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Say What?

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Melville House blogs this post about Indie books that may, or may not be, bestsellers.

The quarter of sales they site [sic] here is referring to total sales, which gives us no information about the total revenue. Self-published titles are likely to be marked in a lower price range, beginning at ninety-nine cents. So while this is a great campaign to appeal to authors interested in self-publishing, there’s no information for authors about the bottom line.

I’d say that quote is just as problematic as the problem cited.

Except the blogger wonders “A Quarter of What?” when right below is the explanation: “A Quarter of the Top 100 books on Amazon are Indie-published.” I don’t think Amazon was saying that Indie titles are responsible for a quarter of the revenue. Amazon is saying that of the top 100 books on Amazon, 25 of them were Indie published.

She goes on to say this:

So while this is a great campaign to appeal to authors interested in self-publishing, there’s no information for authors about the bottom line.

OK, look, I don’t get why this is so hard for those in traditional publishing to grasp. Maybe it’s because they know the statements they send to authors are pretty close to impenetrable when an author wants to know how she’s doing. But really, when I see my self-published income, I know exactly what the book cost me to put out, and I know the percentage Amazon (and other vendors) are paying me. And guess what? I have no problem figuring out whether I’m making more self-publishing or traditionally publishing.

None at all.


Thank Goodness no Author would Do THIS!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I’m posting this over here since my dyslexia and the captcha over at this post utterly defeated my attempts to comment there.

Go take a look at the comments to this post about tentacle romance over at Heroes and Heartbreakers

Here is the comment I would have posted if I could have:

All I can say is thank goodness authors aren’t the sort to comment on a blog post to flog their own product and then log on several more times pretending to be readers who loved that book. Because that would be a transparently idiotic thing to do. I mean, I’ve heard of that happening– was it at Amazon? I can’t remember, it was some place that sells books, anyway. But that’s all ancient history and authors know by now that almost no one is fooled by that kind of thing because, in this really shocking turn of events, readers are not stupid.

I know! Who knew?

Anyway, good thing no one here did that. Though, I suppose if someone did, we would all know not to buy anything by an author who thinks so little of her audience.


Crazy Writers

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Boy, has this been an interesting week in the world of authors.

1. Goodreads deleting shelves without notice to readers amid what I cannot help but feel is an attempt to make women be nice. Seriously. Isn’t Goodreads really kind of a Reddit for Books? I’m sure most people will think I’m way off here, but I think the underpinnings of what’s going on is rooted in stereotype misogyny.

The mostly male participants over at Reddit? Infamous for threads that skirt legality. Hey, boys will be boys! Also, fuck you.

The mostly female participants at Goodreads? You are not being nice. Stop it. <<Deletion of “mean” content>>

I’m not so happy with GR right now.

2. ANOTHER author accused of plagiarism. Put the two sources side-by-side, as several have done, and, wow.

3. David Gilmore doesn’t teach [about] women writers because the only good ones are men. Fuck you David Gilmore.