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Good News and a Request for Assistance

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite, especially if I get to sleep through them. Alas, not this Saturday. I had a rather large day job implementation that required my early rising after working most of Friday evening. All things considered, the project went remarkably well.

Today my son goes to his cousin’s birthday party and then in the evening leaves for a red-eye to Washington DC with his eighth grade class. I’ll need to do some last minute shopping for that. And then what will I do with myself during an entire week with no youngling?

In between all that, I have to start seriously working on The Next Paranormal. The synopsis for The Next Historical is essentially done and out to readers so I don’t have to stress about that anymore. Good news! And if you’re reading between the lines, yes, I will be writing more paranormals even though I can’t officially say so, it’s unofficially official enough that I have to get cracking as of a couple of weeks ago.

In other good news, and pretty much all thanks to Twitter, I won two things in Brenda Novak’s diabetes fund raiser; Lunch with Barry Eisler and Candy a Month from Hank Phillippi Ryan. (Twitter reminded me I should go bid on something, so I did.) Then I won a True Blood poster, coming to me directly from HBO’s PR office and THEN I won a free ad from the Catanetwork folks! I also got an ARC of Lisa Unger’s Die For You and an ARC of Jaci Burton’s Taken by Sin.

If you’re not on Twitter, how come? Because I also found out on Twitter that Dear Author has My Forbidden Desire as a Recommended Read for June. Woot! Also woot!, MFD made bookscan at 62, which means it’s one of the top 100 romances.

If you all would go buy the book (please!) maybe I could move up the list and hit the top 50.

Name that Heroine!

The Next Paranormal will be about Durian, and his heroine needs a name. Everything is subject to change, but she’s about 26 or so, scrappy, dresses on the punk side, short dark hair with with purple streaks. She might change colors to lime green or something just to tweak Durian. In the proposal, I called her Shelby because for some reason I thought that might work and when I realized it wasn’t going to, it was too late to change it. In chapter one, which I am in the middle of completely rewriting, she is wearing orange high top sneakers.

Here’s the short list of names:

  • Piper
  • Zoe
  • Mischa
  • Pilar
  • Willa
  • Antonia

Mischa is the front runner at the moment, but see below. And now, my request: Got any good ideas for a name? I keep a spreadsheet of cool names and note which ones I’ve used in which books, so here’s an opportunity 1) vote on the list of candidate names and/or 2) help me add to my list and maybe even come up with the name I end up using (if you do, full credit in the acknowledgments) by suggesting your own character names.

A few parameters:

  • Her name can’t start with D since the hero’s name already starts with D.
  • Her name probably shouldn’t start with M either since Maddy is a major secondary character who is likely to get some page time
  • Other starting letters that probably won’t work: K, A and X.
  • ethnic names are completely welcome and probably privileged

Leave your suggestions and votes in the comments. Thank you.


Memoire of a Plot

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Alas poor plot, I knew you well.

But now I’ve kicked you to the curb in favor of a brighter, shinier plot. A better plot. Sorry. But them’s the breaks when you’re at the mercy of a professional writer and panster. It’s not for the faint of heart, but there you have it.

Today, the machete came out. Maybe not the machete, but for sure it was the weed whacker. First, two or three days ago, I had this big but not enormous refinement which was great and good for more words. But right after I was almost done with that, I had a dream about a marriage under dire circumstances and it is just so way awesome a better plot I could hardly stand it.

Oh, new plot! I still get all shivery and excited just thinking about you.

I love you, brighter shinier plot!

But you are a High Maintenance kind of plot.

My New Plot is making me pay

Hence, the hacking and replacing. The new plot required that I change the names of some secondary but main characters, and first I changed it to Cartier because, well, it was half the solution to a crossword puzzle I’ve been working on and so it was on my mind. Only today I realized Ack! that left me with three names that start with C: Camilla, Crosshaven and Cartier.


So I changed that to Brooks becuase, well, confession time here. Meljean Brook’s Demon Night was sitting on the top of a pile of stuff I need to do something with (like just about everything in my room) because I want to keep it since it’s an awesome story, so I thought, hey, I’ll just stick an S on the end of Brook and no one will ever know I stole Meljean’s last name for my heroine’s cousins. Mwahahahah!

But then the fun part was over and I had to pretty much redo chapter 1 and then I ran out of time. I should be in bed already. Only I’m not.

But I’m about to. Thinking about my shiny new High Maintenance Plot that I still love.


What’s in a Name? Not Roses, that’s for sure

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’m working on The List, which I’m thinking of calling The Bride. Or maybe the Philosopher’s Daughter. The List, I’ve decided is a terrible title. For this story.

