ll work out the actual specifics but basically, that’s the plot thread that will move things foward.

Then at little later, my heroine says this to my hero; "I’m like you" Me: Oh! Oh! That means more than what it seems like. It means she’s an assassin like the hero and he’s going to have to teach her to be one too! There’s the basic conflict for the hero/heroine!

So there you have it. I could write synopses until I’m blue in the face, and I will never ever ever come up with what the book is about until I start writing. My heroine is still a graphic artist, and the hero is still a classical music kind of guy, and yes, her magic will be sparked off my his, but not in the lame boring way that was in the synopsis.


That’s just how it works for me. There will be many more discoveries and revisions and these may disappear or take a back seat, but it’s a place to start whereas my synopsis was not.