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Reporting from RWA

Friday, July 17th, 2009

OK, first off, I am very tired which I think means things are going well. Had a doughnut party in our room last night which was very fun. We ate doughnuts, talked smack, watch the more interesting bits of TrueBlood for a certain roommate who likes Bill more than Eric (WTF?) and some other stuff.

Today I had breakfast with my agent and had a very good meeting. Then I met with my Berkley editor and also had a very good meeting, which made me pretty happy. The luncheon was wonderful. Eloisa James gave a very inspiring talk and had more than a few people sniffling, too.

The Berkley and Grand Central signings were at the same time, so I went to the GCP signing for half an hour then popped over to the Berkley one, but the copies of Scandal were all gone. I signed a few for people who hadn’t left yet and gave away all my bookmarks. Then I went back to the GCP signing and by then all my books there were gone, too. So, rats for having those two at the same time.

After that I met up with Liz Maverick and Megan Frampton and we went to the Samhain get together which was crazy crowded.

In a bit, I’m off to the Berkley cocktail party and then a certain other party I can’t talk about but might start with a letter between G and I. Maybe.

Desperately need a nap, though. Will report more tomorrow if possible.


Early Blog on Busy Day

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

My son had a soccer tournament in a city about an hour’s drive away. I don’t even play the games and I come away exhausted. Why is that? I did a bit of notebooking in between games or beforehand and got some (but not a lot) done when I got home Saturday.

Between games Saturday I went with another of the parents and our kids to find lunch, which we did. We also found a bookstore so I went in and they had My Wicked Enemy so I checked in with them and signed their stock and left some bookmarks. They said they sell a lot of Romance and were quite excited to hear about the SF chapter of RWA. They’re a lovely independent in Benicia. I bought some of the coolest magnets ever for the Wicked Cool contest.

Today, they had an 8:00am game which means we had to leave home at 6:00am. On a Sunday. Sigh. They won their game which meant they were in the finals at 1:30. So we went off to have brunch and then do some shopping errands. I discovered that the Pleasanton Target had a lot of books, but only high profile authors (No My Wicked Enemy) which I was surprised to discover made for an extremely boring book section. I shouldn’t have been surprised. They were all facing out (makes sense) but considering they had multiple titles by the same author, the selection was quite limited and, as mentioned, very uninspired. I’d just never seen that in person.

But down the mall was a very large Barnes and Noble and they had My Wicked Enemy so I signed their stock and left bookmarks. They were really nice and they moved my books to the front of the store! I hadn’t brought any signed by author stickers since I wasn’t expecting to go to any bookstores, and both stores were kind enough to use their stickers.

And, last thing, I think. On Saturday while we were in the bookstore the kids went down two stores to the Pet Food Express where they were having a pet adoption. My son has been looking for a kitten for quite a while, but he never saw one that he wanted. Saturday he found a kitten. He came back to find me and tell me he’d found the one so now we have Tiger who is a female kitten, already spayed, has her first shot and is negative for Feline luekemia. She’s from a feral litter but has been with a foster family that’s been handling her. Tiger is a pale tan cat. I’ll try to get a pic when she’s settled in a bit. She’s very pretty.

Now off to do some writing before I crash for the night.