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Review of Shards of Crimson

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Reviewed by Sinclair Reid of Romance Reviews Today

SHARDS OF CRIMSON – L. Maverick, C. Jewel, J. Lee, P. O’Shea
Crimson City ~ the Not so Distant Future

Welcome back to Crimson City, once known as Los Angeles. A city split into three divisions: Vampires, Humans, and Werewolves. Unfortunately, someone is trying to open a portal that will allow demons to run free. Will they succeed?

A Time to Howl – Liz Maverick

Leader of the Rogues, a misfit group of werewolves, a vampire, and a human, trying to make a name for themselves, Tajo Maddox and his compatriots are waiting outside the Dumont Towers where they were told to be for a meeting. When a limo arrives carrying the betrothed of one of the Dumont brothers, a sudden explosion puts Tajo and his team right smack dab in the middle of the perfect opportunity. Tajo takes Princess Gianna Asprey as his prisoner, at least for the time being. They will return her in time. Tajo never expects to fall hard for Gia or that she’s made of sterner stuff than meets the eye.

Princess Gianna “Gia” Asprey from House Royale arrives at Dumont Towers to meet her future husband. An arranged marriage to cement their two houses, Gia will do her duty…although, just once she’d like to see what it’s like to live dangerously. Just once! Gia gets her wish when she wakes in the arms of Tajo Maddox. He’s handsome and makes her heart go pitter pat. Unfortunately, he plans to return her as soon as possible. Well, she’ll just have to change his mind, won’t she?

In Ms. Maverick’s A Time to Howl, readers get a chance to see what has been going on with several characters from her other two stories. We get to see what Tajo has been up to, what his plans are, and who he’s been hanging out with. And…She also promises us die-hard fans the story that I’m sure we’ve all been waiting on sometime in the future.

DX – Carolyn Jewel

Private Investigator Helen “Hell” Marshall is called in to help her former employer, B-Ops, on a case. They want her to bring them a rogue werewolf named Elijah Douglas. She’s not too keen on the job, but the promise of her reputation being restored and compensation given makes up for it. Or it did until they assign Agent Gorgeous, I mean, Jaden Lightfeather to be her partner. There’s a demon on the loose, and they believe Elijah is working on a new portal. Hell learns a lot about Jaden, including that she is very attracted to him. After one very involved and heated kiss, Hell finds it hard to concentrate on anything but Jaden. However, work does come first. Then Hell learns the truth about Jaden and what he truly is…Bak Faru. The worst demon around. Fantastic! Fan-freaking-tastic! Does B-Ops know about Jaden? If so, why assign a demon to work with her?

Carolyn Jewel’s DX is fascinating. Hell is my kind of woman. Tough as nails, couldn’t care less what people think of how she dresses, and totally cool. And the way she handles learning that Jaden is Bak Faru and could easily bend her to his will, is awesome. Is she brave enough to bond with Jaden? Can she handle it? Read the story to find out.

School Bites – Jade Lee

A teacher at Ben Franklin Middle School , Toni Freedman never expected to be bitten by a werewolf. But that’s precisely what happens. She’s given a shot to counteract the bite, but it’s a fifty-fifty chance whether or not she’ll turn furry. It’s troubling to learn that Principal Ben Wong is taking it so easily in stride and promises to be by her side and help her through it. Does this mean he’s a wolf too? Nope! Ben is a Druid, and he’s going to teach Toni how to maintain a perfect balance between her wolf and human sides. Of course, that’s going to be difficult when all Toni can think about is getting Ben into her bed. Plus, there’s the fact that a mob is forming outside the school just waiting for Toni to go all furry and start attacking people. As if! Hmm…what happens if she can’t control the wolf?

Jade Lee writes an interesting tale with a hint of humor. I like Toni’s character and enjoyed watching her evolve throughout the story. And Ben…well, let’s just say, “spank me.” Principal? Paddling? Get it? School Bites captured my attention just as the other tales did, holding me enthralled to the very end.

Dark Awakening – Patti O’Shea

Kimi Noguchi has learned that she’s a kijo — whatever that means. It must be something pretty good, or else a Dark One called Augustus wouldn’t be wanting her magic. Oh yeah! Kimi’s a witch. Anyway, Kimi escapes and summons a demon for protection. Who does she call? Nicodemus, or Nic for short. Kimi met him eight months ago at her cousin’s wedding and something clicked. Unfortunately for Kimi, Nic considered her a nuisance and stayed away from her. So it’s rather funny that he tells her what kijo means and that she’s his mate, the only woman he will ever love. Well ain’t that grand! Kimi is Nic’s mate, and he thinks human women are weak. It’s going to take everything the two of them have to keep Augustus from taking Kimi’s magic. Plus, Nic’s got his work cut out for him convincing Kimi that she’s the only woman for him.

