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Alphas Unleashed: Pre-Order Your Copy

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Alphas Unleashed, an anthology of smoking hot SciFi and paranormal romance, is showing up for pre-order at various vendors. Yay! For those of you so inclined, a pre-order is an awesome thing. You’ll be able to read the anthology right away.

I’ll update this post as additional links become available.

Five hot heroes, four amazing stories from S.E. Smith, Mina Khan, Carolyn Jewel, and Michele Callahan.

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About Alphas Unleashed

A Warrior’s Heart: Marastin Dow 1.1, by S.E. Smith

Ben and Aaron Cooper’s lives have always been a fight for survival, first on Earth then later in space after they are kidnapped by an alien trader. The only thing keeping them going is the hope of one day finding freedom. That hope dies when the freighter they are on is captured by the Marastin Dow, a Spartan-like species. Evette and Hanine Marquette are members of the Marastin Dow crew who are fighting for their own survival. What happens when two human males find love with two women who are afraid to believe in it? Can they convince these to warriors that their love is genuine or will they all die before they have a chance to capture their Warrior’s Heart?

Sealed with a Kiss (A Djinn World Novella) by Mina Khan

Rayez, a smoking hot chef and fire djinn in exile, lands himself in deep trouble (at the bottom of a beer bottle) when he tries to help a mysterious beautiful woman.

Selene is pursued and desperate. She’ll do anything to keep her brother safe—including capture a djinn.

While deception brings them together, dangerous enemies make them unlikely allies. Can one wrong lead to two rights and true love?

Dead Drop, A My Immortals series novella, by Carolyn Jewel

The demon Palla is a warlord’s enforcer, a stone cold killer. Wallace Jackson is a pacifist witch with a dangerous power. He wants nothing to do with humans until he needs Wallace to help him free his former lover from a living death and release her spirit from unimaginable suffering.

Dead Drop is set in the My Immortals series world where demons and magic-using humans called the magekind are not quite getting along. Most people have no idea they’re living in what amounts to a magical war-zone. The novella is about 30,000 words (120 pages).

Read Chapter 1

Chimera Born: The Beginning (Book 1 of the Chimera) by Michele Callahan

Aron of Itara, Forbidden Son, has been a prisoner of fate since before he was born. Captured as a child by the evil Triscani, it’s been centuries since he’s felt the sun on his face or the tenderness of a woman’s touch. Determined to help humanity break the elusive but powerful Itaran Triads’ hold on Earth, Aron escapes with one goal, to find the one man who can help him save humans from an eternal prison. After that, he’ll fight to the death, but he’ll never go back in the cage.

Zoey Williams watched her sister die at the hands of monsters, and no one believed her. She’s spent the last five years using her journalism skills to track aliens, investigate paranormal activity, and hunt for answers. But she got too close to the truth, and now it’s not just monsters hunting her, but her own people. Zoey doesn’t believe she needs a guardian, but once Aron finds her he can’t leave her to the vicious hunters that would turn her to ash or to the power-hungry humans who seek to silence her. In fact, he discovers that he doesn’t want to leave her at all….


Ooohh, Shiny New!

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

So I’m writing along tonight after moving a chapter to a new place and thinking it’s boring, but then it wasn’t after I fixed some stuff and took one conversation and gave all of Crosshaven’s lines to Foye, and all of Foye’s to Crosshaven. Me happy. I have nearly 30K words now. Which is not where I hoped to be by this time but reasonably OK.

In shiny new news, my author’s copies came for My Wicked Enemy! There are indeed some special effects on the cover. The cover is matte which was a surprise because the ARC was glossy. But the matte finish looks totally awesome and serves as a good device to highlight the shiny bits. Oooh. And, the blub is there! I was afraid to post it before because, like what if she took it back or something? Here is is:

Jewel casts a wicked spell! Escape into a world of dark enchantments and fiendishly sexy immortals.

Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling author

Pretty awesome, huh?

OK, off to bed for me.