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Relaxing is a State of Mind

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Today is my mother’s 80th birthday. Despite some forbidding omens, a wonderful time was had by all. All her children and grandchildren were there along with the spouses. Good friends came and we sat around and talked and told stories and ate good food. Every now and then I’d think Oh, geez, I need to get some work done… and then I’d remember that I didn’t, and I’d relax. It was nice. And, everyone brought presents for her that were perfect and appreciated by all. Very nice.

Today I finished reading Jodi Picault’s Plain Truth which was pretty good. Next is Elizabeth George’s What happened After He Shot her but I’m itching for a really good romance. I have Brockmann’s recent novella, maybe I’ll pick that up first.

Adjustment to the Mac world continues. I had to find an html editor that works. My first choice, Amaya, was quickly abandoned because I couldn’t figure out how to make it reveal source code. The help file didn’t make sense: Check the line at the bottom but the only thing I could find was a toggle between text and XML neither of which showed me anything but the graphic view and I need to chop up the pages for the server side includes. So, forget that. I downloaded a trial of BBedit and got it to show me source code no problem (once I remembered where to look — I’m still getting used to the Mac interface). I looked around a little for Word for the Mac. Ouch. Not cheap. But I have to have a professional word processor.

Tomorrow I have to do some Christmas Shopping. We don’t have a tree up yet so it doesn’t feel real. But shopping time is running out. Mostly stuff for the kids, of course. I’ve been saving all year and have about $700 to spend because every pay day I take all the cash out of my wallet and put it away for Christmas. It adds up.

Last night I dreamed about Xia. My bad boy for the next book. And while I was reading Plain Truth I had some flashes about interesting psychological states for my hero and heroine. I already knew that he hasn’t had sex for a really long time — not intercourse that he wanted to have. I may start working on Xia just because the ideas are there insistently burbling.


Me and Apple

Friday, December 14th, 2007

The switcheroo continues. I’d be in happy heaven with this iMac except for one leetle thing… A decent word processing program. I have NeoOffice, which is Open Office for the Mac. And this other program, a demo, called Nisus Writer Pro. Think of that last program name as being highly ironic. Snort snuffle snark Um. I don’t think any real writers (by which I mean writers who must turn in a properly formatted and paginated MS to a traditional publisher) use this program. NeoOffice has some promise. But I have a low tolerance for bad help files. I’ll probably play with it some more. The thing is, I got comfortable with WordPerfect which, I still maintain, is a superior program. I had everything set up to do exactly what I needed with all the shortcuts I needed. The point being that WP is, in fact, able to do everything: automatically number my pages and chapters. Easily set the line spacing to something appropriate but non-standard (that is, not 2 or 1.5) among many other things.

Yeah, I understand that I need to invest some time in whatever program I end up using, but to be honest, despite my being On Vacation I don’t have much time to invest. I have to get cracking on Xia’s story damn soon. I’ll have to play a bit more with Parallels, but it’s not quite the same as a native program. But I’ll play some more this weekend.

My mom turns 80 tomorrow and we’re having a party for her. And by the way, she in no way acts or looks 80 – I should be so lucky myself when the time comes — I hope. I have to get drinks and a present for her tomorrow morning. Here’s a life tip: when people ask you what you’d like for your birthday or some holiday or whatever, please, for the love of dog! do not say Oh, I don’t want anything… because that just makes the asker feel bad and useless. And possibly irritated. Particularly if you sigh and say this in such a way as to imply that the asker has not guessed what is desired and/or you just sound like you want to be a martyr to your own personal space. Sigh Not that my mother has ever done that. I’m just saying, you know, don’t do that.

In other news, I finished The Reincarnationist and it was pretty good. I felt, in some odd way, that at times it lacked a certain emotional depth. But it was still a good story. Then I started Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union only to discover that it is written in the present tense. For me, the present tense is like fingernails down a chalkboard. I can’t read it. So instead I’m reading Jodi Picault’s Plain and so far it’s really quite good.

Oh, one thing about The Reincarnationist that got me was a scene in which a character is able to easily and without any effort at all lower the bodice of an Edwardian gown and expose the woman’s bare breasts. Um, no. Somebody didn’t research.


