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Saturday Report

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

The HQ party was a blast. Some young gentlemen attended unexpectedly and I believe they very much enjoyed dancing with 500 women. A tree fell down and had to be ported out of the room in pieces, but I only saw video of that. By then, I was back at the hotel hanging in the bar with historical authors Megan Frampton, Kalen Hughes, Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, Monica McCarty and sexy contemporary author Bella Andre.

A fun time was had and many stories were told involving microwaved lobsters (oh my gosh) human anatomy (!) and the texted phrase go fish urself because I was unable to text something different which I will leave to your imagination other than saying it was known by all to be a joke as I was texting on someone’s behalf and she said something that didn’t involve fish. Also, I confessed my music preferences to Megan who knows everything about music. She says she still likes me.

Then we talked a bunch of smack about — I’m not saying. You shoulda been there.

Also, today I got my tat.


ThursdayFriday RWA

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Beverly Jenkins and Sabrina Jeffries at RWA Literacy Signing July 30, 2008
Beverly Jenkins and Sabrina Jeffries at RWA Literacy Signing July 30, 200

Larissa Ione at GCP Signing, RWA
Larissa Ione at GCP Signing, RWA

Andrea Pickens At GCP Signing
Andrea Pickens At GCP Signing

Jade Lee and Friend Carol snapping pics
Jade Lee and Friend Carol snapping pics

Carolyn Jewel at GCP Signing
Me at GCP Signing


Reporting on RWA Wednesday

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I a bit sad to say I spent most of the Beau Monde conference in my room doing revisions. Then I went to the literacy signing and had a blast. I’ll try to get some pics and video up in a bit.

Then I attended my agent’s swanky agency dinner. Ohh la la! Great food. And it was really nice to meet my agent, too! And then all of a sudden it was midnight and time to go to bed. Did that.

I have not yet witnesses any bad behavior which is a disappointment, but it’s only Thursday morning so there’s yet time.

Off to see if I can find my videos…


RWA – Tuesday

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Got to the Marriott about 1:00 pm and immediately ran into Candace Hern. Hung out reading His Wicked Witch until Megan F arrived and our room was ready. Then we hung out some more and went to dinner. We had ice cream at Ghirardelli with Amanda McCabe, Sabrina Jeffries and some other writers whose full names I will track down tomorrow I hope. The hotel is very nice. Our room is not stinky and all the lights are on. No flashlight necessary.I didn’t realize how many people came on Tuesday before conference.

Tomorrow is the Beau Monde conference. Fun!

Going to bed now.


Off to RWA!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I’m pretty much packed except for all the important stuff I forgot. Now just last minute chores so things aren’t gross when I get back on Sunday.

I’m close but no cigar to being done with revisions for His Wicked Witch. I’m taking a print out with me to RWA for a final read through for continuity and egregious errors. Note to self: turn on the printer.

Although My Wicked Enemy isn’t quite officially out, I know it’s shipping from Amazon and that it’s available in stores now. So, w00t!! Go get your copy now!

One more RWA-related comment then I’m off to finish getting ready:

It’s in San Francisco. In July. Of course it’s cold!!

I’ll be blogging and twittering at the conference so see you on line!


Checking in – Things is Crazy Here

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Just a quick post. As many of you probably know, RWA has its national conference in San Francisco July 30 to August 2. Which is soon. Really soon. (Yay!)

I have the copyedits for Scandal (due date: July 31) Snort. Real drop dead last day: July 28, because I head down there the 29th since the Beau Monde Conference is the 30th.

Today I got the revision letter for His Wicked Witch or whatever it ends up being called. Argh! I’ve only given it a quick glance to make sure I wasn’t being asked to write a completely different book. No. Very good, there!

And, of course there’s the WIP and today I didn’t get a chance to work during lunch because I worked through lunch which means 0 words today. Panic is setting in.

Right so I’m really busy and may not be blogging too much between now and July 29 when I will be blogging and twittering the conference. Hopefully on my iPhone…

For now, I’ll be twittering more reliably than blogging because that’s easier, shorter and faster than blogging. Also you can’t get carried away and keep writing some big old longer than you intended post.

In Carolyn’s perfect world copyedits and revisions are done by July 28.

Wish me luck.

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On Avoidance Behavior and Shopping Aversion

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Avoidance Behavior

Sunday was a tough day writing-wise. Basically, I wrote my characters into a boring place. Now, I knew better than to try to make it un-boring so I left everybody on the stairs because I had no idea what to do with them, and did other stuff so that the old brain wouldn’t realize I was trying to trick it into giving me the answer.

