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Gagdet Girl Writer: Pebble Watch

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

I’ve decided to do the occasional technology review blog as a sort of regular feature here. By regular I mean, more often than never. I actually have two topics I want to blog about, but I’ll do them separately. Moar fun for you!

Pebble Watch

Here’s a link to their website in case you want to get oriented.

I tried to get a picture of me wearing the watch but all of them came out awful. This one gives you an idea of what it looks like.

A rectangular watch with a red frame


It costs $150.00 which is not that unreasonable for a watch, but also more than a feature-laden digital watch. They come in other colors, and I was tempted by orange, but I got red. Because. It is a large watch, but not clunky. I think it’s a nice compromise between being big enough to do stuff and small enough not to look dorky. However, the watch makes a statement, on account of size alone. Personally, I like the way it looks. It comes with multiple time display styles, by the way. The one you see in the picture just happens to be my favorite at the moment.

What does it do?

It has an eInk display and it syncs with your smart phone via bluetooth. Why is this neat? Read on. I should mention, though, what it does not do. You cannot take phone calls on it. You cannot tweet from it. Both of those things would really have to be voice or one touch screen activated if you didn’t want to run the risk of killing yourself through inattention to the world around you. The screen is not active.

Here’s a few things it does: It can receive and display notices that go to your phone. Incoming calls, missed calls, texts, tweets, apps. Yes, you can tell it which apps to sync with in case you don’t want to see tweets on your watch or what have you.

Like a lot of smart apps these days, there are useful things about this that do not occur to you when you don’t have it. For example, unlike other watches, this is software driven. Just because the Pebble doesn’t do something now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.

Things my other watch does

For years, I’ve been buying digital watches because they have features I find more helpful than fashion. Here’s a list of some of the features I don’t want to give up:

  1. Multiple alarms that I can set for weekdays, daily, weekends, or off.
  2. Timer
  3. Stopwatch
  4. Portability

Multiple alarms? I love that about my Casio. I love that I can set the alarm for work and not have to remember to turn it off for weekends. I love that I can have a separate daily alarm to remind me to put the chickens up and another for when it’s time to stop at the day job when I’m working from home. I love that I can turn off an alarm when I know I want it in future, but not today, or for a stretch of days.

The timer, for example, keeps me from burning stuff in the kitchen. I’ll get the coffee going and then wander off and get lost in chapter 1…. Yeah. Saves me ALL the time.

Stopwatch. I do exercise.

Portability. It’s on my wrist! When the timer goes off, I’m right there to hear it!

How does the Pebble stack up with these needs?
[table id=2 /]

As you can see, it’s a mixed bag. I could muddle along doing other things for alarms, but that would be not so great. The lack of a timer is enough that I can’t see myself entirely switching. I’m hoping there’s functionality I can add to get a timer feature.


This watch syncs with my phone. That means the time is correct and that I can’t accidentally reset it (which happens with the Casio from time to time). It syncs with runkeeper, a handy app for tracking exercise that moves across space. (Runkeeper would not be so useful for a treadmill, I don’t think, or a stationary bike — but hey, it’s RUNkeeper.) This is awesome because you can just glance at your watch and see a bunch of stuff related to your workout, including a heart monitor, if you have one. That’s a win for me.

So far I LIKE the text on the watch feature. A lot. In fact, I was driving when I got a text and all I had to do was glance at the watch which was right there on my wrist. Nice.

I like that I don’t have to dig out my phone to see why it’s pinging.

A Few Other Things

You have to charge the watch occasionally. Oh well. It’s software and that means things can stop working. I find Bluetooth (this is a general statement) pretty frustrating because it sometimes it decide, well eff you, I’m not connecting to anything any more.

I never have to wonder if I need to reboot my Casio.


Color display. Sorry but as a consumer, color is cooler. I totally get why it’s not, and the eInk display means I can see what it says inside or outside. Yeah, whatever. I want that for eInk Kindles, too.

Sum Up

I like the watch. It’s better looking than my Casio, but doesn’t have all the features I would like. I am, however, going to search for a timer feature and see if anyone is working on better, more flexible alarms. The neat thing is, that unlike the Casio, which has the features it came with and that’s it, the Pebble can be updated.

Overall, a win.