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Updates and Holiday Stress

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

Checking In

Hello! Dropping in to share a picture of my new favorite mug, a holiday gift to myself. This mug makes me happy!

A glossy black mug with a stylized raised white skull on the side.

My New Favorite Mug

The Writing

I am still in the final editing phase for Bound in Smoke. I’ve cut several thousand words– this is good, I promise you. Currently, I am rejiggering some character roles and relationships which means folding in those changes starting with the beginning. With each of these changes, I love this book and the world even more, and I’m getting excited about being able to send this to my editor.

These days I’m writing slower, and it makes me feel guilty, but the last few years taught me a hard lesson about emotional burnout, recovery, and ensuring that I remain able to write words that I love. I won’t make any promises or predictions about when the book goes to my editor, but I do think it will be on the sooner side.

Stress and the Holidays!

I hope all of you are doing well as the holiday season ramps up. Personally, I am doing pretty dang well now that all my shopping is done. How is everyone doing so far?