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Brain Dead. Rats.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I had this totally amusing post to write but first I had to do a bazillion other things like try to stay on top of the bookmark requests. This weekend I will prep a bunch for mailing unless I decide to hold them until I get my bookmarks for Scandal and My Forbidden Desire. I emailed all the new people who didn’t provide a name and address, too.

Then someone sent me a 10 GB file three times only I don’t have broadband. I refuse to count satellite as broadband. It’s not nano-band like dial up but it’s still narrrow-band. My internet choked for quite a while. Urk. Then I had to send out an announcement for Scandal for the Regency Reader since they’re doing February releases and since I needed to include the cover art that was a big attachment going upstream. I also had to view the revised book trailer for Scandal which I think rocks but I had to send it Megan F for outside opinion. Another big attachment going out.

After that I had to completely rewrite my "Proposal Blurbs" which my agent wants to send on to my editor before Friday. I did a complete re-do. Complete. I kept the names. That’s it. But I got all three done with relatively low pain once I remembered that should I get to write these books, I’m not likely to stick with those plots. On the other hand, I found it was remarkably useful to write them as I am now much more focused on the central conflicts, and from there, my friends, even Carolyn can write a novel. Blurbs have been sent.

In between all that I had to feed the dog, spend some time with Soccer Boy, feed him dinner (gnocchi and sausage), show him how to back up his iPhone, uninstall crapware from his computer, report my Golden Heart scores to RWA and do laundry.

Also, I went through my stack of RWA books and found I have duplicates of duplicates. I feel a contest coming on.

That’s why I forgot the amusing topic for tonight’s blog.

Now to bed.


Review for Scandal

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

From Romantic Times

Jewel plays readers’ emotions like a virtuoso, ensuring they will eagerly follow her characters into dramatic, intensely passionate and gripping love stories that will steal your heart and make you beg for more. She grabs you at the first word and never lets go.

Summary: The Earl of Banallt takes pride in his status as a rake, but even a rogue can fall in love, and he does — with his friend’s wife, Sophie Evans.

Unconventional, smart, witty and yet filled with quiet reserve, Sophie takes his breath away. But she won’t fall into his arms even after her husband’s death. Banallt is determined to prove to Sophie he’s a changed man. He no longer thrives on debauchery, but he has no idea of the secrets Sophie hides nor the deep passion he awakens in her and the longing she denies. If she surrenders, Sophie fears she’ll lose her independence and her very soul.

— Kathe Robin

So really, come on. Can you resist? Places to pre-order

Still not sure? Read Chapter 1.


Indiscreet! Scandal! My Forbidden Desire!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

I’ve updated my website with fresh content including the first two chapters of Indiscreet which are, at this point, still subject to revision.

The first chapter is very short so I decided, after some thought, to also include chapter 2 since Chapter 2 depends on Chapter 1 for a great deal of its impact. There is a major reveal in Chapter 2, but not one that directly impacts Foye and Sabine’s story.

Let me know what you think.

There’s also some fresh and new (both and separately!) content for Scandal and My Forbidden Desire. Less for Indiscreet since the cover copy isn’t even final yet and it’s not even available for pre-order yet.


Carolyn Blogs About Reading and Some Other Stuff

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Title Title, Who’s Gotta Title?

First off, The Next Historical (or the book briefly known as Sinful) is now officially entitled Indiscreet. My editor emailed yesterday and said it turns out Berkley has a July 2009 release titled Sinful, and sales didn’t like the second choice title which was A Reputation for Sin, so did we (my agent and I) have any other ideas? My agent, I do believe came up with Indiscreet. So there it is. It has the Sales seal of approval.

Reading Controversy!!

Apparently, Suzanne Brockmann has a prologue posted for her next Troubleshooters book, Dark of Night. The heroine is Sophia and as any fan of Brockmann knows, Sophia is in love with Decker. Well, readers are all atwitter (in the traditional sense) with the possibility that Sophia’s hero will be Dave, not Decker. Some appear to be enraged. One woman opined that there should never be ambiguity about the hero, to which I must say au contraire!!