Let’s see. I fiddled around with MySpace and Facebook stuff, but that wasn’t un-writing related enough. So then I read a book for a while. Also not un-writing related enough. I went grocery shopping. Definitely not-writing related, plus I listened to my MP3 player while I shopped. But that didn’t help much. Groceries are expensive and I think I was in sticker shock the whole time. Then I came home with sandwiches and frozen yogurt and yes, the child was up, but he was cranky. Then I started cinnamon rolls after which I had a vague idea that turned out to be stupid so I picked up the dog and walked up and down part of the driveway for a while. Then I came back, stared at the computer, felt a bit panicky and decided to take a nap. Because NAP is just a short word for Avoidance Behavior.

Two seconds after my head hit the pillow I was falling asleep at which time a little voice says Send in George Brooks. He’s a psycho and he’ll make something happen and then I dreamed about this other story I want to finish up. But when I woke up an hour later, I sat down to write and brought out George the psycho and darned if he didn’t get some conflict on the pages to the extent that I met my minimum for the day and knew the next 3 things to happen. One of which I wrote today, far exceeding the minimum, I’ll have you know. Because I was stuck in the car at soccer practice.

Shopping Aversion

People have contacted me in various ways about my clothing dilemma. Thank you every one, and please keep with the advice and links. But I will say that I am now in this odd state of decision paralysis. I have some cute suggestions and I’m afraid to take any of them. I’m paralyzed by my lack of style. What if I only think something looks cute but in reality it’s totally dorky? I was kind of hoping to avoid stores and shop online but I think I’m going to have to hit the stores anyway. I’m going so far beyond my comfort zone here (and the really sad thing is it’s like an inch, not a mile) that I need to see what I’m getting into. I think. Or maybe I should order stuff online– only so late that I can’t return anything and have no choice but to wear this new stuff.

Waaaah!! I just want to put on my plain blue shirt or maybe the plain red shirt and pretend no one can see my feet.

On the other hand, I decided today that I would be okay with painting my toenails and that boots might be a nice shoe choice.

I am so pathetic.


your assistance highly desireable – MAKEOVER TIME!!

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

FACT: The Romance Writers of America (RWA) National Conference takes place in San Francisco at the end of this month.

FACT: It’s best to look nice YET feel comfortable at the same time.

FACT: My day job is so casual for the Systems department that Casual Friday is a dilemma. Benchmark: Wednesday, the CFO was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Birkenstocks.

FACT: I no longer own nice clothes. I have jeans and have not worn a dress or pantyhose in, golly, six or seven years. In the next 6-7 years, this dress and pantyhose thing is unlikely to have changed.

FACT: I loathe shopping.

FACT: I have little to no sense of style. Put me in a store and I will admire pretty things while thinking people who wear stuff like that sure look cool and then I wander over to the casual stuff thinking that looks comfortable. Plus no ironing! There’s a reason all my clothes look the same.

Carolyn has a Plan

The plan is that I will wear jeans but purchase (yes a flaw in the plan as this requires shopping) really really nice tops and some fancy cool shoes that are, miraculously, comfortable.

Read the above facts carefully. Like all plans, there are weaknesses. I’ve identified one right off the bat. Another glaring weakness is that I would be in charge of executing said plan.

Yes, I need help. I need links to pictures of cool tops and fancy shoes. Because if I go shopping on my own I will come home with clothes that look like the boring stuff I have now.

In short, I need help. Your help. Your fashion sense can save an author from going to RWA looking like the CFO of her day job company.

If I have time and anybody takes pity on me, I’ll think of a prize or something.


Thoughts on Freebies

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Today I was at a Microsoft product launch in San Francisco. I now have some idea of what SQL Server 2008 has to offer (a lot it seems) and some expensive software; Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 — latest release candidate (kind of like an ARC), and Windows Vista SP1. All free.

Why give away very, very expensive software? (SQL Server is typically $10-19,000, depending on how you license it. Can be cheaper, but not a wise choice in the Enterprise.) Well, because the kind of people who go to such events are typically the very people who will show their comrades in geekdom the cool stuff they can do. And they will tell their friends they have Vista. Probably a very good investment. It will lead to more sales down the road.

So, writers do have giveaways. But do they do enough, and do they (we) give away the right stuff? I have all these ARCs. Should I be giving them away to readers or reviewers?

All righty, I’m tired because I had to go to SFO and back today. But, then, I was right down the street from the Marriot where RWA will be, and I can tell you, it’s going to be totally awesome there. I remember in NYC, downtown Manhattan was SHUT DOWN over the weekend. DEAD. This will not be the case in San Francisco. That city is hopping with fun stuff to do within easy walking distance.

I managed to get Xia back to 69K even thought I deleted a lot tonight.

off to bed.

Who wants an ARC and what are you willing to do for one? Email me. Or leave a comment.