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News! Actual News!

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

I finished my novella for the upcoming paranormal romance anthology Alphas Unleashed and thus, the fork is out!

Fork against a blue sky with white clouds

The Fork

Just in time, too, because edits are back for A Notorious Ruin!

Folks, if you read my last post, you know that I started this novella, Dead Drop, on April 15. Today is May 15, and it is not only done, it’s pretty damned good.

About Dead Drop

Read Chapter 1

Here’s a teaser:

Palla was halfway in the kitchen, and that made her nervous, that he was bothering to come this close. She wasn’t sure about Tau’s job, but Palla was an enforcer. Literally. He worked for a demon warlord, and it was his job to scare people into staying in bounds and to take care of the ones who didn’t. Just about all of the demon warlord’s inner circle were killers. They had to be these days, but yeah. She was a bit too aware of that right now. You broke the rules, you paid the price, and there stood the guy who took all your money.

What else? Dead Drop will appear first in the anthology. It will be available individually sometime in October.