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Nook vs. Kobo

Monday, December 10th, 2012

I was all excited when B&N debuted in the UK. It’s a savvy move that should have taken place sooner. But hey! Now it’s here!

Color me disappointed when I went to my PubIt dashboard for my self-published work and saw the rights choices. You can only pick one:

  • Worldwide
  • US and Canada
  • US only

Well, rats. This means the only way you can get onto B&N UK is if you have Worldwide rights to your book. That means I cannot put Scandal, Indiscreet, Not Wicked Enough or Not Proper Enough on sale there. Berkley has North American rights to those books.

I emailed PubIt and explained how excited I was at being able to get my books onto the UK site and my disappointment at learning Worldwide rights were required. I pointed out that many, many authors are in my situation. They emailed back promptly, but only reiterated the rights limitations I’d already pointed out and did not say a word about whether they intended to remedy the situation.

So, alas, UK readers who buy a Nook, I have 4 books I should be able to sell to you for your Nook, but cannot until B&N wakes up and smells the coffee.


This weekend, I met up with some friends, including writer Rachael Herron who had just bought a Kobo Mini. It was so cute! It was only $79! If you buy it from your local independent, they get a cut of the books you buy!

So, guess what?

I went to my local Indie bookstore where I found the book I wanted to get my mother for her birthday, and I bought a Kobo Mini.

Unlike B&N, I can get all my books on sale at Kobo wherever I have those rights.

But I do have a criticism, and that is that the Kobo search feature is seriously effed up. Really, really messed up. The word “dysfunctional” does not begin to cover it. Wow.

Nevertheless, I plowed through whackadoodle search results and bought some of my books (RESEARCH! But also important technology acquisition) and one or two others not by me. Nice.

Rachael, the crafty woman, had already made her Kobo Mini a pouch– it matched her dress, for eff’s sake. I am not crafty like that. So I put my Kobo Mini in the pouch given to me by author Olivia Gates. So, mine is also hand-made (just not by me) AND it’s from Egypt. It is very stylish.


Lord Ruin is available on Nook

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

OK, NookBook folks! Lord Ruin is now available for your Nook. Lord Ruin on Nook.

I’m definitely going to be setting up a new webpage with some of the things I’ve learned about publishing my backlist. I owe a lot to the authors who have gone before me and so generously shared their knowledge.


My Mood Is Markedly Improved

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Today was a better day. The bar was low, but hey. Yesterday is over. My computer is working as expected. I went to my local RWA meeting today which is always inspiring, and then I met up with someone I met on Twitter along with another friend of mine — who lives near me but who I also met via Twitter. The first person was in town from Minneapolis. We hooked up and went to Chocolatier Blue where we had hot chocolate, bought chocolate and shared a devilishly good ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie cup topped with caramel and chocolate sauce and talked about interesting stuff.

Chocolatier Blue Chocolates

Then I came home and published Lord Ruin to Nook myself. It should be available by tomorrow. I’ll provide a link when it is. Yay!!!

See? Happier post today!