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Facebook vs. Twitter – Get Ready to rumble

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Somebody somewhere, that I am too lazy to look up, said something the the effect that one’s Twitter followers tend to be friends while Facebook followers were — I forget, something that wasn’t friends. The implication was that Facebook was better for promotion.

At last part of that statement, in my opinion, is wrong. Your Twitter followers may well end up becoming your friends because the medium allows for real time, or near real time conversation.

My lack of engagement with Facebook might be at least partly my fault because I don’t care for Facebook. I find the interface confusing and I hate doing anything that requires me to sit there and figure it out. I hate that Facebook makes me feel like I’m taking a security risk every time I log in and that with every new “feature” I have to worry what tricky new thing they’ve done to get at and share my personal information. Like burying the logout button with, I presume, the hope that people will stay logged in and allow them to track their web surfing outside of Facebook. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not leveraging Facebook, but from what I’ve seen, I don’t have time, either.

Worse, I worry about unintentionally over-communicating on Facebook. I don’t want to continually say, hey, buy my book!! all the time. People will hate me if I do that. Unfortunately, I end up doing practically nothing. I completely under-communiciate. Sigh. I removed my Twitter feed from Facebook after my brother complained about all the tweets.

At any rate, not much happens for me over at Facebook. I get friended by other authors at about 3 times the rate of readers. I think. Usually, it’s pretty easy to tell the author pics from the kind of picture a regular person uses, but every now and then I’m surprised by an author whose photo looks like it was taken on a hot day at picnic by a relative who was drunk. Authors tend to read a lot so I almost always friend them back. But I don’t think they’re fans of mine. I think they’re hoping I’m a fan of theirs. And, you know, sometimes I am. I posted my ARC contest over at Facebook and I’m not sure it brought me any additional traffic. The actual friends I have on Facebook are people who were already my friends In Real Life. I don’t think I’ve made any new friends as a result, although I have made some fun contacts — a cousin I didn’t know about, for example. The daughter of a Turkish pen pal I had in High School — now that was great!

In short, probably through my own fault, Facebook doesn’t seem to do much for me book promotion wise.

Twitter is another matter. There are probably ten or twenty people I have met through Twitter who I now consider friends. I met up with about half of them at RWA and it was lovely to meet them in person. I was thrilled, in fact, to meet them IRL. It was quite clear that the badges should have included Twitter IDs. I was constantly hearing “What’s your twitter ID?” or “Oh, You’re @[whoever]!!” Several conversations that started on Twitter have gone off line for further, deeper conversation.

Here’s an interesting Twitter story: At RWA I met a woman from New York who, I found out, was staying in Oakland CA (not too far from me) for a time. We ended up following each other on Twitter and after I got home, I saw a tweet from her regarding a pic of the Golden Gate Bride. I tweeted back and asked if she was still in the area and if so, if she would ever be coming North. The answer was yes indeed! Two days later, pretty much arranged entirely via Twitter, I met her, a good friend of hers who was visiting CA and her mother at a cafe in my home town. We had a great conversation about all kinds of things. Conversely, only once has someone on Facebook inquired about meeting me. It was a much younger man who thought I was good looking and well, he was bored and in my home town. Of course, I didn’t see his request until several days later (my fault, see above) when it was too late. Just as well as I feel it would not have been wise to meet up in any event.

When I decided to give away the rest of my ARCS, I posted it on Twitter and within five minutes all the ARCs were spoken for.

For me, Twitter works because I don’t have to log into some monolithic site to see what might be going on. Unlike FB, Twitter comes to me. I look at my feed half a second after I decide I want to. It’s right there on my desktop. If I must work without interruption, I can turn it off. The stuff that applies to me gets sorted into a single place for me to look who’s talking to me or about me. I can join any conversation I want to, whether someone follows me or not. Anyone who doesn’t like what I say or how often I say it can just unfollow me. And I can do the same.

Last night I decided to unfriend someone on Facebook because I, personally, found his politics offensive. It took me fifteen minutes to figure out how to do that. Seriously. I had to go to the online help to find out how. That spells “Horrible User Interface.”