In Patti O’Shea’s Dark Awakening, readers are swept up into the storyline by the lead protagonists, Kimi and Nic. Nic has known for a long time that Kim was his vishtau mate, but because she’s human he wanted to give her time to mature. When she summons him for protection, Nic knows the time has come to claim what is rightfully his. Will Kimi fight it? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Once again the talents of Liz Maverick, Carolyn Jewel, Jade Lee, and Patti O’Shea are showcased beautifully in SHARDS OF CRIMSON. Returning to Crimson City was a stroke of genius, in my humble opinion, and I’m glad they did. It was nice to see what’s been going on with past characters and to meet some new faces. I can only hope…or beg, as the case may be, that these ladies will continue to write stories about Crimson City and its occupants. (Hint! Hint! Ms. Maverick)


Muddling Along

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Well, we’re back from Ripon today. My son’s soccer team was missing two players which put them down to just one sub. One broke his leg. These things happen, the other, from what I read between the lines, was the collateral damage of parents who’ve separated and, well, it’s just sad. Your children come first and you don’t keep a kid from a championship game just to prove a point. But, the players hung in there.

Hey, check out this Crimson City Authors on Revision 14 post. All four of us talk about Shards of Crimson. Check it out.

I have to go make dinner, then maybe my headache will be better and I can get some work done.


Have Laptop, Will Travel

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Tomorrow morning we head 120 miles southeast to Ripon CA for more soccer. If my son’s team wins, we stay the night for another game Sunday. If not, we come home Saturday. I have my GPS and am hardly stressed at all with respect to the once-certainty of getting lost. I’m having a hard time calculating when to leave because I no longer need to factor in getting lost. Strange. Very strange. I have the laptop ready to go in case I have some afternoon and evening time.

Yesterday, I sat in the car during soccer practice since practice was from 4:00 until too-dark-to-see-the-ball and got LOADS done. I more than exceeded even the secret minimum. For one thing, I was working on an idea I had on the way home from work yesterday and it involved a new chapter or two inserted early on. I wrote one of those in the car and after we got home and got settled etc, I fixed it up. I’ll be continuing on with that. But I also need to get my historical proposal to my agent. I don’t think I have a synopsis for it, so I need to work on that. Ick.

What else? Oh, right. This is a writer’s diary so yeah. I do have a release, Shards of Crimson and the usual review stuff is going on. As ever, people either love my stuff or hate it. There’s so rarely an in between. One review I’m not sure what to think of because it was riddled with misspellings and other language issues. I’m doing pretty well at avoiding Stupid Web Tricks, but some review links have come my way and I didn’t delete the emails fast enough. I don’t need the stress. But, just to give a flavor, one review said DX was outstanding, and another said it was the weakest of the stories. Geez, I’m stressing just writing about it. See, this isn’t good for me.

In other news, the bookmark requests have trailed off from 40 a day to 3-5 a day. There must have been upwards of 150 or more. About 10-15 people also signed up for my newsletter. I still have a few Crimson City Safety Tip Cards, so I’m still sending newsletter subscribers a free set. Quite a few of the bookmark requests were from other countries: Canada, several from Italy, then Pakistan and India to bring up the rear. No other countries that I can recall. So, why so many from Italy? Why none from France or Spain or Asia? A couple of nights my son and I sat down and stuffed and stamped envelopes.

Now, I’m going to get into bed and start on one of the RITA books. With luck, I’ll get to sleep early and then, off to Ripon.


Effin Good Stuff Here!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

The Dystel " Goderich Agency has this great post of New Year’s Resolutions for writers. Check it out.

***Don’t read the rest of this post if you’re offended by 16th century vocabulary.***

On February 10, 2007, a number of authors and I will be doing a book signing at the Dublin Barnes & Noble. The exciting thing is there will be actors reading a 6 minute scene from each book. Someone in my local RWA chapter has connections to actors, real deal actors, by the way. Hopefully, I’ll get the announcement page up soon, because he’s gorgeous and so is she. Wow! Plus, she looks just like I imagined Hell Marshall looks. I’ll be providing a scene from DX in Shards of Crimson but seeing as it’s a novella and given the nature of the story and the plot, I was hard pressed to find a scene that was safe. I’m probably going to have to sanitize a bit, or better, just tell the actors to substitute less Anglo-Saxon words if they deem it necessary. Although, as an aside, I’ve heard but have not personally confirmed via the OED, that the F-word is NOT Anglo-Saxon, that it didn’t come into use until the 1500’s. But I don’t think the earl of Rochester was using a new word, so one of these days I’ll go look it up for myself.

OK, just did that. As a verb, the OED has the F word placed in 1503: Be his feiris he wald haue fukkit. As a noun, the usage is even later: 1680, wherein one finds reference to the infamous Rochester: Thus was I Rook’d of Twelve substantial F*cks. And by the way, I recommend reading his poetry at least once. It’s great poetry but so plainly he was a troubled, troubled man. The sheer violence of the phrase f#cking post will probably never leave my mind. And to then read Aphra Behn right after, honestly, you’ll never look at the 16th century in the same way. And then there’s the lovely young and in love John Donne, who was so passionate about his wife. Back to the F-word. I suspect that the word was in verbal use for some time prior to 1503, though come to think of it Chaucer was swyving, not f%cking. I should go check my Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology. OK, alas there, Barnhart goes from fuchsia to fuddle. Effing chicken.

Um, anyway, speaking of my f’n career, as I was saying, there’s this book signing on Feb 10, and there will be honest to goodness real actors reading from DX (among other find works) and they may, or may not, use the language of Shakespeare.

I will not hit my minimum word count tonight because I’ve been here, f@cking off.