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Rounding out The Week, plus a request

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I don ‘t know whether I’m more excited about Christmas or the fact that I have two days off and therefore Wednesday (tomorrow, as I write this) is a Friday equivalent. I realize that is pathetic, but that’s how things are rolling here. Tomorrow I have to get up at 4:15 am, but not again until Monday. Bliss.

Am revising something but staying on track plotwise with The Next Historical, although panic is sneaking up on me. Or breathing down my neck more like. I also have another thing to get ready to go out the door which I will do . . . uh . . . soon. Really soon. It is an erotic thing and provided I pull it off (no laughing!) I should have a link for brave souls sometime next week.


I am putting off mailing prizes until after the Christmas Holiday maddness, OK? Things should go out Monday.

Request (Puppy Eyes)

I have to write this article in re True Blood and it involves this: Shortlist: Celebs I would Date and if you have some time, it would be awesome if you could check out the list I made, vote, maybe comment and let me know, if you are so moved, what you thought.

And now I’m off to write fiction words.


Well, since I’m up late anyway…

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Had a day job thing to attend to tonight. Finally that’s done. I’m working on the galleys for My Forbidden Desire. This weekend I need to finish the synopsis I’m writing for the story to follow MFD. I may write up a second one, too. Maybe if there’s time.

Last night I finished Suzanne Brockmann’s Dark of Night and I get to say I told you so! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and yes, La Grande SB did indeed pull off her Decker/Dave controversy. I am completely and utterly satisfied with the way things came out, which I won’t mention here since I’m sure there are many people who haven’t read it yet.

My son didn’t have any school Thursday and Friday. He is competent enough to feed himself; he can get himself a bowl of cereal or cook some eggs or soup — any number of things to stave off starvation. There is, therefore, no reason for the following exchange we had when I got home from work on Thursday:

Me: Have you had anything to eat today? (Because I know my son)

Soccer Boy: No. I’m starving.

Me: Nothing at all?

Soccer Boy: Well, I had some Pringles.

Me: Pringles? That’s it? Why didn’t you make yourself some eggs or have cereal or toast or something?

Soccer Boy: I don’t know. By the way, we’re out of Pringles.


And now I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow: Synopsis Heck.