Another issue for me is that I have a low quality internet connection, barely half a step up from dial up. This means that I spend a lot of time waiting for web pages to render, including Facebook. And 75% of the time, my connection drops and I have to start over. Often, I give up. The effect of this on my Twitter stream is much less frustrating. Sometimes I have to try a few times before tweet gets through, but I don’t have to sit there waiting for ages to see if anything is going to happen.

So there you have it. I am Facebook impaired and a Twitter fan girl. I like making friends and I have made actual In Real Life friends on Twitter and none on Facebook.

How about you?


RWA Thursday/Friday

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Yesterday, I attended the workshop with Lee Child and Suzanne Brockmann. I was giddy just being in the same room with Lee Child. It was a great workshop.

I had lunch with my Grand Central Editor, Michele Bidelspach and then I went in search of donuts for the donut party my roomie and I were threw Thursday night. The hotel concierge only knew of a Krispy Kreme rather far away so instead I downloaded the Dunkin Donuts app on my iPhone, got in a cab and told the driver to take me to the Dunkin Donuts the app informed me was nearest to the hotel.

Donuts in the cab

At the donut shop, there were two young ladies who asked me if I worked for Avon — we were having a moment of confusion because I was thinking Avon Romance, the publisher, and they were thinking Avon the cosmetics, because I still had on my conference badge, which I later found out, had the words Avon on it. So I just said, no, I’m a writer. And they look at each other and ask me what kind of books I write. When I said romance, they both jumped up and down and squealed. I paid for my donuts, and took them back to the cab where I had left my bigger bag, which happened to contain several copies of Indiscreet. I went back and gave them each a copy and signed them for the young women. They were very excited. When I told the cab driver why I went back inside, he told me his daughter loved romance, so I signed another for his daughter. Back at the hotel he said if we ran out of donuts, he’d go get more for us. So all in all, a very fun outing!

When I got back to the room with the donuts, I discovered that GCP had sent me flowers.

RITA good luck flowers from Grand Central Publishing

Then we had very good sushi for dinner with a bunch of folks. The donut party was a great success. Someone came with a small suitcase that turned out to contain a blender, tequila and margarita mix. OMG! We jabbered away about all kinds of stuff and things finally wound down about 2:30 AM and my roomie and I went to bed.

Number of energy bars consumed: 1 on account of other people paying for my meals.

Friday So far

We got up at 7:00 am and went down to meet with the Risky Regency ladies, then I was off to breakfast with my agent (very nice) and then a meeting with my Grand Central editor (productive). Then back upstairs to write for an hour, then downstairs for keynote luncheon and now back here.

Later today, the Berkley Books signing, the RITA reception (overlapping, will be late to the reception), the Berkley cocktail party, then the Grand Central Author dinner. After that I’m totally free. Heh.


Florida Bound

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I’m heading for RWA today . . . well, technically not til tomorrow, but I’m doing a Park N Fly so I go to the airport hotel tonight. This keeps me out of commute traffic, always a nightmare in Nor. Cal bay area and keeps me from the very real possibility of having to wait 2 hours for the airporter when I get back. 4 hours to get home? No thank you. Better, faster and cheaper to do a a Park N Fly.

So, tomorrow, Tuesday, I will wend my way to Florida. Meanwhile, I have some last minute errands and packing to finish.

Mostly I’m hoping I don’t forget anything really important.

I’ll try to blog from Orlando.


Getting on Top of Things!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Whew. I think I’ve fixed the last of the known pesky issues with the new website. Score one for me for tracking down the issues.

Today, I sent out my newsletter announcement for the release of My Forbidden Desire with a special contest for subscribers only. So, if you don’t subscribe, you might want to click on over and subscribe.

I’ve almost finished my promotion stuff for the release. I have a few more guest blogs coming up.

So far, I’ve been these places:

Uh, what else?

I have read ALL of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books and also watched the entire season 1 of the HBO series True Blood. Wah! I have to wait for the next book and for season 2 to be on DVD.

