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Indiscreet outside North America

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Indiscreet at What, you thought I meant something else? SOMEBODY has a dirty mind. Besides me. Anyway, it turns out that Berkley only has North American rights to Indiscreet, a 2010 Bookseller’s Best Award winner for Best Short Historical, by the way.

If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, India, South Africa and select other countries, you can buy the eBook of Indiscreet from or from IF you’re from one of the territories where I have rights. I’ve uploaded to Apple as well, but I don’t have a link yet, though if you prefer iBooks, then do look for the book there as well. I’m limited in where I can upload since B&N does not yet sell eBooks outside the US and, to my knowledge, none of the other vendors can accommodate geo-restrictions.

Some reasons to Buy Indiscreet

Some books, some blessed books, grab you with the first page, with language so lyrical and hooked you’re excited to keep reading even before you’re entirely sure what you’re reading, with settings so vivid and intricately described, yet never so vivid and intricately described as the characters.

Indiscreet is one of them. It has the plot of an Italian opera, the theme of a fairy tale, and a writing style as rich, textured and gorgeous as only romances can be.
Gossamer Obsessions

Indiscreet has the perfect balance of intrigue, action, romance and desire to keep the reader hooked from page one to conclusion. Readers will find themselves rooting for Foye and Sabine and hopeful that they can overcome the odds to find the true love they each so deserve. Indiscreet is deliciously sensual and suspenseful in turn, a perfect formula for a wonderful romance novel.
By: Joyce Greenfield,

Indiscreet is a beautifully written, almost epic type romance. The exotic setting adds to the luscious story between these two stoic and breathtaking characters. Edward, at first, comes across as cold and a bit egotistical. Sabine is shown as a woman who seems so lost because of a false indiscretion that has almost ruined her life. When these two enter each other’s world, they are changed forever.
. . .
Carolyn Jewel is one author of the historical romance genre that you can always count on to deliver a book with an amazing story and a romance that will blow you away. Indiscreet is such a book.
Babbling About Books

Ms. Jewel has written a wonderfully emotional story. The characters are interesting and engaging. Their pasts have formed them as they are in this book. The story is packed with adventure and danger. Over every other emotion, the reader will experience the depth of the love between Edward and Sabine. This is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I would highly recommend it to others.
Leanne Davis – Fresh Fiction

There is just so much to admire about Indiscreet, from the restrained but lyrical prose to the depth of the protagonists’ characterizations, to the lovely surprises placed throughout the novel that challenged and shifted my expectations subtly but effectively.
For the reader who wants fresh settings, for the reader who likes traditional Regencies, for the reader who likes character-driven stories, and for the reader who likes adventure and a larger scope in Romance, Indiscreet is a wonderfully satisfying read.
Dear Author

I think that’s just marvelous writing, the kind that makes me want to savor every word. There is such a smoothness to the language here and yet it doesn’t call attention to itself because it directs all of our attention to the characters and what they are feeling. The result is some powerful emotion in the reader.
Also at Dear Author

Jewel places strong, likable characters in a part of the world where they’re challenged at every turn. –Linda Roberts – Romantic Times

But Wait, there’s MORE!

Sadly, the eBook from Berkley has severe formatting issues and is unreadable on many devices. I’ve so far not had any luck getting Berkley to upload a corrected file.

People outside the US are, therefore, in luck. My file should be readable, and if you find it’s not, drop me a line and I’ll get it fixed!

I’ll be working on a POD version and hope to have that available where I have rights as well.