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Ow! And Yet Strangely Refreshing

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Today I cut 15,524 words from The Next Historical which entailed deleting 5 chapters and moving 4 others. I actually thought I’d have to cut even more, but as I looked at the deadwood, I figured out where some would go instead of to the Valley of the Lost Chapters, which helped solidify the beginning a lot. I think. Hope.

Also, tomorrow I will have a guest blogger, fellow Grand Central Publishing author Jeff Rivera Be on the look out for that!


Sometimes Paranoia is Justified

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The Next Historical is at a tad over 80,000 words. Normally, I’d say that’s more or less done, just polishing left. But as I work my way through the chapters, writing new ones, deleting old ones, fixing the survivors, I feel like I am heading into a dark and very scary place.

There be monsters there.

Monsters in the form of really old chapters that don’t reflect the current story. Which makes me feel like my actual word count is something more like 50,000 which is a panic number. Ack! Ack! Carolyn running around panicking

I continue forward into this unknown country from which this writer may never return, ready to fight monsters with my trusty… er… keyboard, delete, backspace, select-all delete, undo, redo, and

q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m

(but not necessarily in that order, plus there will be lots of repetition of the little buggers, hopefully in new and sparkly combinations)

K. That’s how I’m feeling. And now, for a quickie post of good news. In the next post. Not this one!


That sun done set

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I am finally done revising His Wicked Witch. It took FOREVER to read through for errors. Found some. Fixed a lot of stuff.

I have emailed it to NYC.

Now, to get going on the November book.



The Sun Also Revises

Friday, August 8th, 2008

I revised at lunchtime in the car (because the day job has no lunch room and no conference rooms) then I came home, did stuff that needed to get done, whisked the son off to soccer practice and sat in the car and revised some more. Then I did more stuff that had to get done and now I’m back to revisions as soon as I post this. Well, just checking that I didn’t create any new messes and cleaning up anything else I find.


I’m exhausted because of Acheron and I have to get up at 6:30 or so because my son has a soccer tournament this weekend. Two games Saturday one Sunday, and then, depending on the outcome, possibly a championship game.

Off to revise.


Off to RWA!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I’m pretty much packed except for all the important stuff I forgot. Now just last minute chores so things aren’t gross when I get back on Sunday.

I’m close but no cigar to being done with revisions for His Wicked Witch. I’m taking a print out with me to RWA for a final read through for continuity and egregious errors. Note to self: turn on the printer.

Although My Wicked Enemy isn’t quite officially out, I know it’s shipping from Amazon and that it’s available in stores now. So, w00t!! Go get your copy now!

One more RWA-related comment then I’m off to finish getting ready:

It’s in San Francisco. In July. Of course it’s cold!!

I’ll be blogging and twittering at the conference so see you on line!


Quickie Update

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

I’m sitting here at Starbucks doing day job work. Right now files are transferring and I can’t do anything until that’s done. So here I am!

I’ve finished the copyedits for Scandal. I just have to make copies of the MS then get it into the mail. Now I’m starting in on the revisions for His Wicked Witch

All done with the day job stuff… Bye!


Checking in – Things is Crazy Here

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Just a quick post. As many of you probably know, RWA has its national conference in San Francisco July 30 to August 2. Which is soon. Really soon. (Yay!)

I have the copyedits for Scandal (due date: July 31) Snort. Real drop dead last day: July 28, because I head down there the 29th since the Beau Monde Conference is the 30th.

Today I got the revision letter for His Wicked Witch or whatever it ends up being called. Argh! I’ve only given it a quick glance to make sure I wasn’t being asked to write a completely different book. No. Very good, there!

And, of course there’s the WIP and today I didn’t get a chance to work during lunch because I worked through lunch which means 0 words today. Panic is setting in.

Right so I’m really busy and may not be blogging too much between now and July 29 when I will be blogging and twittering the conference. Hopefully on my iPhone…

For now, I’ll be twittering more reliably than blogging because that’s easier, shorter and faster than blogging. Also you can’t get carried away and keep writing some big old longer than you intended post.

In Carolyn’s perfect world copyedits and revisions are done by July 28.

Wish me luck.

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Done Gone! Or do I mean Doggone?

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Magellan’s Witch is off to my editor. I’m in a state of whatever right now. Just to give you-all a flavor of what it’s been like, yesterday I decided that I should listen to the nagging voice that kept saying Carolyn, why do all the villains have Latino names? Answer? Because the names sounded cool. Santiago and Magellan. Totally cool names. But, still, that’s one of those things that could be open to bad interpretations. So I decided to change one of my antagonists from Brazilian to Danish. This meant I could make my villain, Magellan, Brazilian! Brilliant! I said to myself. Now all the Portuguese lines can go to him. But that also meant I needed a Danish name.

