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What’s Up? This!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Here’s What’s Up

Surrender to Ruin is still out for its final final final editorial read. The anthology How to Find a Duke in Ten Days is officially on sale. Readers are really responding to the stories. Mine is The Viscount’s First Kiss. If you haven’t picked up your copy, you should! Click here for my website buy links page.

Other News

I have a reversion for Not Wicked Enough. As soon as I have the reversion letter, my version of the book will be on sale world wide. Until the reversion, Berkley Books had North American rights.

What’s Next

I have several projects in the pipeline, but after a lot of thought I have reordered them. As some of you may know, Hachette Books still has the rights to the first two books in my My Immortals series. They have, to date, stood fast on refusing to revert because of outstanding sublicenses that do not expire until 2021. This severely hampers my ability to properly market the series, and that matters, a lot, to my bottom line. It’s hard to get traction with new readers when I don’t control two of the books, both of which are either no longer in print or very hard to find in print.

Therefore, I have decided to write two “replacement” books that will provide a new series lead-in to books 3-7. They are tentatively titled My Infernal Lover and Blow Back. Once both are done, I’ll have a way to effectively market the series and, hopefully, bring new readers into the series.

That does mean I am pushing back starting the new “Dark Elf” series, which is disappointing, though I am continuing to draft out my vision for for this series. My historical Not Proper Enough will likely revert sometime in the next year. Book 3 in the series remains on my project list.


About Not Proper Enough – In Case You Haven’t Read it Yet

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

In my little corner of the internet, there’s been some discussion about Not Proper Enough and a couple of scenes in the book. The opening chapter of the book is a dream sequence (I know it sounds lame, but I swear it’s not!) in which the hero is, among other things, dreaming about the heroine. Now, it so happens that I saw the cover for Not Proper Enough long before I finished the book. If I recall correctly, I saw the cover very close in time to my seeing the cover of Not Wicked Enough, since they’re by the same artist and in the same style. I know I saw the cover before I’d written the chapter that ended up being chapter 1. (At one point, I think it was chapter 20-ish)

In that dreamy chapter, I was therefore able to describe the cover of the book — because I had the image open on my desktop for reference. This turned out to be a neat way to sidestep the issue of a gorgeous effective cover that is not period-accurate, and I really think it made the chapter even more effective. I’ve done similar things for other books when I’ve seen the cover in time. The original print version of A Darker Crimson is a cover I saw early enough to reference a wonderful cover image in the text. In that case, I did alter an existing scene, but that, too, was a very effective change.

It would be wonderful, I think, if more authors got to see their covers in time to decide whether there’s a good way to echo some aspect in the text, and even more wonderful if authors got covers that were applicable to the text. Often, they’re just not.

The other subject of the Twitter convo is the scene in Not Proper Enough that uses violet ink. Hot. Very hot. So, all I’m saying is, if you haven’t read Not Proper Enough, perhaps you should.

Image of a Twitter Screen Capture


Monster Mailing!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Today, I bought mailers and took all the books that needed to be mailed to the mail store:

100 copies of My Wicked Enemy
10 copies of Not Proper Enough
10 copies (total) of Not Proper Enough and Not Wicked Enough for the RITAs
A miscellaneous other number of books that are embarrassingly late getting mailed.

My local mailing store is awesome because if I didn’t get the right number or kind of shipping materials, they will supply them. They will take care of everything. All I had to do was drop off the books and supplies.


If I owe you a book, it will be on its way soon!


3 Copies of Not Proper Enough Up for Grabs at Writerspace

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I have a guest blog over at Writerspace where I’m giving away 3 copies of Not Proper Enough. Leave a comment to enter!

Right now, your chances are 100% since there are no comments yet!


10 Copies of Not Proper Enough up for grabs at Goodreads!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel

Not Proper Enough

by Carolyn Jewel

Giveaway ends October 23, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win



The Lovely Words

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

What They’re Saying About Midnight Scandals

Each of the three stories takes place around a small home (cue Doyle’s Grange) on a larger estate. As one era passes into the next the elderly couple from the former generation brush paths with the young couple of the next. How is that not prime time catnip? As a well executed concept the home bridges the gaps between the tales, making them stronger collectively than they are alone. As the authors involved in Midnight Scandals are some of the genre’s strongest, this takes us pretty close to perfection.

