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Back from ComicCon

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

So, how was ComiCon, you ask? If humanly possible, I’m going back next year for the whole thing and I’m bringing my son and nephew and one or both of my bothers.

My wonderful publisher, Hachette Book Group (Grand Central Publishing) came up with a badge for me so I could attend Friday and sign the copies of My Forbidden Desire they were giving away. I flew down and back on Friday, which is doable because it’s only an hour flight from here.

Huge thank you to Nick Small of Hachette who came out to give me my badge, escort me to the booth and help get me set up and ready to sign. I’m also glad that was at 9:00 am before the con was officially open, because after that — madhouse.

The signing was FUN and my gosh the books were just gone as fast as I could sign them. Everyone was so nice and friendly. It didn’t hurt that a Twilight give away was about to start, too. Hachette Books, in case you didn’t know, also publishes Stephanie Meyer.

Now, who doesn’t love free books, right? But good golly, there were a lot of people who were excited to meet me (yes, me!) because they had read my books and loved them or who had orders from others to get my book. There were a number of people who read the back of the book and were pretty excited about reading it. PLUS! I remembered to bring bookmarks for My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire so everyone got bookmarks, too. The extras were gone pretty quickly, too. So, authors, if you sign at ComiCon, bring LOTS of bookmarks. If I’d brought a thousand of each, I think they would have disappeared. Frankly, I think if I’d brought thousands of each they’d have been picked up.

I love talking about books and Hachette had some of my favs out there, including Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper which I think is just a really excellent book so I couldn’t help pimping that a bit.

After the signing, I took a bit to breathe and then I wandered around the exhibit hall, which let me let you is a lot of walking. There’s a great mix of commercial/corporate stuff — glitz! Glamor! Big displays!! and small presses, artists, comics… just really astounding. I wish I knew more about the comics biz because there were artists there drawing stuff and selling their artwork and I’m a doofus over artwork.

Then I decided to attend a few panels only I didn’t have a schedule thingee and I’m ashamed to confess that I also didn’t know who anyone who anyone was, so I just picked a few. I hit paydirt on my first one. Artist David Yardin gave a great talk on creating a comic book cover. Here’s his portfolio

What I loved about his talk, aside from the gorgeous artwork, was his story about how he got into the business. It’s instructive to writers, too. He’s from Australia, which doesn’t have the professional Comics industry the US does but he knew his work was pretty close to professional level. He was getting great feedback but he knew he needed to get himself to the next level. What he did was search out advice and (hugely paraphrasing here, and making observations David did not) since professionals get excited about talented people and want to help them, David did find just such a professional. He worked on his craft with this man (whose name I know I should have recognized but didn’t, sorry). He studied hard. Really, really hard. And he internalized what he was being taught and applied that to his work. He said he spent hours and hours just drawing arms, for example.

What was clear is that David wasn’t just passionate. He wanted to learn. Or more appropriately, even though he knew he was good, he knew he needed to be even better. And he made it happen. That’s a lesson for writers too. Don’t just complain about how hard it is to get published. Study your craft intensely and always be working to get better.

After that session I got in this astoundingly long line for someone named R. Rodriguez who I figured must be a big deal on account of the long line. (Ducking!!) Yeah. Director Robert Rodriguez who started out with his hit El Mariachi which he made for $8,000 in two weeks because he had to give the camera back in two weeks. Then he went on to make movies you might have heard of, like Spy Kids and Grindhouse and lots of others. He was really funny and told a lot of amusing stories.

I popped in on a couple more sessions and wandered around a lot. I tried to find Marjorie M. Liu’s signing but my lack of a program guide and my general inability to tell right from left meant I wandered around aimlessly and with my luck probably passed her twice without seeing her.

There are lots of ComiCon attendees who dress up. I saw lots of Klingons, several Wonder Women, Spiderman, Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers and lots of others as well as costumes I was unable to identify. Some of the costumes, male and female, were uhm, ill advised, in my opinion but ultimately, it’s all about having fun and everyone was having fun.