Lucky me, my sister-in-law is Danish. So I called her up and said, hey, Christina, I need some cool Danish names. Anyone who’s been put on the spot before can guess what happened. She could hardly remember her own name let alone Danish names for men. But my brother got on the internet and we got a quick list put together with Christina’s help. Her brother, it turns out, had the absolute perfect name — Peter Nikalaj. I would have used just Nikalaj, but I couldn’t because my hero is Nikodemus. Rats!! I really liked Rasmus, but Magellan’s first name is Ragos, so that was out. And since I have some quite unusual names, I needed a Danish name that seemed Danish without being TOO Danish. Hans, for example was out. I tried Henrik. Yuk. Did not work. Then I tried Jakob, but cool though it was, it didn’t look right on the pages. So then I tried Iver and that stuck all the way until about two hours ago when I decided my Danish mage had to be Rasmus, and therefore Magellan was getting a new first name. He got Alvaro. So then when I did the search and replace for Iver 244 replacements. Wow, I thought. I had no idea I mentioned him so often. Um. No. Actually, I didn’t. I merely neglected to select Whole Word when I did the replacement which meant for a time words like shiver became shRasmus. Oops. And I didn’t even realize it at first.


But it wasn’t too late and an undo fixed that and Iver became Rasmus and shRasmus went back to shiver. Then I had to reassign the Portuguese lines, only three or four, to Magellan and change my descriptions of Santiago to reflect that he was now Rasmus, the Danish mage. He went from black hair to white-blond hair. And that meant that my lady-fiend, Fen, who had white-blonde hair became a red-head, and that also meant, as it turned out, that her bra became red instead of black. Who knew?

And, also last night as I was falling asleep feeling smug about being done and needing only to transfer my very last edits (right) that damned little voice said, Carolyn, how come you’re not listening when I tell you that you need to take Iskander out of Chapters 27-29 and put in your hero?

Rats. F-you little voice!

So today I also did that, but it was a really fast change and much easier, actually, than deciding on a Danish name for the mage formerly known as Santiago. But that change totally rocked. So then I spell checked everything, and made sure I didn’t have any pages with one word on them or blank and I fought the good fight with Word. Have I maybe mentioned before how much I hate Word? and sent my MS to my editor.

One last little remark — I have Word Perfect set up to convert /N to the word Nikodemus along with several other handy shortcuts, with the odd result that I can do longer spell my hero’s name. And in fact, when I am not in WP, I’ll type /n and sit there wondering why it doesn’t change to Nikodemus.

On to Scandal.


All Revised Out

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

I think I’m done with revisions to Magellan’s Witch. I got through it today without anything major. I’ll put in the paper changes tomorrow and send it off. I need to get back to work on Scandal. Yikes.

Got pumpkins today. Carving tomorrow.

To bed now.


Wow, 1,000 posts old Plus Reporting In

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

This is my 1,000th post. All the way from April 2001 to October 2007. That’s six years of blogging. Allow me to step into my Way Back Machine. I was following the always fascinating Dave Winer and he was talking about blogging like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Hmm, I said. I think he’s right. So I tried Radio UserLand, but (sorry Dave) it wasn’t as easy as I needed it to be on the crappy equipment that I had. Full time job, very young child, and I think I was in grad school then, too. Plus the writing. But Blogger (before Google) was dead easy, so I did that and Dave was right. Blogger had some growing pains, but eventually Goolge bought them out and sent all the paid subscribers a free t-shirt AND later when things were NOT smooth a free Google hoodie. And I was extremely cute in my hoodie so all was forgiven.

And now it’s today. 1000 posts later. Lots of writers blog now. Blogging is no big deal, but it’s still fun for me. I like doing it. Happy 1,000th post Writer’s Diary!

OK, reporting in. Somehow I made it through Magellan’s Witch. There were three, make the four really truly ugly chapters. I cut one, rewrote another and wanted to slit my wrists over one just this afternoon, and then there’s the one that I rewrote, and when I re-read it realized I needed to put most of it back the way it was because I’d actually made it worse not to mention totally boring. So for the first time practically ever, I went into my archives and pulled out the previous version and replaced the back 4/5ths with the old version. Today was brutal. Really. I was up until 11:00 last night, slept until 5:30 this morning(no gym, rats! but I needed the coherence of an extra hour’s sleep) then skipped the lunch hour walk for the 3rd day in a row– those poor guys I usually walk with think I hate them— to sit outside by my car to read through MW. Then home to get my son to a soccer scrimmage. I sat in the car and worked… Then my sister picked him up to take him to my brother’s for a birthday party for the twins, and I went home and worked on MW. The bit I thought was dreadful at lunchtime turned out not to be quite so bad. But I got through all the changes and have conformed everything I think. And since I told my editor I would have it to her in a week or so I decided what with discretion being the better part of valor and all, that I can email it Monday morning, thus giving me another weekend. And putting me behinder yet on Scandal. But that’s a panic for another day.