Personally, I think whoever the hero turns out to be, Brockmann will pull it off. We’ll all be thinking we want to marry Dave or Decker or whoever it is and be glad that Sophia gets her hero.

I also think that the last Troubleshooter book laid some excellent groundwork for Dave or Decker. I think it could go either way, and I don’t care which way (ok, I have a slight preference for Decker, who wouldn’t?) but I know I’ll be entertained and enthralled the entire time either way.

As to the no ambiguity about the hero? By the end of a Romance, there should indeed be no ambiguity over who the hero is. But in the beginning, I disagree with that statement wholeheartedly. In fact, I think a big part of the trouble with a lot of Romances is the very lack of ambiguity.

The only Rule for Romance is the HEA. (Just like the only Rule For Msytery is that there’s a mystery to be solved) That’s it. All the other stuff that gets you there can be anything at all. Anything. And that can mean a hero who isn’t the best candidate for the job at the start.

Off to make sure I’ve pre-ordered my copy…

Carolyn’s Reading List – Partial and in no particular order

  • The Outlander by Gil Adams
  • The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox by Barry Hughart
  • Brain Rules by John Medina
  • Clowngirl by Monica Drake
  • The Crown Road by Ian Banks
  • The Black Arts – a concise history of witchcraft, demonology, astrology, alchemy and other mystical practices throughout the ages by Richard Cavendish
  • The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewksi
  • Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
  • In Cod We Trust, Living the Norwegian Dream by Eric Dregni
  • The truckload of books I brought back from RWA
  • miscellanous other books lurking in the TBR

How about you? Leave a comment so I’m not so lonely here!



Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Sinful AKA The Next Historical, is done. Emailed to my editor.


Tomorrow I’m going to get a pedicure and a massage.

I will resume more regular blogging soon.


Hey, Look at the Pretty Pictures!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Deleted 1500+ words today. Sigh. Still, progress is being made, seriously.

Pics to distract you:

Golden Iris

Even prettier in real life. This is from last May.

A purple Iris


From last April.

Back to work.


Making Progress!

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Still writing, freaking writing.

Also, The Next Historical will, I believe, officially be titled Sinful but that’s not official yet. It is, however, more official than The Next Historical.

Here’s another pic to look at while I’m busy:


Obviously, I have much more practice in order with respect to raindrops on roses. But still. It’s pretty.

Back to work.


Reporting In on Stuff in General

Friday, November 14th, 2008

The Next Historical is picking up steam, which is awesomeness in the nick of time. I’m liking my hero a lot. League play for my son’s soccer team is over (they won league!) which means I have my weekends free again. Less sitting in the car to write. I need them. Now it’s just practices and the occasional scrimmage until the big tournament in January.

Scandal is officially on sale February 3, 2009. And I’ve seem some preliminary indications of good opinions. ARCs arrived Thursday and I’ve started reading through to make sure there’s nothing terribly amiss with the copy. Wow. I was surprised by how strong the story seemed. Lord Ruin has a special place in my heart for being the book where I learned how important it is for me to write from a state of instinct. I am, I’ve come to realize, almost frighteningly analytical. (Stop laughing!!) But I cannot analyze myself into the kind of emotion a story requires. Lord Ruin was the book where I learned to let go.

Interestingly enough, there have been other times in my life when I have been under enormous pressure — the kind where there was not time to analyze. I could only let go. The first time involved geometry. I needed under some rather dire circumstances to calculate an angle so as to end up with a precisely drawn triangle of a certain shape. And I stared at this bit poster board (this was for a court hearing the next day — if I failed I’d probably be fired) and for a moment thought Carolyn, you got a D in geometry in High School. (The only grade I ever got below a B) How in heck are you going to get this triangle correctly drawn? I took a breath and had to let go of my fear and doubt and I swear that I suddenly knew EXACTLY how the formula worked. I got to work and holy heck if it didn’t come out exactly and precisely the way Pythagoras said it did.