And how odd, but when I saw still pictures of the actor who plays Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), I thought, meh. But when he was on screen? omg. I thought my iMac was going to ‘splode. How oh how am I ever going to wait for Eric and Sookie? Those guys over at HBO are mean. I have since seen other stills of him that hint at his epic hotness. But not the one of him on Wikipedia. Not to mention all the other websites made it insanely hard to grab a pic to show you so I gave up because it’s getting late and I’m tired.

I have not cleaned my room and things are getting desperate. Must do something about that. Later.

Is anyone else hooked on Sookie Stackhouse? In my case, that would be specifically hooked on Eric. What are you hooked on? I’m always looking for crack-a-licious books.


Ah, Friday, you come too soon

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Sometimes Fridsy just seems like a two minute wonder, doesn’t it? There’s a soccer tournament this weekend, so we’re off very early tomorrow. On the road by 7:00 AM I’m hoping. I had to do some work for the day job this evening. I got the power seat at Starbucks and fired up the two laptops etc and got done by 7:15ish. In between waiting for stuff to finish, I worked on Xia. I was actually kind of po’d when everything finished because I had to stop at an exciting part. The guy behind me kept having distracting conversations with or about his girlfriend. Oh my gosh. Why do people put up with baloney in relationships? He’s yakking to a friend about why he even has the woman in his life, blah, blah blah, and I’m thinking, Look, pal, just dump this loser babe. And then he gets on the phone with her, so I presume, and he’s all, not quite whiney, but sounding like he really wants her to love him more than she apparently does. It was quite clear the two have different visions of the relationship. Mars. Venus. I’m not even sure they were having the same conversation with each other. Anyway, I was the evening’s technology winner, what with two laptops, two phones and a thumb drive. Hah.

I have to say I’m tired of hearing about the plagiarism scandal. I can never decide if I like the Smart Bitches blog because sometimes they’re just so darn mean, and I get these proto-hives and think, man, someday that could be me they’re bitching about like that. I end up feeling kind of sick. But when they’re discussing stupid plots or tropes, I end up laughing and saying, right on! But sometimes I just want to say, ya know, there’s enough really awful stuff in the world is it really necessary to be vicious, personally vicious? And you know why? Because when I was growing up, I was not one of the cool kids. I was a dork and a bit too chubby, and smart, too. I didn’t have to work very hard to get A’s and I wasn’t all that attractive, either. And I was the target of mean and vicious boys and young women. People played mean, horrible pranks on me and boys said mean horrible things and threw things at me, too. Great. I know exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of someone who’s being vicious to someone who can’t fight back. Then I went to college and got skinny fast and guys would ask me out, and I would look at them and just shake my head. I thought they were trying to trick me. Seriously. I hate vicious people. And I guess I think the Smart Bitches should mention their findings and then just shut up about it instead of conducting a mean-fest.


Is there a way to write Monday in all droopy text?

Monday, March 5th, 2007

I’m tired. I’m going to bed soon. I can’t even remember why I was up so late last night. Oh, yeah, I was notebooking Megallan’s Witch, closing in on what I think is the final Big Tweak before the story really takes off. But here’s the news that matters to me!

The following items have been shipped to you by

Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal
——————————————————————— items (Sold by, LLC):
1 Lover Revealed: A Novel of… $7.99 1 $7.99

Shipped via UPS Next Day Saver (estimated arrival date: 06-March-2007).

This, in case you live under a rock, is Lover Revealed by JR Ward. And March 6 is tomorrow.

Sorry, JR, I don’t care about your lay down date.

In other news, what a day. It went like this: Get up 4:30am blah blah workout, day job, get mangled automated voice message that implies my son has 2 overdue library books (me: WTF?) pick up my son, mention overdue books. He gets a look on his face and asks if it’s okay for him to run back to his classroom to get the overdue books I knew nothing about (there was a field trip) get him home to change for Aikido, drive him to Aikido, drive to library to return books, go grocery shopping, then drive home, unload groceries quickly because I am 5 mins late to pick up son, go to bookstore to get a book on Japan because the library is closed now and he has a report. Buy book on France. Buy $50 of other books, one of which is about Japan, But the are really great books….. Get awesome take and bake Margarita with extra garlic pizza for dinner, come home cook pizza. Feed son. Check email, blog.

Now I go read to my son and fall into bed.