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More Reading!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I’m reading Jessica Anderson’s Night Keepers which for about 2 pages I wasn’t sure about, and then there was some just wonderful language, and things tightened up and it’s really really good so far. It’s nice when you can relax into a book because you know that author has it under control.

I’m slowly, for some reason, working my way to the end of the Train Wreck book. Much eye-rolling as things continue to get stupider and stupider. The heroine has her TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) moment. But what I need now is a phrase to describe the hero who is Too Emotionally Blocked To Be Allowed Out In Public. Maybe that’s it: TEBTBAOIP. What do you think?

Authors who allow their characters to do things like this in service of the plot really need to be taken out back and spoken to sternly. I’m wondering if this is the downside of the Plot-Driven book. Characters do idiotic things or behave idiotically because, um, otherwise there’s no more story? Dunno. But it’s irritating and I’m feeling dirty for rubbernecking.

Back to reading Golden Heart entries.


Slight Progress Is Made

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I worked on my outline today. I’ve ditched some silly ideas and replaced them with less silly ones. The story shifted a bit, which is good. I have 15-16 scenes blocked out, all fairly vague of course, and I added a new character. Lord Whatever. That’s what I’m calling him for now because, well, this is an Historical Romance and besides I still haven’t settled on a title for the hero, except that it probably starts with F.

At one point, all I knew was something had to happen in order to make my hero propose in the next chapter. So that’s what I wrote in the outline. Something happens to make LS propose in the next chapter. LS stands for Lysander Something since I’m pretty sure his name is Lysander and clueless for now about his last name. And his title starting with F. I changed the heroine’s last name from Harrison to Harris. Because Harrison was just all wrong.

And that is progress.

The scenes in my head are getting clearer. I believe Lord Whatever (LW!) is going to make them even clearer. Good Lord!

And with that awful joke, here’s a picture.
Pink And Yellow Rosebud

If you like pictures of flowers, here’s my Flickr Stream

Off to bed.



Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Didn’t get much done today. At least not yet. Stuff going on etc that’s distracting me a bit. I struggled with Xia today so I decided to start reading from the beginning in order to get a check on where I am with this. Are things hanging together? Are there small tweaks doing big things? Stuff like that. The answer seems to be yes, more or less. So, back to it. Sigh

But Xia ia gratifyingly bad in the opening chapter, and I fixed it starting out more boring than it should have. Hopefully I fixed it enough. I have 15 chapters so far. I hope to exceed 30K today. That would be good.


Despite Everything, Progress Has been Made

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I have a little over 23K words on Xia. That’s nice. But I’m freaking over my tight deadline. Given that you’d think I’d be working even more frantically, but that’s just not going to work. For me, writing without a clue leads to Delete-Key-itis. I need some tiny clue, so that I can then do the exact opposite.

Oh well. I’m tired and so’s the dog. Bed is calling to me.


My Cup of Tea

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

My son’s school did this fund-raising thing that involves holding parents up at guilt-point and forcing them to buy stuff that costs too much for what you get. (sarcasm alert) But the kids get prizes!! — that are broken five minutes later or else unusable straight from the plastic bag (which is NOT a toy, by the way) and (sarcasm over) now I have to report on one of my purchases. It’s a visual report, too. Grin.

I bought this coffee mug, see, but the surface is a chalkboard. So if the cheap chalk that comes with it was any good, you could write stuff on it over and over. Like this:

I am not a rat-- Banallt - written in chalk on a coffee mug
Yes, you are-- Sophie - written in chalk on a coffee mug

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to read, but I wrote I am not a rat — Banallt on one side and Yes, you are — Sophie on the other because that’s the essence of my hero and heroine in Scandal. Or you could write other stuff. Which I’ll do tomorrow. It’s kind of fun.

In writing news, even though the above qualifies as writing news, Scandal is going almost all right. I’ve fought my way through several chapters, reordered several more and am reasonably pleased with the result. I wrote two new ones, which was good because I deleted a bunch of crap, too. Now I’m closing in on the ending. I’m hoping that by next week sometime I’ll have a crappy but complete draft and a month to tear it apart and put it back together. It’s funny how I always have an ending in mind but it keeps slipping away; like a wave, it’s there, and then it’s gone and I keep trying to pin it in place and I just can’t. Then somewhere around 60 or 70 thousand words I realize that the ending of my story is actually in the "middle" (those are air quotes, by the way) and all the time I’ve been spending stressing over the fact the my middle is moving further and further away from the actual middle just means the "middle" is actually more like the end. Which is what happened with Scandal two days ago. My outline had an ending blocked out, a good thing because it gave me a direction, but the book would have to be 175,000 words in order to get there. And then I realized I’d already written everything but the end, which was just at a different place than I thought. And it’s a gosh-darned relief, too.

Back to work.