The second time also involved a court hearing, with the added bonus that the messenger was waiting for the exhibits which the copy service had just brought to the office incorrectly bound. Miss your filing and you notify the company’s malpractice carrier, and of course we were right at the edge of maybe not enough time for the messenger to get to the courthouse. I looked at the copy guy and said, that’s not how I asked for them to be bound. (All the exhibits had to be bound in one HUGE insanely thick stack, and they had divided them up according to the height of the two-hope top prongs.) And he says I didn’t know how! Well heck, me neither because that was his job. A legal copy service is supposed to know all the tricks. So with my job and the company’s future flashing before my eyes, I let go of the panic, looked at the exhibits and the little fasteners and just knew how to fix it. And did. In the nick of time.

The same thing happened with Lord Ruin I was sitting there knowing that the book currently had spots that were just dry and boring, and I was feeling kind of panicky about that. So I just let go. I just started writing, without caring about what was coming next. I fixed what I was looking at right then.

Oh, long digression there. I need to get cracking! Off to work.


Catching up is hard to do

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Good news! We got our Internet back Saturday night. Major kudos to Wildblue Satellite engineer Peter Pigeon, who arrived at 7:00pm and stayed until everything wrong was fixed. He said he’d come and he did. And he came with everything he needed to make things right. It’s just too bad that the companies they outsource to were liars and incompetents and basically didn’t care at all about Wildblue’s actual customers.

Ah. You Tube, how I missed you. No new AuthorTalk vids but I watched the man-slave episode a few times, and then some others because I way needed the laughs. And then Jill Monroe actually friended me on Facebook. Squeeee!! And then she even messaged me! We are now BFF forever, I can feel it.

Anyway, yesterday, the page proofs for Scandal arrived and since there was no soccer, I was able to get through the entire book in a day and return the fixes.

Of course that meant I wasn’t working on The Next Historical but I did get some stuff done last night. Today there was soccer so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. And, as it happens, I ended up cutting more than I wrote. But the dreck needs to go and that’s what happened. Tomorrow, I think I need to whack a whole chapter or else figure out where it needs to go. Right now it’s totally in the wrong place. But I’m up to chapter 16 in this unbelievably slow process of fixing stuff. Painfully, painfully slow.

I’m anxious to get to the back half of the book which is good because I’m finally feeling my hero and heroine the way I need to. The emotional points are starting to pull together. And I know what I need to do. What I don’t know is how many existing chapters need to bite the dust. I suspect a lot of them. Way a lot.

Anyhow, tomorrow I am doing the day job from home because they sprang for a wireless card with decent enough speed to actually work from home. Satellite is way not fast enough. So, we’ll see. My son doesn’t have school tomorrow, but he’s catching up on 10 days of no World of Warcraft, so I don’t expect he’ll be out of bed much before noon. I will be getting up at the usual time but without the driving to work bit, I should be done with the EDJ by 2:00 or so.

We shall see. Wish me luck.


Golly. Things are Busy

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Just a quick post to warn you posting here may be infrequent for a bit. I’ll post when I can since I don’t want to cause the six of you Carolyn withdrawals or anything.

My Forbidden Desire needed some smoothing out of the edits and I’ve been doing those since Monday. I finished up today and sent it off for Megan F to read before I send it back. That means two and a half days without working on The Next Historical and a few more coming since I want to do a complete read-through of MFD just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So now I have to pick up the pace on TNH once this interlude is over.

Meanwhile, I have preliminary back cover copy for MFD which I will share when it’s final. And I saw the cover today. My agent said, It’s smoking hot! and when I showed it to my sister she said, ooh! in that kind of surprised and awed voice women get when they see a hot cover or, say, some hunky construction guy using a shovel right in front of you at Trader Joe’s. (If you were following me on Twitter you would know all about the awesomely gorgeous Construction Guy. I think I need more Greek yogurt….)

Anyway, it’s deadline heck around here. Wish me luck.