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Slight Progress Is Made

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I worked on my outline today. I’ve ditched some silly ideas and replaced them with less silly ones. The story shifted a bit, which is good. I have 15-16 scenes blocked out, all fairly vague of course, and I added a new character. Lord Whatever. That’s what I’m calling him for now because, well, this is an Historical Romance and besides I still haven’t settled on a title for the hero, except that it probably starts with F.

At one point, all I knew was something had to happen in order to make my hero propose in the next chapter. So that’s what I wrote in the outline. Something happens to make LS propose in the next chapter. LS stands for Lysander Something since I’m pretty sure his name is Lysander and clueless for now about his last name. And his title starting with F. I changed the heroine’s last name from Harrison to Harris. Because Harrison was just all wrong.

And that is progress.

The scenes in my head are getting clearer. I believe Lord Whatever (LW!) is going to make them even clearer. Good Lord!

And with that awful joke, here’s a picture.
Pink And Yellow Rosebud

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Off to bed.


Well I started something all right

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Oh my good golly. It’s been something the last few days.


Right. Monday is a total blur. Number one it was a Monday and that’s hard enough. But I’m doing my grocery shopping on a Not-Sunday so as to preserve Sundays for non-drudgery stuff. That part of the plan worked brilliantly. So, I went shopping after work Monday and got 3 homework related calls while doing this. Got home, dealt with the homework situation and then someone says, Say, isn’t today the [insert REALLY important meeting]? Long story short, yes. It was. In 30 minutes. So I cooked a pizza, sliced it up, left the kid to fend for himself and was at the meeting 15 minutes later. Got home fagged, but the Fudgester wanted to play and so we went out and I threw a stick for him. Blogger wouldn’t post my blog, so I left it in draft.

Yesterday is a blur, too. Some stuff happened which I can’t remember what it was only it was busy stuff. Then at 9:30 pm the darling child remembers important homework. I did get Monday’s blog posted.

Today is becoming a blur. The DC calls me at 2:15 to tell me he’d forgotten he was getting a ride to soccer practice with someone else and was on the bus home instead and calling from a friend’s phone because he’d left his at home EVEN THOUGH I called him at 7:00 am to remind him it was on the charger in my room…. I had to leave work early in order to get him to soccer practice 15 minutes late. Then we got home just in time to leave for his Jr. High Open house at which his French class sang a French song. They were very charming. Got home from that and now after a bit, I’m here doing this. It was so freaking hot today I took a shower when I finally got home.

In reading news, I finished Lisa Kleypas’s Sugar Daddy which was fantastic except maybe the ending wasn’t strong enough for how fantastic the rest of the book was. But still a big thumbs up. I also finished Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues which was brilliant and his fiction debut. I will buy more of his books soon. This weekend if I make it past Friday.

In writing news, I did officially start notebooking the next historical. The heroine’s name is Camilla, I think. And the hero’s name is Lysander, I think. Nobody has a last name or title yet. But the idea has fleshed itself out in my head over the last week or so of down time and now it’s ready to get fleshed out on paper. I’m pretty sure what chapter one needs to be.