Well, now what?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Now that Scandal is done and off to editor-land, I don’t know what to do with myself. OK, I have a few ideas:

  • Christmas shopping
  • Update my website
  • Reading
    1. My Sword Hand is Singing (will finish tonight, awesome so far)
    2. The Reincarnationist by MJ Rose
    3. Plain Truth, by Jodi Picault
    4. A bunch of Lee Child
    5. The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, Michael Chabon
    6. The Immortals series (I’ve got them all, I hope I can find them!)
    7. What Came Before he Shot her, Elizabeth George
    8. And lots more

  • Sleeping
  • Spending time with my family

But first I have to calm down. I’m totally still hyped up.

In two weeks, on to my bad boy Xia.


Sunday Bliss – More or Less

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

At last! I got through the rest of Magellan’s Witch. The read-back caught a lot of typos I probably never would have found on my own. I hit some boring patches and either deleted them or fixed them — I hope. I deleted a chapter, split another in two and changed the POV (point of view) on one of them. This morning I added in the stuff to support my Fantastic Solution To A Nagging Issue. I have about 92,000 words. Which is about where I tend to up up no matter what, give or take a couple thousand. So, now this thing goes out to readers. My wonderful printer that does duplex (on my gosh, I am SO IN LOVE with this feature!!!) saved me a couple hundred sheets of paper when I printed it out for my neighbor who’s a journalist. And how I’m going to get it into Word (can I just say YUCK! here?) and email it to my agent and a writer acquaintance. We’ll see if I get feedback in time, since RWA is right in the middle of this. Rats.

OK, so what do I think about this book? I’m so close it’s hard to say. I’m pretty sure the first 10 chapters totally rock and I’m hoping my work of the last two weeks has gotten the rest to match. I crossed some lines in this book, to which I say, so freaking what? That’s just how this book had to be. My heroine has multiple encounters with characters who are not the hero and I’ll also just put it out there that sometimes the hero is present during those encounters, and he’s not just sitting around on his hands either. And, there’s some inter species shape shifting stuff, too.

I have three more weeks to work on this. I’ll start another read-through tomorrow sometime.

What else? I’m going to relax for what’s left of the day. I’ve done the shopping and I’m going to read and surf the net and maybe play around on MySpace.


What do you mean there’s no email?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

So, I got home today with the darling child and the electricity was out. And stayed out for about an hour and a half at least. Let’s see, no electricity means no water (the well has an electric pump) no laundry (aww) no washing dishes, no turning on the computer, no checking email, no answering email. For the DC, no TV, no wii. So we talked a bit, prepped for a school project he has due and then I read a book for the duration. Talk about roughing it.

You must have guessed by now that the electricity came back on. Would have been nice to read a little longer. I could have read hard pages or notebooked, but I didn’t want to. I’m actually feeling kind of relaxed right now.

I had the MS with me at the gym this morning. Things are smoothing out a bit. But I’d like to get through it once in a short period of time without ripping things to shreds.


Good Day!

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Today I went to my favorite place for breakfast and had my favorite breakfast, did the crossword, walked around and shopped, then got a massage (an hour and half of bliss). I picked up my son from school. He still loves me because I walked into the Game Store the other day to ask my usual question When do you think you’ll get any wii’s? (Usual Answer: we’re not sure, come back tomorrow really early.) But this time they said, We have one. My son’s birthday isn’t for 6 weeks, but of course I got the wii for him. Early. Now I am the greatest Mom ever. I must say, the wii is pretty awesome. It was ridiculouly easy to set up. I think it took five minutes. And the motion sensing is wow. So, my son really loves me. (Awwww).

I messed around on MySpace for a bit, caught up on some emails for a bit, read for a bit. Now I’m doing this. The only thing is I can’t find a book I’m eager to read. But, I did find out that Michael Chabon is going to be in Petaluma on May 19th! Since I bought his latest, I have a card to get me in and my books signed.

Maybe, I might take a look at paper copy for Magellan’s Witch, but I might sort through my TBR for a book that really calls to me…