Book Trailer for My Forbidden Desire!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Here it is! Please let me know what you think. One person has said she had trouble with the audio so I’m interested to know if anyone else has the same issue.

Is everyone else looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?


First the status post

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I fail to understand how I can be NOT on deadline and actually feel like I’m busier and more stressed out than when I am. And yet, this is so. Possibly it’s because I’m no longer ignoring all the stuff I shouldn’t really ignore.


I think there’s something to be said for ignorance.

I found someone to re-do my website and I’m ponying up enough of the green stuff that this time it will be done without me needing to go in and fix (or ignore) stuff that isn’t right under the hood. A timely decision (not really) because my agent just told me I need to carefully differentiate my historicals from my paranormals on my website and blog. Ah, I was able to say to her, I’m having my website redone in the next month or so. The reason I said the decision was "not really" timely is that I started my search and query of designers back in October. I just don’t have the time to fix things anymore. Just don’t.

I took all my 2008 tax receipts out of the tax receipt box and stuffed them in a big old envelope which is now on my desk guilting me about not having put them in excel yet. I will I will!!

Paid bills. Some big ones. urk.

Wrote two (2) synopses in fewer than 10 days. Gack! Waiting to hear back from my agent on them as they will surely need revisions before they get sent off to NY.

Waded though masses of emails because of my bookmarks ending up on freebie sites. 833 requests which I am starting to deal with now (see below). A really, really surprising number mention they are book fans. Hey. Maybe I’ll sell a few books. Got my first request from Russia. I won’t be really excited until someone from China wants one. The Baidu bot crawls my site but I don’t know if I make it past the Great Firewall or not. Maybe I can get Marjorie M. Liu to check for me next time she’s there.

Waded through another mass of emails from my newsletter announcement that Scandal is officially out. I am giving away some books to subscribers only. A LOT of people opened that email. Not very many unsubscribes. I thought there’d be more from people who only signed up because of a previous contest. I’m glad to see them drop off. I only want people who love me on my newsletter list.

Organized more emails about my Critique Contest which is open to anyone. Leave a comment in the post below if you’re interested.

Got my Scandal bookmarks approved and ordered. They should be here shortly. Which means no more ignoring 833 emails about bookmarks. I decided to hold them until I had the Scandal bookmarks.

I did other stuff, too, but it’s way more boring than the stuff I already bored you with.

You’re getting off easy. I, however, did not.


Booktrailer for Scandal

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Here it is!


Brain Dead. Rats.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I had this totally amusing post to write but first I had to do a bazillion other things like try to stay on top of the bookmark requests. This weekend I will prep a bunch for mailing unless I decide to hold them until I get my bookmarks for Scandal and My Forbidden Desire. I emailed all the new people who didn’t provide a name and address, too.

Then someone sent me a 10 GB file three times only I don’t have broadband. I refuse to count satellite as broadband. It’s not nano-band like dial up but it’s still narrrow-band. My internet choked for quite a while. Urk. Then I had to send out an announcement for Scandal for the Regency Reader since they’re doing February releases and since I needed to include the cover art that was a big attachment going upstream. I also had to view the revised book trailer for Scandal which I think rocks but I had to send it Megan F for outside opinion. Another big attachment going out.

After that I had to completely rewrite my "Proposal Blurbs" which my agent wants to send on to my editor before Friday. I did a complete re-do. Complete. I kept the names. That’s it. But I got all three done with relatively low pain once I remembered that should I get to write these books, I’m not likely to stick with those plots. On the other hand, I found it was remarkably useful to write them as I am now much more focused on the central conflicts, and from there, my friends, even Carolyn can write a novel. Blurbs have been sent.

In between all that I had to feed the dog, spend some time with Soccer Boy, feed him dinner (gnocchi and sausage), show him how to back up his iPhone, uninstall crapware from his computer, report my Golden Heart scores to RWA and do laundry.

