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Upcoming Releases

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

I’m going through all my books and sending them out for reformatting by someone who isn’t me because I’ve decided it’s not a good use of my time. The changes will be exceedingly minor — basically just the formatting. I’ve got some pretty custom dingbats for the interiors and a nifty newsletter icon to include in my books.

In the next two months I’ll be releasing two historical romance novellas that previously appeared in anthologies and uploading new files for the two novellas already on sale. All four will have print versions. In addition, I had all four re-edited/copy-edited/proofed so they’re consistent as to punctuation etc. There are no changes to the stories, but they all went through slightly different editorial processes and I wanted to make sure everything was consistent.

I’m planning a boxed set of these, to be priced competitively compared to purchasing all four individually.

The four novellas are below.

A Seduction in Winter – April 2016

Pretty Regency Lady against a dark blue wintery background

A Seduction in Winter

An Unsuitable Duchess – March 2016

Regency Lady with reddish hair gazing pensively at a fan

An Unsuitable Duchess

In The Duke’s Arms

Regency Couple. Woman's dress is falling off. Man in open necked shirt and breeches. Shennanigans.

In The Duke’s Arms

One Starlit Night

Pretty Regency Lady in a dress that is unfastened down the back. She's not wearing proper undergarments and she's outside with stars.

One Starlit Night