First up is Carolyn Jewel. Her story of lovers with two unforgivable secrets made me realize I don’t read Carolyn Jewel often enough. (Why don’t I read more Carolyn Jewel?)
It’s My Genre Baby

Places to get Midnight Scandals

What They’re Saying About Not Proper Enough

This was another delicious, detailed, smoldering romance from Carolyn Jewel.
Rogues Under the Covers

OH MY GOODNESS! What an awesome book! I loved every minute of it. Talk about a page turner that I couldn’t put down. First off, the story line was moving and shocking at the same time. Not Proper Enough kept me wanting more. To be honest it would be one of those books to re-read again. That right there says a lot. So, I hope that you all get a chance to check this book out when it comes out. Plus, you all want to know if Fenris is able to change Eugenia’s opinion of him.
The Cutest Blog on the Block

With her engaging, complex characters, knowledge of the era and a sharp ear for dialogue, Jewel creates a nicely written, highly sensual and emotional love story.
RT Magazine

Places to get Not Proper Enough


Not Proper Enough! 5 Copies Available Here!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Today, 10 copies of Not Proper Enough arrived in the mail. That’s right. 10.


I will give away 5 of them here to people who will read the book and post an est review at a favorite vendor,  and/or tell other people about my book.

I’ll be giving away copies at the Risky Regencies (Check my Wednesday August 15 post) and Twitter.

I would give some away directly at Facebook, but they have pretty strict rules about that sort of thing, so FB people, leave a comment here and you’re in.

If you follow me on Twitter, well, follow along!


Void where prohibited. Must be 18 or older to enter. No purchase necessary. Post a comment to this post by Midnight Pacific on Friday August 17, 2012. International OK.

It would be awesome, but not required, to mention your favorite flower or your favorite color of flower. I like orange zinnias. They’re really pretty.

Note: By “honest” review, I mean exactly that. Your review should say what you think about the story.


Not Proper Enough Giveaway!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Berkley is giving away 25 copies of Not Proper Enough at Goodreads!!!

To enter, go here


Contracts and Rights in More Than 140 Characters

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

While I was busy at work and then grocery shopping a discussion arose regarding my historical romances and what’s being published where.

Basically, the more than 140 character version is that my publisher only bought North American rights to my historicals. My agent tried to get them to go for World rights but they weren’t interested. I knew I had the foreign rights. In fact, there was a nice handful of foreign sales by my agent

It was only after I wondered out loud to my agent why Not Wicked Enough was on sale at only in paper and not in digital that I learned that Berkley had North American rights only: essentially, the US and Canada.  That book should not have been on sale in the UK at all. And, as it turns out when it occurred to me that I ought to check, the same was true for Scandal and Indiscreet.

So, hoo-yah! Kind of late. I self-published Scandal, Indiscreet and Not Wicked Enough in all the territories where I have rights, including the UK. I will do the same for Not Proper Enough when it releases this September.

I’m still waiting for an accounting of what I am owed for books sold in countries where my publisher did not have rights.

The odd thing is that originally, it was very disappointing that we were unable to get my publisher to buy World Rights. They just weren’t interested. Things are changing fast in the publishing business. Speaking only for myself, I’m glad to have those other rights. And, in fact, I was quite disappointed when my publisher agreed to reprint Indiscreet rather than revert the rights to me. Scandal was/is still in print.


Two ARCs of Not Proper Enough

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I have two ARCS of my September historical, Not Proper Enough, to give away to two people who would like to review the book. This is an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) which means the final corrections aren’t in (but it was pretty clean as these things go), there’s no pretty cover, although it is purple. You are only obligated to give an honest review. That’s it.


No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 or older to enter.

Leave a comment to this post by midnight Pacific, June 6th, 2012. I will choose a winner at random.

You should also mention if there’s a vegetable you really hate. And why, because that would be interesting data.

For example, I hate cooked carrots. My mother used to cook them in milk until they were reduced to bits of carrot shaped mush. The dog wouldn’t even eat them and our dog ate everything.