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When the wrong way is the right way

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Today I did some major chopping and moving around of stuff in The Next Paranormal. Always a scary thing at the start. But I have a keeping-track-of-the-interim-mess method that works pretty well for making sure renumbered chapters get moved to the right place. I updated my chapter outline to match the story and then got in there with the machete.

And yes, I did end up about 300 words in the hole, not the direction I was hoping to go. But things are in a better order and the story that is emerging for my hero and heroine is making me happy.

I have a few other little things to clear up. My villain needs a name change. Currently it starts with M and I’ve realized his name can’t start with M. I also need a title but haven’t thought of anything that isn’t horrible.

Anyhoo, I’m fairly happy, glad to have cut out crap and reordered stuff and things are OK. Hopefully I’m now in a position to start writing new chapters instead of fixing existing one. I’ve learned, though, that there’s no point (and in fact there is harm) in going forward when what I have isn’t solid yet. But now the foundation is better prepared.

Tomorrow I hope to make up the word count.

By the time you-all read this, chances are it will be Friday, so happy Friday!


Ow! And Yet Strangely Refreshing

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Today I cut 15,524 words from The Next Historical which entailed deleting 5 chapters and moving 4 others. I actually thought I’d have to cut even more, but as I looked at the deadwood, I figured out where some would go instead of to the Valley of the Lost Chapters, which helped solidify the beginning a lot. I think. Hope.

Also, tomorrow I will have a guest blogger, fellow Grand Central Publishing author Jeff Rivera Be on the look out for that!