Speaking of which, I changed my heroine’s last name to Godard because Harris starting bugging me. A lot. Don’t know why. I also changed my hero’s name from Lysander something, Lord Starts-With-F to John Marrack, Lord Foye (Marquess of) Because, as it turns out, Lysander is not the right name for him. I’m not sure about Foye. Sometimes it seems cool and neato and other times it seems lame. Also, I thought he was another pure alpha-dude, but he’s not. Don’t mistake me, he’s Alpha, but in a different way than other heroes I’ve written. I tried to fight it for a while but he kept acting all difficult and pissy so I finally gave up and let him be who he is. Group Hug everybody! and then things settled down and now I have some good ideas about what’s up with him.

And Camilla, the heroine, well, I have some issues with her name because I have a Crosshaven, previously mentioned here as Lord Something which makes two C’s, but I like them both so much! I’ll let that set a bit. Once I let Foye be himself, Camilla defined herself further with an end result of I’m really excited about this story and how I’m starting to see it play out. Big sigh of relief. I’m learning not to be so stubborn with my writing. When it’s bad, don’t let the badness sit around waiting to be rescued by Erato or something like that. She doesn’t care, and there’s actually no god of Historical Romance waiting around to rescue bad writing. Bummer that.

It’s late so I have to get to bed.


Done Gone! Or do I mean Doggone?

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Magellan’s Witch is off to my editor. I’m in a state of whatever right now. Just to give you-all a flavor of what it’s been like, yesterday I decided that I should listen to the nagging voice that kept saying Carolyn, why do all the villains have Latino names? Answer? Because the names sounded cool. Santiago and Magellan. Totally cool names. But, still, that’s one of those things that could be open to bad interpretations. So I decided to change one of my antagonists from Brazilian to Danish. This meant I could make my villain, Magellan, Brazilian! Brilliant! I said to myself. Now all the Portuguese lines can go to him. But that also meant I needed a Danish name.

Lucky me, my sister-in-law is Danish. So I called her up and said, hey, Christina, I need some cool Danish names. Anyone who’s been put on the spot before can guess what happened. She could hardly remember her own name let alone Danish names for men. But my brother got on the internet and we got a quick list put together with Christina’s help. Her brother, it turns out, had the absolute perfect name — Peter Nikalaj. I would have used just Nikalaj, but I couldn’t because my hero is Nikodemus. Rats!! I really liked Rasmus, but Magellan’s first name is Ragos, so that was out. And since I have some quite unusual names, I needed a Danish name that seemed Danish without being TOO Danish. Hans, for example was out. I tried Henrik. Yuk. Did not work. Then I tried Jakob, but cool though it was, it didn’t look right on the pages. So then I tried Iver and that stuck all the way until about two hours ago when I decided my Danish mage had to be Rasmus, and therefore Magellan was getting a new first name. He got Alvaro. So then when I did the search and replace for Iver 244 replacements. Wow, I thought. I had no idea I mentioned him so often. Um. No. Actually, I didn’t. I merely neglected to select Whole Word when I did the replacement which meant for a time words like shiver became shRasmus. Oops. And I didn’t even realize it at first.


But it wasn’t too late and an undo fixed that and Iver became Rasmus and shRasmus went back to shiver. Then I had to reassign the Portuguese lines, only three or four, to Magellan and change my descriptions of Santiago to reflect that he was now Rasmus, the Danish mage. He went from black hair to white-blond hair. And that meant that my lady-fiend, Fen, who had white-blonde hair became a red-head, and that also meant, as it turned out, that her bra became red instead of black. Who knew?

And, also last night as I was falling asleep feeling smug about being done and needing only to transfer my very last edits (right) that damned little voice said, Carolyn, how come you’re not listening when I tell you that you need to take Iskander out of Chapters 27-29 and put in your hero?

Rats. F-you little voice!

So today I also did that, but it was a really fast change and much easier, actually, than deciding on a Danish name for the mage formerly known as Santiago. But that change totally rocked. So then I spell checked everything, and made sure I didn’t have any pages with one word on them or blank and I fought the good fight with Word. Have I maybe mentioned before how much I hate Word? and sent my MS to my editor.

One last little remark — I have Word Perfect set up to convert /N to the word Nikodemus along with several other handy shortcuts, with the odd result that I can do longer spell my hero’s name. And in fact, when I am not in WP, I’ll type /n and sit there wondering why it doesn’t change to Nikodemus.

On to Scandal.