Also, I went through my stack of RWA books and found I have duplicates of duplicates. I feel a contest coming on.

That’s why I forgot the amusing topic for tonight’s blog.

Now to bed.



Monday, January 12th, 2009

This weekend I was in Lemoore California for a soccer tournament. 6 hours to get there with Friday traffic and a stop for dinner. 5 hours to get back on Sunday. Thank goodness I wasn’t driving. The woman I drove down with is in a book club and my main job, aside from monitoring the GPS and the boys in the back seat, was to talk to her about books so that she stayed alert. No problem! I can blab about books all day. Six hours of book blabbing was no big deal.

Through the magic of my iPhone, I was able to check email pretty much whenever I felt like it. On Saturday I started getting email requests for bookmarks. Cool, I said to myself. A bit later, it wasn’t really a few, it was over a hundred. As it stands right now there are 360. DON’T do the math. It’s deductible I tell myself. A fair number actually checked out my website and even said they liked my books. Are they all lying? I don’t know why they would. I spent quite a while tonight going through and emailing the people who neglected to include a name and/or address.

The thing is, a bit of Googleing reveals that some people are doing more than emailing for the bookmark. They are checking me out. (waving!!!) and thinking about me and my books. (Yes, Carolyn Jewel’s books rock, you should read them!! Feel free to use your bookmark in my books when opportunity arises.)

My bookmarks are, of course, all purpose and can be used in any book. If you’re a ninja you could probably take someone out with one, though I must say, I consider that an unauthorized and unwise use of a bookmark.

The next best part is the origins: most from the US as you’d expect. But also, Jordan, Spain, Lithuania, Malaysia, India, the UK and Canada. I get a kick out of sending bookmarks overseas. Once, I sent some to Nigeria.

In writing news, I have to work on the paranormal blurbs. But my agent has given me detailed feedback so I have to go write better blurbs for books I won’t ever write — meaning before anyone panics, that what I do write won’t resemble whatever blurb I write.

I have some other writing-related reading to do, too. I’m not ignoring you, Megan! I’ve been emailing all freaking night!

While I was traveling or not watching soccer, I finished Jessica Anderson’s Nightkeepers which I really enjoyed. Then I started The Earl and His Butler in Constantinople which isn’t fiction. It’s pretty interesting. I wish it had come sooner, though. Now I’m reading Diana Holquist’s Sexiest Man Alive which is really cute so far.

Off to read stuff and whatever.


Carolyn Good Faker

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Yesterday was a very good day. And today, why, it’s Friday, so that’s 2 good days in a row. Yowza! Today, I worked and worked on Chapter 16 and at the end, I was only up 400 words. Rats. I’m doing the book trailer plunge with this release, and that revealed a wee problem unrelated to the money I’m spending on it.

Of course I had to write a synopsis in order to sell My Wicked Enemy but other than the protagonists’ first names, that synopsis bears no resemblance whatever to the book I actually turned in. I knew that would happen. The whole time during the sale process for this book I knew the synopsis I had to slave over like a dog was written in disappearing ink. I told my agent, when she asked about stupid stuff I put in it, I don’t know! I have to write the book first! None of that stuff is going to actually happen. And yet, I had to provide a synopsis anyway, of some other book from some other universe. They gave me money anyway. Carolyn good faker.

So the problem is the book trailer people want a synopsis. And I only have a fake one. And a book trailer based on a fake synopsis? Bad. Bad indeed. But the next book is due May 1. I did not have time to spend 3-4 days bleeding out my eyeballs to write a synopsis. I paid those dues already, Bub! I am not agonizing over this while I pay them. Oh, no never. That’s just sick and twisted. So I whipped something together, mostly resisted the urge to edit and sent if off with the last round of edits copy of the book.

Which is most of the reason I’m only up 400 words. That means 1600 words tomorrow.

off to bed.