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Stuff! That’s Going On!

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Well. Did you notice that it’s 2015 already? What the?

I’m working on My Immortals 7, which is Kynan and Maddy. I have 21 chapters so far. Everything is in the wrong order at the moment, but that’s actually fully expected. I’ll be doing another Regency novella scheduled for summer, too. After Immortals 7 and the novella, I start work on the Dark Elf story — the world for the story The King’s Dragon, with Mair and Dal Atul.

So. Here is a picture of  a rose I took back in November.


Bronze rose, Honey Dijon by Yours Truly

Honey Dijon by Yours Truly

Allow me to restate. I didn’t take the rose. I took the picture. Just in case you were wondering.


I am NOT panicking, seriously

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Today I made back most of the words I cut after I realized I needed to rewrite chapters 1 and 2. Things are complexifying. But this is the part where I am besieged by deadline panic. Ack!

I turned off Twitter and my email and put some tunes on. I only wasted time once when I went off to listen to Paolo Nutini on YouTube for a while.

Off to bed!

Bonus picture for the heck of it. Roses are red. Blogger squishes the pictures down quite a bit so they don’t look as crisp as the original which you can see here.

Red Rose with Raindrops on it