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Writers: Watch this Video

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I’d embed this, but it doesn’t seem to be that sort of video. Ira Glass talking about storytelling. It’s 32 minutes. I started taking notes and will review them again later.

Note, please, that the DIRECT relevance to writing comes after the first 10-15 minutes. So if you start wondering what I’m going on about bear with it. He’s just setting up his point and preparing you to hear it. Once he starts addressing the structure of story tellling, he might as well be talking about writing a novel.


Rats. Tired Again!

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Uh huh. But I slightly exceeded my minimum words for the day and got my new chapter to a spot where the next one isn’t totally out of the blue. I’m at 52K and typically when I hit 60K or so the story doesn’t get any bigger. That’s the tipping point where I have enough plot. There rest is fixing crap, adding needed detail and depth and then writing the ending. Which I always do very very last. It’s the only chapter, usually, that doesn’t get multiple versions.

Next week my son class is at a camp thing where they do restoration work on a creek and hike and stuff. All week. Monday though Friday. Let me repeat that just so I can feel the tingle again. He’s at camp Monday through Friday. He’s so excited, but he’s never been away from home that long and I know he isn’t going to miss me at all. I’ll miss him, but I’m going to be writing like a fiend from the time I get home from work to whenever. I have a soccer meeting Monday evening (rats!) but other than that, I have some extra hours for writing coming up. I meet with my prof this week. Last session’s brain storming was really helpful.