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Today I accosted total strangers

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Long day today. I went to my local RWA chapter meeting which is always enjoyable. After that I went to a book signing at a nearby Borders with several other authors. They didn’t have Shards of Crimson, which was a bummer and kind of worrisome, but A Darker Crimson was there. I sold some books, so that was good. Then we started compiling stacks of everyone’s bookmarks and giving them to people in the store. That brought people to the table, and even generated some sales. And, several of us ended up giving out all our bookmarks, so accosting total strangers is actually a good strategy it seems.

I haven’t gotten any writing done today, but I did manage to reorder my chapters last night after the brainstorming re-org with my prof. I’m trying to decide if I should print out another paper version or do a read through. I’m leaning toward a read through.

And, I’m enjoying MySpace in really unexpected ways. I’ve been able contact some neat people. I’m an art lover and I found an artist, Rachel Tribble whose art I really, really like. I figured there’s no way I could afford anything by her, but when I checked her website, au contraire. I love Cattails and when my tax refund comes in, I may well indulge.

OK. Off to work.